Where to go for shopping abroad?

Sometimes the vastness of the Motherland shopping for women is not enough, and then there’s the tour operators are lured on shopping abroad. How can you deny yourself the pleasure to wear these branded items? Women’s website “ToKnow365.top” decided to simplify them for you and tell you about the most popular places for purchasing.

Shopping abroad: is it profitable to buy abroad?

To overseas purchases brought joy and not ruined you, you need to choose the right time and place for a shopping tour abroad.

For example, in China before the national New year (in February) is closed most of the shops. And if you do not know about it, can be trapped. Many question arises, why go to China if cheap Chinese things, and so completely in our country. The stereotype that Chinese necessarily mean low quality.

You are very mistaken if you think that in such a highly developed country don’t know how to sew things. Can, just they are more expensive. The fact that in China, sell for 3000 rubles, we estimate 15 – 20 thousand roubles, and even give for Italy, England, etc.

Buy things in Europe have outlets that’s where they’re cheapest.

Why abroad cheaper? If we’re talking about fashion boutiques, most of them are satisfied with final sales at the end of the year or season. Then things from old collections you can buy even with 90% discount. But even without discounts, the price can vary by almost half.

On the way back can be returned tax-free, tax on the purchase.

It is not uncommon even in the Italian stores issued for counterfeit branded clothing. Simple man in the street to distinguish between them can be difficult, because there is such a profession as a shopping guide. Buying a shopping tour abroad in the Agency, you can count on the assistance of such a person. It will not only pave the route for the bargains, but will also help to catch sellers of deceit.

Three days of the purchase in Beijing on average costs 90 thousand (45 thousand for a ticket and 45 thousand in expenses). For the money you can fully update a wardrobe. Europe is going for the brands, so to give even the average amount of spending it’s hard.

For than going to the shopping tour abroad?

Decide what you want to buy abroad, and based on this, select a country for the trip. Female site sympaty.net tips on how to plan a shopping spree abroad, where to go and what to buy.

  • Greece is interesting as a country of furs. Do not be surprised that in the hot Mediterranean where most of the best master dressing Fox, mink, etc. the Prices here are 50% lower, sometimes you can negotiate yourself a good discount by buying a luxurious coat for $ 200.e. Carefully read the terms shopping tour abroad, sometimes buying a fur coat or other fur articles (at least one unit) is a mandatory item in the contract.
  • China – the Mecca of cheap clothing. But the shop tours here carry mostly traders, ordinary tourists are given a couple of days when they can visit the most famous markets. Experienced shoppers know that the “silk market”, which seeks to show guides, completely kills the desire to buy in China. This place although very popular, but good for shopping Souvenirs or keepsakes of the journey, but not for serious shopping.
  • Arab Emirates. The Arabs are famous for their jewelry. Here they are only 15-20% cheaper than ours, but the choice is more about the quality of care. There are winter festivals, when you can buy gold with discounts up to 70%. Also are raffled apartments and cars, which quite possible to win. What can I say, I live in the UAE generous people. The only drawback in the organization of shopping abroad travel companies bypass the Emirates side. But to leave Dubai, wow is not acquired, is almost impossible.
  • Italy, England, France. Those European countries conquered by the presence of branded stores. Here you can buy things first hand. Sales here happen more often than we have in the country because of the probability to grab the thing at a better price are much higher. But many come here not for discounts, but in order to become the owner of 100% of branded stuff, not counterfeits, which in our stores most.

When and where to go on a shopping tour abroad?

This country beckons the Windows of brand shops. Here were born such brands as Roberto Cavalli, Armani, Prada, etc. Some of them settled down in Milan its mono-brand outlets by offering fabulous discounts of up to 70%.

If you want to replenish your wardrobe with clothes from several well-known companies, then you will like to Serravalle. The outlet is located 60 km from Milan, there are 150 boutiques. Near Florence works Barberinoand near Rome − Castel Roman.

The best part of shopping abroad – the tax refund. To get it you can, if you make a purchase at The Mall (outside of Florence).

Attractive shopping will be Fidenza is a village outlet, where the names of the producers will bring fashionistas in delight.

On the label it is hardly possible to meet strangers, only, Calvin Klein, Versace, Ralph Lauren and other celebrities of the fashion industry.

To visit Italy is better in late January – early February or in mid-summer.


This country is not the cheapest for shopping, but the outlets in it are countless. UK attracts young people because it is famous for its young designers creating capsule collections.

In Debenhams there is practically no “big name”, but there are things that you are unlikely to see on someone of compatriots, because in this outlet contains only original and creative examples of contemporary British fashion.

Near Manchester is a multi-brand giant Cheshire Oaks, about 80 shops located in Ashford, its visit can be combined with a tour of London. If the name of the designer is of importance to you, go to Kilver Courtyou can enjoy the garden not only infrastructure, but also buying things from Margaret Howell, Nicole Farhi, Isabella Oliver, Mulberry.

Not all girls buy shopping tour abroad, some combine leisure with shopping. If you are visiting England with family, we go to Clarks Village, located in Somerset. There is Wi-Fi, a children’s Playground with swings and many other amenities that will benefit your family while you go shopping.

The best time to visit English malls – June−July, Christmas sales.


If Italy and the UK are famous for mostly clothes, France is a Paradise of cosmetics. Of course, for clothing here too, and the Paris outlet is observed neighborhood of luxury brands and brands from the middle price segment.

Mango and The Body Shop can be on the shelves next to Missoni and Gucci. One of the most popular places to go shopping abroad is McArthurGlen: Troyes, which is located near the French capital.

And if you spend half an hour on the road, you can get in La Valle Village, do not be afraid of big prices on the Windows, this is probably a new collection, but if you go inside, maybe there will be leftovers from last season at a discount of 90%.

Good outlet village located next to the Toulouse – Nailloux.

To visit France in pursuit of better discounts in late January and at the end of June.


The most popular city for shopping, which will interest girls who are going to tour abroad is Munich. An hour drive away Ingolstadt, where in addition to fashionable German heritage brand Tom Tailor, sell products from other well-known brands, for example, Jimmy Choo.

If you are traveling with children, feel free to go to Metzingen, then they will be looked after while you will replenish your wardrobe with new clothes. Very attractive prices in the Outlet Berlin, moreover, they are 40% lower than in Moscow, so you can still run into great discounts.

It is most advantageous to arrive at shopping in Germany at the end of July or January.

Now you know where to go shopping abroad, where to go and when it is better to visit different countries.

Recommend purchasing tour, having gone 1-2 with an experienced guide, and later you’ll be able to recognize counterfeits and routes. Good shopping!

Author – Lydia Karant, site ToKnow365.top

Where to go for shopping abroad?

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