Whether You chose a man?

“Hello, ToKnow365.top! I met a man, we began a relationship, but I still doubt whether I chose man? “My” man? Compatible is he with me? Because it happens that with the time a person is “not”. Sincerely, Karen”.

Karen, the question of choosing a good partner is not only interested in You. Can you tell Your man? Will You fight, or the relationship will be smooth? Female site sympaty.net and I will try to answer these questions.

The partner we choose is not only the eyes and heart, but also all the other senses. Very important role played by the physical attractiveness of a partner – all that is left to us from antiquity, at the level of instinct.

Psychologists are not just carried out experiments of this kind: the boys were given the jerseys they were wearing a few days. Then these t-shirts were given to the group of girls. The girls had to choose a partner by smell. Most interesting is that the man they so chose, they liked and externally, and even in nature!

But the choice of smell is only part of our test. Yes, indeed, there is a test that You can define, whether correctly You chose a man.

Test: whether Correctly You chose a man

Only answer questions YES or NO, and then count the results.

  • You fully accept the man smell and sweaty, not sweaty, and under the arms, and generally in all places.
  • There is a desire or a thought to have his baby – and no matter whether You want children or not.
  • The man at the table, eating. Does this in You positive emotions? If You clearly irritating the man, absorbing food, answer “No”.
  • The physical and sexual attraction to “own” the man very much. This can be a passion that You have to anyone not experienced.
  • Next to “Their” man You can be as You are – even without makeup, jewelry, hairstyles – without anything artificial. You still feel attractive and loved.
  • Man sleeping, and his sleep kind of makes You feel emotion. Each of us is the archetype of the “internal mother” — and now she takes the “inner child” of Your men.
  • You want to become for men support, to waste energy on him for his professional growth, so he was happy.
  • Imagine Your man grown old. Well, if this picture made You warm feelings. So, are You ready to spend the rest of my life until old age.
  • You well see the flaws of Your men, and his dignity. You not only accept it and understand, but also know that the advantages overshadow the disadvantages.
  • Now take a look at how many questions You have answered “Yes”, and how much, “No”, and on what.

    Questions 1 through 4 biological criteria

    The first 4 questions of a test – biological criteria of choice of men. They come from ancient instincts, they are still alive in us and is very important. The correct choice of men depends on them.

    If at least one of these 4 questions You answered “No”, or worse, for most of them, Your Union can be very fragile, built on stereotypes or illusions. You can pretty quickly break upor the relationship can escalate into a neurotic dependence from each other.

    If the first 4 questions You have answered “Yes” with biology it’s all right.

    Questions 5 through 9 – the socio-psychological criteria

    Other issues are the socio-psychological selection criteria men. They are not as important as biological, and even if for some of them You answered “No”, everything can change, work. So Your Union will become more harmonious.

    “But still, — said Angela Kharitonova, author of the book “the Training of female power”, a practicing psychologist and Director of the marriage Agency, if You have more than 2 answers “No” Union problem“.

    Our website “ToKnow365.top” suggests that even if there is no ideal “all Yes,” Karen, listen to your heart, it will not disappoint. But if most of the questions You have answered “No” — a thoughtful, if not obscures your eyes love. Perhaps the man You chose wrong.

    The author – Olga Sympaty, site www.sympaty.net – ToKnow365.top

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    Whether You chose a man?

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