Whether the nipple is your baby?

Preparing dowry for the baby, among other necessities expectant mother must purchase and pacifier (dummy). Few of the young mothers think about the fact that nipple is just a way to replace the child at the breast and that the baby is well and no dummies. About whether the nipple, in which cases its use is justified, is it possible to give the newborn a pacifier and how the child’s health it can cause, read today on the women’s website “ToKnow365.top“.

Why the need for a pacifier?

Dummy invented to meet the child his sucking reflex while left alone his mother.

Very often small children, being absolutely full, I just want to suck. And it is normal in infancy sucking is the strongest instinct of the child.

The main difficulty lies in the fact that breastfeeding involves the mandatory presence of the mother. But mom, in addition to looking after the baby, there are other, equally important things: cook dinner for dad, clean the house, clean myself up, and just relax.

So, if a crying baby takes a pacifier and calms down, the mother can, without much thinking over whether to give the pacifier to the child to use this wonderful device and some time to make your life easier.

However sympaty.net not recommended to abuse the pacifier and give her baby whenever he cries.

When the nipple is not needed

A small child the only way to convey to mom that he needs something, is crying. As you know, the reasons for crying can be very different.

So every time the baby cries, the mother should decide, if he wants the baby pacifier at the moment, or is it better to soothe him in another way.

Very often young children cry because they are feeling anxious and they want to be with the mother. In this situation, the best way to calm them down will be a gentle mother’s arms and mother’s warm Breasts, not silicone-plastic dummy.

Do you need a pacifier in the hospital?

Neonatologists are categorically forbidden to give a pacifier a newborn, and this website Sympaty.net fully agree with them. A mother’s breast is the only thing that needs to suckle newborns. Why? Let’s deal.

There is no better food for baby than breast milk, and a priority for the newly born woman is the establishment of lactation.

A powerful incentive to start lactation and the development of necessary amount of milk is the sucking. So the baby should as often as possible to suck the mother’s breast. Satisfying the sucking instinct of the baby pacifier, the mother thus puts a fat cross on the breast.

As you know, the question of whether a newborn to give a pacifier, the “Beautiful and Successful” only one answer: no! Nipple – the main enemy of breastfeeding!

Start giving the pacifier only after a fully established breastfeeding, and the mother is sure that she has enough milk: not earlier than two months after the birth of a child.

And even better pacifier child not to give: it is essential for many moms, the adaptation is not so harmless as it seems at first glance.

Cons of using pacifiers

You already know the answer to the question of whether the nipple of a newborn, but it is good to know more about why you should not use a pacifier.

  • Use of pacifiers doubles the risk of mouth and ear infections in young children.
  • Prolonged use of pacifiers (more than a year and a half) can cause malocclusion in a child: upper front teeth can change out to grow incorrectly or not on time.
  • Crying the child expresses not only your needs but also emotions. If you ever close his mouth a pacifier, in the future this is not the best way affect its psycho-emotional development.
  • The constant use of the nipple the child becomes addicted to it (what this means — see previous paragraphs).

It is fair to admit that there are situations in which the answer to the question, do I need to give a pacifier to be positive.

To using pacifiers often moms of twins, sucking on the pacifier and kids who are on artificial feeding because they have nothing else to satisfy their sucking instinct. The use of pacifiers is justified in situations where a child is exhausting mom constant “hanging” on the chest. In such cases, mothers should pay special attention to the safety of the nipples.

Rules and nipples

  • Since you positively resolved the issue of whether to give your child a pacifier, choose this device strictly according to age. Do the nipples have to be a one-piece plastic shield that will not block the baby’s nose. To avoid diaper rash around the mouth you should buy the nipple, the flaps of which have vents.
  • Let the child himself (by vypilivaya) will choose the most suitable for him a pacifier shape (anatomical or orthodontic).
  • Under any circumstances do not hang the pacifier on the ribbon and not to tie it around the neck – it is fraught with suffocation! For attaching pacifiers to clothing, there are special devices.
  • Carefully monitor the cleanliness of the nipples. Do not be lazy once again to wash it, think about it: whether your child is a pacifier with a bunch of germs on it.

Women’s website “ToKnow365.top” against unauthorised use pacifiers, but if without it not possible, advises to ensure that its use did not bring harm to the child.

The author – Tatiana konopacka, site ToKnow365.top

Whether the nipple is your baby?

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