Where goes the energy: invisible use a lot of energy

Modern society consumes millions of gallons daily coffee, refreshing teas, beverages, energy drinks, eating this variety of energy bars and nutritional supplements to improve the tone. For some time it helps, but globally the problem of lack of energy – mental and physical – is not solved!

Without pretending to provide an exhaustive study of the question “where does the energy come from?”, female site Sympaty.net will tell you what “lot of energy” cunningly hid around us.

Where does the energy and why

All known black holes, where does the energy have repeatedly referred to physicians, psychologists and trainers in time management. This lack of sleep and physical activity, wrong dietary habits, conflicts with loved ones, constant stress, energy vampires, with whom we have to communicate. These factors lead to the fact that somewhere takes energy, we feel exhausted and exhausted, suffer from apathy and lethargy.

But now we are talking about other “energy eaters”. They are not obvious, they don’t come to our mind, they successfully hide behind the achievements of modern civilization. So, who are they?

Invisible energy “the langoliers”

It would seem, what communication? By the time you feel thirsty, the body is already in a dehydrated state. If you do not consume enough water, the blood flow (and the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients) to the organs is gradually slowing down.

Water scarcity makes you apathetic, and lethargic solovinymi, affects the condition of skin and hair, which are beginning to look similar. But with age our internal mechanism definition of thirst becomes less sensitive.

Add to that the constant consumption of diuretics (that is, substances with a diuretic effect) modern man in the form of coffee and alcohol.

That is from the body leaving valuable water is, and with it gradually goes away and energy.


On your desktop the towering mountains of papers, homes – Mont of unread Newspapers and magazines, children’s drawings, which the hand does not rise to throw, toys, all sorts of trinkets and Souvenirs, refrigerator plastered with magnets and all sorts of “reminders”, and any horizontal surface instantly buried under another heap out of nowhere.

A mess and any chaos is not welcome in any Feng Shui because it prevents the free circulation of energy ? And still remember how much time and nervous energy you are spending regularly to find the right paper, room phone, keys, receipts, and so on?

Get rid of mess and you feel like discipline and orderliness in all at once will ease your life and increase your personal productivity. Cease to leave the energy will be more time and space. Female site Sympaty.net will be happy to help you with this.


The robots have already won us all those laptops, smartphones, iPads enslave humanity and feed on their mental energy. Do you not agree that we depend on them? And remember how you came home half-way for a forgotten cell phone or could not get time to write the report, because at the most inopportune moment lost Internet access?

And such well-known “time killers” as social networks, forums and ICQ, where it goes not only energy but time?

Constant barrage of information devastates us emotionally. Because technology is constantly evolving, but the human brain still needs to rest.

We do not encourage you to a regime of isolation, but to be able to dispense information and to limit my Internet addiction is possible and necessary!

Too much choice

What moisturizer to choose what to order for lunch today, what swimsuit Pomerania in the store to hide figure flaws, in what cafes to go to sit with her friends at weekends (and what dessert to order it) – that’s just a fraction of the questions that came to mind of an average lady for a small time interval. The whole day we choose, choose and choose. Unnoticed, unconsciously tiring and creates that loophole, which takes energy.

The only thing to advise here is not to dwell on the choice too much. The choice on serious issues to do in advance, and the insignificant and unimportant things do not stop for a long time.

In addition, if impromptu and improvisation (any — cooking, professional, associated with the selection of clothing in the store and hairstyles in the beauty salon) is not your Forte, it is best to plan in advance.

We have mentioned only a few “black holes”, which takes energy. Of course, more of them and some of them are individual in nature. In your power not to allow “environment” to fully control your life.

The author – Mama Puma, site ToKnow365.top

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Where goes the energy: invisible use a lot of energy

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