Why are there flies before your eyes?

Today on the website “ToKnow365.top” we’re going to talk about the issue that concerns many — flies, which appear before the eyes. They are as real nuisance, sometimes very bothering and annoying.

What are floaters before the eyes and what causes their appearance? Also let’s find out what cases need a doctor if you notice the appearance of flashing dots and dashes in the eyes.

White flies before my eyes: what is it?

Can you imagine transparent glass toy-souvenir, inside is filled with glycerin, with small tinsel and confetti? When the toy is inverted, the tinsel begins to move slowly in glycerine, creating unusually beautiful image.

That’s about how to look fly inside the eye, only instead of glycerol, they have liquid vitreous, and instead of colored tinsel fell away collagen fibers and acid.

Inside the eye is the vitreous body. This movable formation having the shape of a ball.

In norm it is transparent, consists of fluid and penetrated by fibers of collagen and hyaluronic acid, so is a gel-like mass.

In some places the collagen fibers and hyaluronic acid begin to separate, to settle from the liquid mass and free-floating in the vitreous – like confetti in glycerin toy. You turn your head fiber in the eye is also “float” in the direction of rotation, you have it down – flies, too, fall down. They do not fade, do not fall are free-swimming.

Thus, the white spots in the form of flies before the eyes – it is nothing like fallen away dead skin collagen and acid that float inside the vitreous body. They move slowly, since they are in a gel-like fluid, which consists of the vitreous body.

How to look fly?

Flies can be in the form of strips and strings. This form they take at the beginning of the detachment. Fiber can meet each other, to touch or becomes thinner. Then strips and strings turn into spiders, jellyfish and other “mnohopillya creatures.” Over time, the strings are compacted and take on new shape and settle.

In these cases, the flies become dots, rings and circles.

We can say that the thin sticks and strings is a young, fresh fiber, and the circles and dot – aged and compacted with time.

So, the main cause of white spots on the vitreous body – a detachment of the fibers. It is not dangerous to the eye.

However, if flies great, a lot of them, and they interfere with the good to see to see a doctor is a must.

Bit of medicine

With complaints of black and white floaters in your eyes to an ophthalmologist often. The disease is called a floater. Distinguish between filamentous and granular destruction destruction.

  • Filamentous is when the sight of floating strings and sticks.
  • Granular fly in the form of spots, dots and circles.

Black floaters before the eyes

The retina may fall the shadow from the loose fibers of the vitreous body, from red blood cells, clumps of protein molecules to the eye – so there are black dots and spots before my eyes. Most people don’t notice before the eyes of flies, but the closer the fibers close to the retina, the clearer become outlines. They are especially well-noticeable when looking at white monochromatic surface and in bright light.

The causes of destruction

We found that the main causes of stains in the form of flies – these are the results of the changes that take place in the vitreous body. Now let’s look at what can cause these changes, find out the causes of the emergence of flies before the eyes.

Let us consider the most frequent ones.

  • Age

Closer to the age of 60 on flies flashing before my eyes, complains the majority of patients in this age group, and short-sighted people because of the peculiarities of the shape of the eyes aging the vitreous may start even earlier — by the age of 40.

  • Pressure

Black flies can occur even at slightly elevated or reduced pressure.

  • Osteochondrosis

Very often flying black points before the eyes in osteochondrosis of the cervical. The vertebrae are compressed, the blood flow to the brain is disrupted, there are problems with pressure — hence the flies.

  • Disc herniation

Headache, flies in front of the eyes treat the symptoms of herniated discs in the cervical spine. If you suffer from headaches, and you notice in front of the eyes of various black spots, strings, refer to a neurologist. Many have solved the problem of flashing black flies, treated by a neurologist.

  • Poisoning

If poisoning of the body lose the toxins of the nervous system. It also affects the vision. In addition to flies, you may receive a split of the items.

  • Anemia

With a shortage of hemoglobin there is a shortage of oxygen, which causes the appearance before the eyes of flies and flying points.

  • Diabetes

The retina may impair its functionality in diabetes. Cause spots before the eyes, in this case the vascular lesions of the retina.

  • Eclampsia

Floaters in front of eyes during pregnancy can warn of eclampsia – late toxicosis, which is dangerous for the health of mother and child.

  • Retinal detachment

When retinal detachment the flies before my eyes very often, however, their appearance resembles the bright sharp flash. Not starting timely treatment of the retinal detachment, the person goes blind.

Black flash instead of a fly – Rieger syndrome

Sometimes you get to see the not only the black flies, but quick black flash-game. Their appearance has nothing to do with changes in the vitreous body. The reason for their occurrence is different.

Flashes of lightning before my eyes in some way are the opposite of the flies. On the retina do not fall into the shadows of fibers, and particles of light through the gaps in the capillaries that lead to the eyeball.

Why there may be gaps? In the capillaries move the blood cells and red blood cells. Sometimes the white blood cells in the size of how big that delay the erythrocytes. Build up something like a “stopper” led by the leukocyte. The leukocyte moves quickly through the capillary, followed by the rush of accumulated red blood cells, and leukocyte occurs before clearance. Through it light on the retina.

Capillaries in the eye a lot. They are thin and branched. Leukocyte with delayed him red blood cells very quickly moves through the capillaries, and one sees at this time, a bright black flash of light in eyes floaters.

When you need a doctor?

In most cases, flies flashing before my eyes is not dangerous to health. Most often their appearance is associated with aging — fibers in the vitreous body “go in free swimming”. To treat this case, flies is not necessary.

  • If you are concerned about flies before the eyes, headaches, sympaty.net advised to see a neurologist. Most likely, the flicker in the eyes of sticks and strings, points associated with herniation of the cervical or low back pain.
  • Diabetes, blood pressure floaters disappear after treatment of the underlying disease causes.
  • Sometimes the vitreous can tear the retina – the part of the eye, which we are looking. It’s dangerous! A person can lose vision. Therefore, an ophthalmologist at the onset of flashes before eyes need regularly.

Only the doctor can note significant changes and to determine if the retinal detachment. If you had a detachment, the treatment is carried out:

  • Eye drops.
  • Vitreolysis – breaking into smaller particles formations in the vitreous body using a laser. As the procedure is very complicated (need to get a laser beam at a moving point), it is not practiced often.
  • Vitrectomy – the vitreous is removed from the eye completely.

Operations are conducted very rarely as their conduct may lead to serious consequence of blindness.

Thus, spots before the eyes dangerous only in the case when the cause of the retinal detachment. It can only identify ophthalmologist is the answer to the question why to see spots require a visit to the doctor.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site ToKnow365.top

Why are there flies before your eyes?

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