Where to put aquarium Feng Shui?

Home body of water in the glass container is not just a habitat for fish, and the interior object, which has an organic look to the room.

Therefore, the website “ToKnow365.top” will share with you ideas on where to put an aquarium that you and your guests feel comfortable to enjoy them!

How to put a home aquarium, to fish and plants feel well?

Novice aquarists often worry, is it possible to put the aquarium in the cool or heat, draughts or in a stuffy room…

But the site sympaty.net can put you at ease — from the location “indoor pond” comfort aquatic life remains virtually intact. All because you have to equip a glass bowl lighting, aeration and temperature regulation. Even the most fastidious in the maintenance of fish and plants are completely indifferent to whether their “home” in the most prominent place in the living room or somewhere in the dark corridor.

Artificial light and heating to compensate for any adverse environmental conditions!

The only rule is that the aquarium should not stand there where more hours in the day Shine in direct sunlight. From sunlight rapidly multiplying algae – green walls, and water “blooms”. Also some species of fish do not tolerate too high temperature (though not all!) therefore, it is necessary or not to put the aquarium in the rooms where the summer is too hot, or to pick a tropical fish, adaptable to high temperature water.

Where to put an aquarium in a small room?

In a small room (for example, in the nursery, in the bedroom, in the office or in the hallway) place for him to find not so difficult, provided that the interior is not overloaded with furniture and things.

There is a stereotype that small rooms suitable for only a small akvariumistiki – but this is not true: if the room is not cluttered, large capacity 100-150 litres will take up no more space than a medium-sized chest of drawers, bedside table-shelf or low Cabinet. So, where to put the aquarium in small rooms?

  • A special aquarium on the nightstand (nightstand+aquarium with all equipment sold in pet stores).
  • On a sturdy coffee table, bedside table or dressing table.
  • In the niche of a furniture wall.
  • If you have the so-called “modular” Cabinet with shelves-sections, one of them can be allocated for a small aquarium.

A good solution for the shortage of space a corner table.

How to place the aquarium in a large room?

In a large space it is better to put a large panoramic aquarium.

The most obvious solution is to put him along one wall. But there is an important point – it’s not the TV, not looking at him from afar (of course, if the owners have at least some interest in monitoring live fish, and they do not perceive the aquarium just as interior accessory).

Stand therefore this item needs where it is convenient for observing the relaxation area, next to sofas and chairs (and not on the same line as the couch, and perpendicular or opposite to it, instead of watching TV).

Aquarium to harmonize the complex interior, for example to occupy a niche between two large pieces of furniture.

Another solution for a large room or Studio apartment to do with aquarium the division into zones. Only that you need to put it under the wall and not at an angle, and perpendicular to, not do it “backdrop”. Transparent big aquarium will be just the border, which will separate, for example, workplace and recreation area.

The large living room this item can be made between the part of the room with the sofas from the dining area (with table and chairs).

Important point – no matter how great the room and the aquarium itself, it is not possible to place high. The optimal location is at eye level of a seated person (i.e. it can stand on the coffee table standard height).

Where and how would be an aquarium of unusual shape?

“Balls,” “glasses” with fish and other designs that differ from the standard parallelepiped, are usually small in size. They are designed to location on the coffee tables and low tables, and low fixed shelves.

It is best if they can be viewed from all sides, from different points of view as “front” and “ends” they have.

How to put aquarium Feng Shui?

The room in which it is recommended to put the aquarium according to the rules of Feng Shui is the living room and hallway. Should not be directed projection sharp corners of walls and large pieces of furniture. On the contrary it should not be doors and Windows, but to put this subject between the two doorways – is also wrong.

In General, if you are important principles of Feng Shui, will have to be very careful when choosing the place for “rybkino home”!

Another important recommendation – wherever you want to put the aquarium, the furniture must be durable and sustainable – because the container of water weighs quite a lot!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

Where to put aquarium Feng Shui?

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