Why do I often cry for no reason, what to do if you cry often

A woman’s prerogative and sweet weakness – a little cry sometimes becomes a problem. Just that, and the tears already hail. Not always even need a reason in the form of a cute baby, a tearful melodrama or a touching kiss of lovers at the bus stop in the rain. “Cry”, we say to myself. What to do with it, is responsible sympaty.net.

Why I often pay?
Something from the past

Certain songs, movies, words in ads or news can not leave you indifferent. Looking at how the boy had sacrificed savings on touchscreen phone thousand animals in the zoo, you can’t stop crying.

What to do: in this case, psychologists advise to ask yourself what are you really crying? They say that in such moments you just see something reminding you about the past (maybe it’s just similar emotions, but the situation is different), and you break out in tears.

Ask yourself what in your past crying now? When earlier you were in this situation? That reminded you this heartwarming video of kittens or a film about veterans?

Something from the present

When your inner fortress, responsible for the feeling of safety and comfort, are regularly subjected to attacks in the form of quarrels, conflicts and problems, even a small thing can throw you off track completely. And it does not matter, what is this little thing, just something emotional. No armor, walls thinner crystal, and each drop may be the last. Breaks out the tired of the eternal struggle and weakness. So if you want to cry, it could be about you.

What to do: begin to clear the debris. Write a list of what bothers you: a colleague at work, long calls the beloved, can not dare to go to the doctor, you have to take the car in for repairs, and no time, desire or just scared etc. and try this list out.

As experience shows, the mere compiling this list again brings a sense of comfort and stop the flow of tears for any reason, because again you take your life under control. Do not forget that to understand yourself is optional, you can and should ask for help.


Women’s sensibility is our hormone system, which sensitively reacts to everything. Changing hormonal background, for example, before or after birth often makes women very whiny. Maybe other reasons caused you the restructuring of the hormonal system, can, medication. Stress responsible for the hormone estrogen, probably you are missing it, and you often want to cry.

What to do: consult a specialist, to try to balance her female health simple, but effective methods: walking, water treatments, good news for yourself (good mood very positive effect on the hormonal system), communication with nice people (“vents” excessive emotionality), drink weed, eat Goodies.

And wait, in certain periods of life (especially generic) hormonal system must be balanced itself after some time and you will stop often to cry.

Major changes in life

When something bad happens, tears do not surprise anyone, but if on the contrary… now That you have going on in your life? Maybe you are from a strong and successful business woman return to the image light and airy girl-mother-wife? Maybe you are with a man? Learn to trust and not to do, learn to be safe and not fight myself for your comfort?

Such a radical breaking down of the Outlook on life can cause unexpected tears. In particular, it is also related to hormones, but to delve deeply into physiological details.

What to do: not to worry.

Think comfortable are you in your new role with the new state? Will you be able to live in it? Whether you are happy? If you are all right, just give yourself time. Allow me to be whiny. Every time, just remember why. When you get used to a new way of life, as “very often cry” will remain in the past.

Nothing to do

Activity and physical activity increases the level of happiness, level of stress tolerance and emotional sensitivity. So if you cry at any romantic song or the sight of any kid, maybe you just less listen to music and wander the streets? For example, after a day of work in the country often want to cry less, sleep more.

What to do: work, find a hobby, to run around, dig up the garden, go swimming, dance, clean the apartment.

Try to occupy yourself with something you will be passionate about for some time, and then look at the result. How do you feel? Calmer? Balanced?

Actually, maybe you think you cry a lot? Maybe you woke up in your women’s sensitive the beginning, and you’re not used to? When they say that tears cleanse the soul, open heart and calm, not lying and not exaggerating.

They say that the tears comes the stress hormone, which is released in the most intense periods of life. That is, with tears coming out stress and toxins, developed them, and you calm down.

The female body is very clever, he always shows us what is missing. And often when I want to cry, you should ask yourself why. Just listen to yourself, and you will understand the reason of his tears.

Maybe that’s not the reason for the experience. Think of it, the woman wanted to cry, big deal…

Author – Love Segalove, site ToKnow365.top

Why do I often cry for no reason, what to do if you cry often

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