Whether to give the child to art school, if he likes to draw

Absolutely all the little children draw. Them great pleasure the process of smearing paint on paper, and they do see the beauty in the blur on the entire sheet and Polkova to boot! Becoming older, children begin more critical of their creations, not always rejoicing karakulam. And then the question arises: whether the child art school, especially if there is inclination and interest? The pros and potential cons of teaching drawing is discussed at sympaty.net!

To teach a child to draw?

I personally was faced with two radical points of view on this issue.

The first theory of child genius (by the way, I heard similar reflections from a father of two, designer and artist with higher education!). All children are brilliant artists, for not doing so, as is customary, as taught, as is fashionable, etc., and as you can see and feel is valuable! To send him to art school means to destroy this inner creative freedom, instead, learn to stamp “normal” drawings, cute parent and teacher’s eye, but are completely sincere and unusual.

The only thing is to help paint fumes – to give facilities for painting and drawing and learn to use them (how to mix paint, how not to ruin a carpet, how to hold a brush, etc.).

“Victim” is the opposite of radical teaching methods of drawing in their own childhood was myself. Briefly the story is this: I decided to give study to the private teacher, graduate of the Academy of arts in St. Petersburg, according to rumors reaching very good results with their students. Indeed, drawings of his numerous pupils of different ages differed enviable quality performance and academism style!

The first lesson I was asked to draw on the model of the house and a tree in winter. The second – the same story, but in the spring… On the third and fourth – guess yourself… And then the cycle seasons began anew, but the number of trees has increased to three, and the sheet size was twice as much. As a child, I was patient, and “dominowo epic” bore courageously. The complaint from me to mom, after which classes ceased, received six months. I timidly made the teacher of the proposal to draw leading to the house track, and the cart, horse and driver.

The answer was unwavering: “What horse?! Horses we will draw three years later, and not before!”.

The theory of this teacher (though not a copyright, it affects many teachers of art schools and art studios executives) – any child can and should learn to produce quite good work for the sake of it and to send him to art school.

The method is “repetition is the mother of learning”: through repeated similar exercises produce automaticity and skills image of the “typical” subjects (not necessarily houses – often children as art students, long to draw from the dull plaster vases or busts, the classical still lifes, etc.).

It is clear that somewhere between these “poles” is your own answer to the question “does the child art school?”.

The website sympaty.net closer the view that the child should be taught when the lack of skills interferes with the implementation of creative ideasthat are born in his imagination.

Once I watched as a child, drawing something, critically looks at own drawing and he says that he doesn’t like “the Princess is not the same she’s ugly!”, “I don’t know how to draw machine, but it’s such and such!”, etc. The best guide to children’s creativity – when the teacher does not impose to the child their vision, but helps the child to realize his ideas, and inspires new creative ideas!

To give the child whether in art school, art classes or learn at home by yourself?

So, your child actively draws, and decided that it should be taught.

Whether the child art school? To solve this, you need to understand what it is.

Art school is quite intensive and serious training. Classes will be held there several times a week, for two to three hours or more.

Teaching methods, of course, slightly different in different schools and depend on teachers, but be prepared for the fact that the child will have to study a lot to do, “I do not want” to overshadow some of their own creative ideas and stick to the given topics and techniques of painting and drawing. To send him to art school worth it if he’s really passionate about drawing, there is ability, there is a desire to associate with the work of their future profession , etc. according to the teachers, some of the children from each of the new set leave art school usually within the first six months of training. Most often, children pick up those parents who overestimated their own enthusiasm and abilities of the child.

If you have decided not to send him to art school, and want to try something different – it offers art Studio, crafts and other studios and collectives, where the child will learn to draw and supervised his work.

Choosing art for your wishes, I advise you to pay attention to the following points:

  • Studio (head) itself is positioning itself and its focus. Read the ad, talk to the head person – can be any of the nuances: from the above “golikovoj” methods guaranteed the transformation of a child in the artist to almost completely uncontrolled creativity – materials handed out, the theme of the painting identified – and forward, draw as you know! Ask – what are the techniques of drawing, painting and, perhaps, arts and crafts will be studied, as classes are held, is there a targeted training plan, etc.
  • Look at the work of the pupils of the Studio. Typically the array of different children in the same Studio, you may notice some General style is not that bad, but think – how close is this style of your child, do you want his tastes were formed in that direction?.. And by the way, don’t think that the best art is where the work of students the most beautiful and not age skillfully executed – most often, this shows only the active intervention of educators in children’s creativity!
  • Try to track the reputation of the art Studio and the head – win her students at competitions of children’s drawings, whether actively involved in the exhibition life in the city? It can be found via the Internet, but usually Studio executives do not hide their triumphs and victories, eagerly talking and showing rewards!

But maybe you decided not to get involved yet with children’s groups, not to send him to art school, and to learn on your own? So often do the parents who do have skills in drawing. If you think that you can teach your child something useful and interesting – why not, home arts usually are a great success!

However, you should catch the moment when the child is ready to perceive something else that you can not give, and to objectively assess its capabilities!

Another disadvantage of home schooling is the absence of a collective painting children close by. But this is the moment for which many parents decide that the child needs art school – communication with guys with similar interests, likeminded people!

Whether the child art school – of course, up to you. But even if you and your child do not plan to enter the Academy of arts, aesthetic development never hurt anybody!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

Whether to give the child to art school, if he likes to draw

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