Which is better: a baby monitor or baby monitors?

Every mother is ready to devote himself to his baby fully and completely. But sometimes you still have to keep the baby in a room — for example, to perform household chores. And then come to the aid of modern control device — baby monitor or baby monitors.

We need more — a baby monitor or baby monitors?

Many parents in the regeneration of a child’s room to be faced with a difficult dilemma: baby or baby monitor — what to select better?

The principle of operation of both devices is about the same. The only difference is that the monitor only allows you to hear the baby, and the monitor gives the opportunity also to see.

It is this difference affects the usage.

The owners of baby monitors can react to a crying baby, but because this device performs the role of “red flag”. The baby-Cam and just watch a sleeping baby, to check whether the blanket slipped and slipped if into a nursery a playful cat.

For some parents it is the baby-Cam is a device that ensures their peace of mind. Others rush into the nursery at the first signal of the baby monitor and watching the monitor they are not necessarily.

That’s why the answer to the question, what is better — a baby monitor or baby monitors, one finds himself. But we should not forget that the baby monitor will cost much more expensive.

How to choose radio or the monitor?

When selecting such devices for the sake of – or monitor the website sympaty.net advises to consider the following points:

  • Range. If children child is just through the wall from your bedroom, then this particular factor can not pay attention, as you will approach the device with any range. But if you live, for example, in a private house, then surely you have to step away from the nursery, down to the first floor or even go outside while baby is sleeping. In this case, the range as baby monitors and baby monitors should be the maximum.
  • Let your chosen baby monitor and even the monitor will be the most neutral appearance. It is important that the baby does not perceive the device as a toy, because in this case he decides to play with him. But when random button is pressed the machine will be off, and you won’t even know about it.
  • Please note that the monitor or the monitor has been manufactured from durable and reliable material, as they will again drop. It is also important that the materials of the devices were environmentally friendly.
  • Prefer radio – Cams that give a signal if you start to discharge and if you go beyond radioson. The only way you can be sure that you are still connected and will hear your baby.
  • Some machines work from the network, others on batteries and accumulators. -Try to buy a device with a power system “two in one”. So it will retain mobility and will not to discharge too quickly.
  • Additional features. Some radio and baby monitors have features that are not necessary but sometimes can be really useful. These include the temperature sensor and humidity, timer last feeding, night light, and the player tunes the light indication is crying, the sensor of the control of breathing and not only. Of course, all the additional functions affect the overall cost of the devices.
  • Features of baby monitors

    If you want to you purchase a baby monitor will last you longer than a couple of years, then give preference to models with two-way communication. Later, when the baby grows up, such a device can be used as a walkie-talkie to communicate with each other from separate ends of the house.

    Especially the Cams

    • The size of the monitor baby monitors. It is desirable that it was not less than 2.5 inches (about 6.4 cm) and had good resolution. The only way you can get a good look at everything that happens in the kid’s room
    • The night vision mode. The camera automatically switches into this mode at dusk, and therefore in the dark, visibility will remain at the level.
    • Video. Not only will you see everything in the nursery, but will be able to write a specific section in memory. Date and time are added automatically.
    • The use of multiple cameras. With their help, you can view the entire room, which is important if the child has grown up and plays in the nursery alone.
    • The use of a moving camera. You can remotely turn the camera to follow the movement of the child in the nursery.

    Such are the main features that you should look for when choosing a baby monitor or, for example, baby monitors. Taking into account all main features of these devices, you will easily find the option that will perfectly suit.

    • As soon as my husband and I moved into the bedroom, immediately bought the monitor. It’s just a great invention that allows a glance on the monitor immediately to assess the situation and understand whether your intervention or not. Olga, 25 years
    • The monitor gave the mother immediately after birth of the baby. Since I live in a private house with thick walls, the thing turned out to be indispensable. I especially appreciated the function of light indication crying baby, that is, when any sound in the nursery on the device immediately lights up the bulb. Sometimes in the kitchen because of the noise of the exhaust only this function and saved. Alexander, 32
    • With the first baby I had a baby monitor, with the second already bought the monitor. As it turned out, different children require different devices. The eldest son as soon as he woke up, he immediately began to cry and call me. But the younger one could start quietly climbs out of his crib, risking to fall out. As soon as I first saw, and immediately bought the monitor. Now only occasionally look at the monitor and quietly do their business on. Lena, 38 years

    The author – Tamara Belchenko, site ToKnow365.top

    Which is better: a baby monitor or baby monitors?

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