Whether the early development of the child or enough communication with mom?

You’re the mom! The first year of diaper-covered by diapers should be madness behind, and the school is still very far away. It would seem that it’s time to just enjoy motherhood and to see how baby explores the world around.

But… the woman gave birth to a month later you and her child is already connected says! And your can barely babbles… and look, they will begin to learn letter – do not be late, by three years, say, it is already possible to know the entire alphabet! Need early development!!! So it will tell the website sympaty.net.

What you need earlier development?

Not even going to ask the question, and whether early development in General – I hope this question has become rhetorical for modern parents! Of course, to develop and teach the baby needs from the very young age: it is important to improve language skills, and fine motor skills, and thinking!

However, every mother without any clever books knows that that improvement happens every day: everyday communication with your baby, in games – almost any action that gives a child, no matter how it seemed from the side that the baby “does nothing”.

All folk pedagogy is aimed at early development: here the tradition of nursery rhymes, “latuszek”, lullabies, games, etc. basically, if nothing is done over and above these simple and natural for any mother’s actions, the child will grow up completely normal, without developmental delays and deviations in the education – and happened thousands of years!

But in recent decades have developed special teaching methods designed to foster children’s specific knowledge and skills much earlier than usual. For example, to teach reading in 3 years, and the count in 4.

Some of them (for example, Montessori), the website “ToKnow365.top” already told. We will not go into details, but the General idea of all methods that the child can perceive and remember very many and quite complex, if you teach information in the form of games or other natural for a child of this age activities. For example, the letters shown on the dice, from which the child builds turrets, etc.

Whether such early development and if it works? The theory says that if done correctly, the result will be any child. In practice, however, and moms and teachers notice that some kids, all this is quite good, and on the other there is no result or it is irrelevant.

Why? The fact is that different children have different perceptions of information and a few different thoughts. For example, one easier to understand with visual images (e.g., fold “squares Nikitin”), another well remembers hearing the third definitely need to play with something tangible in the handles, etc.

Again, some kids are quite feasible sedentary quiet activities type of drawing, and other fidget – for them the focus should be on mobile games.

And… often it happens.

One child years two to lead various classes and diligently tested smart technique, but the result is insignificant, the child develops roughly on a par with “underdeveloped” peers, parents scold hacks-educators and “wrong” techniques. And with another child all this is not done, raising traditionally.

In the end, the first begins to read at the age of five – a mother is finally proud and attributed the miracle techniques. And the second at the same age for the first time sits down at the Soviet bukvarik with sighted grandmother, and… a couple of weeks already cheerfully parses letters as the first one, “advanced” age!

What’s the matter? And so it happens – ripen some “structure” in the brain, something “clicks” and the baby quickly and on the fly learns that in another with Herculean effort “cram” two or three years!

That is often necessary early development when the child himself is ready to accept this or that information – most importantly, to choose the most suitable for your baby method feed!

What is the early development need?

Very often, early development is necessary to meet the maternal pride: look, us three and a half, and we know letters, colors distinguish, sweetie draw smooth circle, and the baby I have the most clever, and I’m the perfect mom!

Peers do not know letters, colors and draw squiggles.

But the children go to school and… it turns out that those are the three due methods of early development seemed to be a Prodigy, on par with the “left behind”, and go to school on an equal footing. Further study and does not reflect the “breakthrough” that occurred in 3, 4 years…

On this basis, whether early development?

In answering this question, you need to honestly decide why it is right for your child? It quickly learn to read and write? Or, in General, to develop fine motor skills, train memory, logic, to manifest creativity – no matter that the child will not be counted, as, for example, will begin to srisovyvanie Wallpaper fantastic masterpieces?

The second answer seems here in the article, so logical and correct, but many heads of children’s studios and groups regularly hear from parents that “And he read start?!”.

Is there any real benefit from the groups (schools, studios, etc.) early development?

So you’ve decided that the baby need early development. Methods are many, and the mushrooming of various studios, schools, groups, private gardens…

To start somewhere to drive the kid or to do educational activities at home, via books and studying techniques?

I have to say the second is quite real. Nothing daunting, what can not learn mother, teachers with pre-school children do not!

Moreover, often home school with your mom more effective than in a group with other kids and unfamiliar aunt-a teacher! Mom is more sensitive the child’s reaction – whether he understood, wondering whether, if he is not tired? And the child is not distracted and is not confined because of the unfamiliar environment and strangers, as it happens with young children.

But the group has advantages.

First, the team of peers. Communication skills are very important for child development! Sometimes it is something that is done together, in unison (or Vice versa, if there is a competitive moment), stimulates the baby to something that at home he did not remember or did not do! Even very small children often try to do the best, to show how out, etc.

In addition, sometimes the children pay closer attention to what he says it is a man, not Pets.

And besides… well, let’s be honest?

Often mothers believe that the child needs early development in the group, just get tired of doing little child.

This is not a reproach – really, really hard and physically and mentally continuously be with a nimble monkey, and not just to look out and care, and to educate, develop, engage…, And the opportunity for an hour or two to take my daughter to group them in interesting and useful exercise, other people, not so bad!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

Whether the early development of the child or enough communication with mom?

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