Which arm to wear bracelet, how to combine with other jewelry

The website “ToKnow365.top” already wrote on how to pick up the bracelet. Now we will tell about which arm to wear a bracelet, does it depend on the style of the bracelet and the material from which it is made, and whether there are cases when the bracelet (or a few) can be worn without any special rules, either hand or both at once.

Which arm to wear bracelets women?

The most common option that will suit both women and men wear bracelet on right hand. It’s not a hard and fast rule and its violation in any case would not be considered bad manners!

However, there are objective reasons that justify this choice:

  • When man used to wear a wrist watch, then, being right-handed, put them on the left hand – which is easier to look at the dial, and the bracelet stays right hand.
  • The right hand is often in sight, a beautiful bracelet will be noticeable.
  • In the right hand we often carry a clutch, an umbrella, adhered it to the bag strap, etc. – these things can form a harmonious ensemble with the bracelet.

But if you’re used to otherwise (or are a Lefty), it’s okay – wear a bracelet on the arm is more like it!

How to wear bracelets with other jewelry and accessories?

Another important factor that affects the choice of hands for the bracelet for other accessories, which “move” more difficult.

Above we already indicated that when wearing hours for the bracelet remains free hand. However, if the model is not too classic, you can try to create on the one hand, the ensemble of clocks and not too flashy bracelet, better suited for the style (the same applies to men!).

Another important point – the rings. Engagement rings are worn constantly, and bracelets are interchangeable accessory, so you should make sure that they fit while on the same hand.

In Slavic tradition the wedding ring is worn on the right hand – therefore, if the bracelet is not ideal to the ring in style (such as jewelry), it is better to wear it on the left hand.

Decorative rings worn on both hands by free choice or that not wearing a wedding ring. The bracelet in this case can be free from the ring hand (for example, if it is very noticeable), but maybe the same (to form the ensemble with the ring).

In which hand wear the jelly bracelets and some jewelry?

Special rules for which hand to wear a bracelet depending on its material, cost and style, no. Although it is precious bracelets are often worn on the right hand.

Jewelry moreover does not imply the strict canons!

However, there are superstitions and sentimental rituals associated with bracelets-baubles: for example, the hippies it was believed that if presented with a Fennec worn on the left hand, make a wish it will come true, and if lovers exchange baubles (or are paired in the same style and color, baubles), they should wear them on the same hand (whether left or right).

In some cases, you can wear bracelets on both hands?

Modern fashion is quite possible with this variant, if we are talking about eclectic, ethnic or other bright casual style! An interesting variant – uniform bracelets-rings on both hands. Also in ethnic style can fit the bracelet covering his forearm – then the usual to wrist bracelet will adorn your other hand.

You can wear several bracelets on one hand, if they are combined.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

Which arm to wear bracelet, how to combine with other jewelry

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