Whether pregnant women to fly and at what time?

Dear pregnant women! This article continues the theme of “interesting” state. The website “ToKnow365.top” it has described the important points of travel during pregnancy. In this article, we will discuss the question “can fly pregnant?”.

Of course, you can!

Just be very careful!

First question flights are advised to discuss with the observing doctor. When you reply it will be to focus on your health, time and test results. If you feel good, positively perceived symptoms of pregnancy and before birth is still far away, the obstacles to flight should not occur.

However, the doctor may give a special recommendation during the flight. Be sure to listen to them!

Also some airlines may require a certificate with the obligatory indication of pregnancy and the estimated date of birth.

When to fly is not?

Of course, the answers to the questions: “can you fly pregnant” and “when to fly highly undesirable” is very individual. The exact answer will give you only a doctor.

Also note that at each airline’s rules for flying pregnant.

Consider the approximate dates.

Flying a plane is not recommended until 12 weeks. Because pregnancy is gaining momentum. And who knows how pressure, dry air, the duration of the flight and possible fears affect the child and your health.

Also avoid flying it is recommended in the third trimesterbecause it is not excluded premature birth, exacerbation of any symptom of pregnancy and other situations. And hard with this tummy!

Another highly undesirable for pregnant women to fly in an airplane, if they have discovered:

  • anemia;
  • preeclampsia;
  • severe toxemia;
  • the poor condition of the placenta;
  • multiple pregnancy.

Excellent location for pregnant

As for pregnant women to fly in an airplane comfortably? This is the second important issue which should be treated carefully.

Where is the chair?

The most comfortable seats are in business class aircraft with most airlines. There you will not be crowded and you can relax. Moreover, a wide rows will allow you easier to get up if necessary.

If you fly in economy class, then you should give preference in the nose of the plane. Firstly, it is much easier to move if necessary. Second, the air in the nose of the aircraft a little fresher and cleaner than at the end.

What you’ll need during the flight?

First and foremost you have to be broad and comfortable clothes. Any movement should not be constrained. Be sure to bring a wide sweater, jacket, shawl, and other favorite things. You will be able to throw, if the airport or plane would be cool.

Or some things can beneath the waist for a more comfortable position.

On your feet it is advisable to wear special stockingsthat prevent swelling, varicose veins and other troubles.

Also you will need special pads for the neck. They support normal blood circulation and prevent pain.

Can I fly pregnant if overcome by a great fear?

If the doctor approved your flight, travel safely. But! Be sure to take sedativesthat may be set by observing the doctor. Also you could use the candy canes as dry and sore throat is quite a common occurrence in pregnant women.

Take something the brain during the flight! For example, books, magazines, any hobby will help to fly “faster” and more comfortable.

Keep in mind that the height can begin runny nose. Stock up on handkerchiefs, napkins and drops.

Cause of common cold can become:

  • badly working air conditioner;
  • too dry air;
  • allergic reaction.

In flight, do not hesitate:

  • once again ask the stewardess for a blanket, non-carbonated mineral water, juice;
  • ask for help to rise, to walk or to accompany you to the toilet;
  • shoes to rotate the feet to raise the legs and do other movements.

As comfortable to postpone the flight?

First of all, try to fairly assess the merits of air travel. This, for example:

  • the ability to quickly reach a desired location;
  • good service and pleasant crew;
  • delicious food.

Undoubtedly, a positive attitude to such situations helps pregnant women to fly the airplane much more comfortable.

After checking in at the airport try to walk more. This will help your blood in flight “run” at normal speed. And you very much feel the swelling.

In salon it is advisable to go to the end of the queue. Because you can longer breathe the earth’s air. And the extra push in the queue you obviously no good.

Sitting in a chair, be sure to buckle up. Optimally, if the belt is under the belly.

Whether pregnant women to fly solo?

Theoretically, of course, possible.

However, the website sympaty.net recommends that you fly with a loved one (spouse, friend, mother). In this case, you will feel confident and comfortable. Moreover, psychic chat, the flight will be more fun.

What if all of a sudden?

If the child wishes to be born prematurely, but still at a great height, the most important thing – do not be frightened. In most airline flight attendants receive special training and can provide first aid in childbirth. After landing for pregnant women comes the ambulance and takes her to the nearest hospital.

In a word, to give birth to health!

As you can see, the question “can fly pregnant” and the truth is very important. Treat it with the utmost care. And then your pregnancy much variety of new pleasant sensations. Easy flight!

The author of the Light Beam, site ToKnow365.top

Whether pregnant women to fly and at what time?

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