Why child it hurts to write and what to do in this case?

In children at any age can cause problems with urination. Child painful to write. What to do to parents if they noticed this problem? Let’s talk about this on the women’s website “ToKnow365.top“.

Hurts to write the girl: symptoms

To find out why it hurts to pee girl, answer the following questions:

  • Is there any redness on the genitals?
  • When there is a burning sensation and pain at the beginning of urination or at the end? Or girl hurts to write during the process of urination?
  • How often girl running in a little?
  • How much urine comes out at a time?
  • What color is the urine? Are there any blood?
  • Trickle constant or interrupted?
  • Feel side? Back?

The answers to these questions will help determine the cause presumably why it hurts to write, but an accurate diagnosis, if necessary, a doctor must determine.

The table presents the symptoms of painful urination in girls.

The girl hurts to write: what to do?

In boys the urethra is long, and the girls short. Because of the physiological characteristics of women are more susceptible to infectious inflammation.

Attention! sympaty.net. maybe just to acquaint his readers with the main symptoms causing pain with urination, but not to an accurate diagnosis.

  • If child (girl) it hurts to write with a serious gynecological diseases, or pain associated with kidney disease, the treatment prescribed by a doctor. Only he will determine what to do if the child hurts to write in these cases.
    The doctor conducts an interview with the parents of the girl, makes, if necessary, inspection of the genitals, examines a urine sample, conducts the examination (smears and crops), directs ultrasound of the kidneys etc.
  • If you notice that the cause of the pain lies in the failure by girl hygiene (diaper rash and contact with detergents), and because of this, the child hurts to write, treatment is possible at home.
    To remove the redness and inflammation (cause of pain), it is recommended to do the girls of chamomile sitz baths. It is also necessary to strengthen control over observance by the girl personal hygiene:
  • Buy her cotton underwear.
  • Use gentle detergent for intimate hygiene.
  • Thoroughly rinse cleansers from the genital organs girls washing away.
  • Teach a girl to wash correctly (from the vagina to the anus).
  • Follow the diet: limit the amount of spices, chocolate and fizzy drinks.
  • Drink teas cranberries (cranberries), which increase the acidity of urine.

It hurts to write boy: the symptoms

The questions that need to respond to those who are looking for why the boy hurt to write, almost the same as for girls:

  • The head of the penis red?
  • The pain comes at the beginning of urination or at the end? Or a child (boy) it hurts to write all the time?
  • How often a child urinates and how much urine comes out at a time?
  • Urine cloudy or clear? With blood? Is there a peculiar smell?
  • A trickle of urine is intermittently or no?
  • Besides the fact that the child is painful to write, he complains of pain in the back or side?

The answers to these questions will help to establish a presumptive reason why the boy hurt to write, what should parents do, and when to seek medical attention.

Below is a table that describes the main symptoms, which can experience a boy in addition to pain while urinating. You can not independently diagnose and prescribe treatment, if the child has pain associated with serious diseases. This should engage a specialist.

Phimosis and balanitis are the most frequent conditions diagnosed if the boy hurts to write – what to do before you visit your doctor?

  • You can omit the head of your cock in a jar with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.
  • Also suggest to piss, soaking the member in a solution of potassium permanganate or broth chamomile to reduce pain.
  • Do sitz baths with chamomile.

When phimosis most doctors do not recommend to pull back the foreskin, if the child has no problems with urination.

If the boy hurts to write, treatment (washing) can be done at home before visiting the doctor.

  • In a 10 ml syringe gain solution furatsilina.
  • One adult pulls the skin up (does not open a head, but rather closes it).
  • Second adult inserts the syringe with the removed (!) with a needle and the pressure pushes the solution.
  • In this simple way you will be able to wash everything that has accumulated and caused pain when urinating the boy.
  • If necessary, the procedure is repeated.
  • After finish washing, you need to drop into the hole (the gap) a few drops of olive (mineral) oil or oily solutions of the vitamins.

After helping at home it is better to show the boy to a specialist who will establish the diagnosis, decide whether you want the child to open the head with phimosis if circumcision.

If the boy or girl often complains that it hurts to write, one baths with decoctions of chamomile and washes are not necessary. Be sure to see a doctor to figure out what to do if the child hurts to write, what causes this condition.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site ToKnow365.top

Why child it hurts to write and what to do in this case?

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