Whether to give birth at home?

Increasingly popular today are gaining a home birth. Sympaty.net also interested in this topic, so decided to find out why modern women are increasingly opting to give birth at home. Than they are guided, making such decision, the danger of home births for women and children, is it possible to guarantee the successful outcome of such childbirth what you need in order to birth at home were successful, the answers to these questions looking at women’s website “ToKnow365.top“.

Why home?

The number of women who decided on a home birth, is growing every day. Confirmation of this can be found on many women’s forums with stories about how great it was to give birth on your sofa surrounded by attentive relatives, and calls to follow its example.

It’s so great: birth in pleasant surroundings, then a simple procedure of registration of child born at home, for which not even need the help of the hospital – only statement and one witness. And that’s all!

But a pregnant woman is very responsible, and some stories of the miraculous birth at home not enough for her.

What can affect its choice in favor of home birth?

  • The desire to merge with nature

Supporters home, i.e. natural childbirth argue his choice by the fact that childbirth is the most natural process, every detail thought out by nature, to intervene in that. And it’s true. For millennia, human offspring are born without the help of midwives. But here we are talking only about normally proceeding childbirth in case of complications often killed both mother and child.

Are you ready for this unity with nature?

  • Fashion for home delivery

Today to give birth at home is getting fashionable: it’s not like everything is precarious, exclusive.

  • Personal comfort

After hearing horror stories about hospitals, about the prospect of being left alone, without the support of loved ones, and his already fragile mental equilibrium, the pregnant woman is not able to sacrifice their personal comfort and decided on a home birth, surrounded by understanding friends.

Deciding upon to birth in hospital or at home, first of all think about the safe birth of their child, and then about personal comfort.

  • Negative clinical experience

What is there to confess, not all representatives of modern medicine have the professional and human qualities that should. Often the experience with them is deposited on a shower unpleasant precipitate and does not contribute to the re-emergence of desire “to be given into their hands.”

Negative experiences with individual providers does not mean that all doctors are bad. You have nine months to choose the specialist that you could trust yourself and your baby.

Is it possible to give birth at home?

In Western countries, the answer to this question is Yes, in our country is negative. There are mandatory conditions necessary for the successful delivery of the house, to observe the most important of which is yet not possible.

  • Adequate medical monitoring throughout the pregnancy (regular visits to the LCD and adherence to medical prescriptions) and the conclusion about a satisfactory condition of health of the mother and the fetus.
  • Separate room with all facilities, ie, house, apartment. A hostel with a shared bathroom on the floor is not the right place for such delivery.
  • Assistant. Uttering the phrase “I want to have a home birth,” you must understand that to give birth alone, or even in the presence of her husband is an engineer and mother a teacher is very risky. You must be a qualified assistant in childbirth, ideally a certified midwife. Sympaty.net prevents you from using the so-called spiritual midwifery, which is now “divorced” a great many. All their aid is only to lighten your wallet by a decent amount and you’ve got to pray for a successful outcome of childbirth. The only thing they can do if something goes wrong is to call an ambulance. About how fast it is before you get there, a separate conversation.
  • The ambulance at the entrance of a medical facility, which in the case of complications in childbirth on this car can be reached in less than 15 minutes. Pondering whether to give birth at home, be sure to mention it.

To decide on a home birth is possible only in case of full confidence in the fact that in childbirth will not have complications. And such guarantee will not give you even the most experienced specialist.

Moreover, in obstetric practice there are cases when a completely normal births were stillbirths, and Vice versa: patients with women severe birth ended well. As recognized themselves midwives: each birth is always a risk, especially if they are at home.

What is the danger of home births?

The decision to give birth not in a hospital, a home can cost the life or health of a woman and a child. It is no accident in the hospital in one shift intercede obstetrician-gynecologist and neonatologist.

The biggest risk of home birth is PPH. Assistance needs to be provided within 5-10 minutes, otherwise the woman may die or remain disabled for life. As a rule, new posts talking about how to give birth at home did not pay attention to such “trifles”.

Any complication that may arise during childbirth, requires urgent medical intervention.

Well, if you have a trained professional who can help you. The vast majority of home births such assistance is missing, and then all hope for an Ambulance. And since it is called before the mother is in the hospital, typically, it takes so much time that doctors have little help.

Making a decision about where to give birth: at home or still in the hospital, carefully weigh the pros and cons, including the monetary aspect: the assistant in the home birth will cost you a tidy sum.

It may be better for the money to find a good hospital (how to do it, “ToKnow365.top” wrote) and qualified specialist that you can trust yourself and your child?

The author – Tatiana konopacka, site ToKnow365.top

Whether to give birth at home?

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