Why do I need a convection oven and if it’s worth buying?

Different household appliances, designed to facilitate the implementation of the household chores, sometimes be indispensable Especially when it comes to cooking. Today almost every kitchen you can find many electronic assistants.

And one of the most underrated among them today is aerogrill. To figure out whether to buy a halogen oven, we offer you in this article.

What is the convection oven?

The convection oven is a kitchen unit, based on the flow of hot air. It consists of a glass container, plastic leg supports, and cover with placed in it the heating element and fan.

The principle of operation of the convection oven is very simple — a heating element raises the temperature inside the device air and a fan provides continuous circulation. In the end, the food warms quickly and evenly.

Why do you need grills?

To understand what I should understand its basic features. And they are wide enough.
The convection oven is able to replace a variety of appliances, including oven, stove, barbecue, grill, yogurt maker, and not only. Consequently, to prepare it can be almost anything that you want — to cook soup, roast meat, bake a cake, make hot sandwiches or even jam.

Moreover, the modern convection ovens even allow you to cook meat, fish, cheese both hot and cold Smoking. In aerogrill you can sterilize the jars under canning, drying mushrooms, berries and fruits.

That is why the answer to the question of whether to buy a convection oven, is usually positive.

Advantages of convection oven

Multifunctionality is the main advantage of this device, but not the only. If you are thinking whether to buy a convection oven, then pay attention to the following advantages:

  • The convection oven has a high speed of cooking.
  • The device allows you to cook several dishes simultaneously.
  • In the convection oven, food is cooked without oil, and therefore suitable for the diet.
  • This unit vytaplivaete of meat and fish products fat, thereby reducing calorie content, reducing the amount contained in them of cholesterol.
  • While cooking on convection oven does not stand the smoke and fumes, but because there is no need for the hood.
  • When using this device leaves no traces of grease and oil splattered all over the kitchen.
  • Due to its small size, the convection oven takes up very little space on the kitchen table.
  • There are no restrictions on the material of the cookware — convection oven allows you to cook food even in wood and metal containers.
  • The device is completely transparent, and therefore can be a pleasure to watch as roast chicken, for example.

Cons of convection oven

If you are considering buying a convection oven or not, its weaknesses you also need to keep in mind:

  • In aerogrill not well thought out steaming.
  • The glass bulb of the unit gets very hot, which can be dangerous. Especially if you have small children.
  • Sometimes you have to spend time and energy to thoroughly clean the separation of the lattice aerogrill.

How to choose aerogrill

If you are still on the issue of whether to work, answered in the affirmative, the site sympaty.net selecting it recommends to pay attention to the following points:

  • The type of control. Convection ovens are mechanical and electronic. First have only one speed of the fan, and therefore are cheaper. Electronic convection oven with plenty of speeds and modes of operation.
  • Volume. You can find convection ovens with bowls with volume from 7 to 17 lit-moat. The design of some of the units allows the volume to change.
  • The form of fastening of a cover. Convection ovens can be with a removable cover and with the cover on the bracket. It is better to prefer the second option, which is more comfortable and safe.

User reviews

  • When I moved with my husband to a new apartment, after repair money to buy the oven does not remain at all. So I decided for the first time, buy aerogrill. Since it’s been a few not. Place allotted in the oven, closed the doors and turned into an ordinary drawer for storage. In aerogrill cook almost everything. Marina, 30 years.
  • For me the question is, why do I need a convection oven, no standing. I bought it because I am a fan of healthy food. For cooking in grills oil not necessary, but because it turns out food with no carcinogens. In addition, nothing burns. An indispensable thing for those who suffer from stomach problems, and just wants to be in shape. Olga, 43 years
  • I gave up meat, I could never have guessed to buy it. The thing was indispensable — he had completely replaced me and the stove and the oven. I baked chicken, smoked cheese, make kebabs and pizza. And if you add on the bottom a little water, the meat becomes more in the steamer. Karina, 26 years old

Thus, the convection oven is a pretty useful device. However, not every hostess he finds the active application. That’s why the question of whether you need a convection oven, can answer only yourself.

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site ToKnow365.top

Why do I need a convection oven and if it’s worth buying?

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