Why do I tan the spots?

An even bronze tan always looks very nice. But not everyone is able to achieve an even color.

And if about yourself you can also say “tan spots”, then our article on the women’s website sympaty.net just for you. In it we will examine why the spots appear after sun exposure and how to avoid this trouble.

Why I don’t tan evenly, and stains?

This question is probably asked yourself many.

Cause the same pigment melanin, which makes the tan smooth and beautiful. It is produced in our skin as local immunity — protection from UV rays. The darker the skin becomes, the more it resists harmful solar radiation. And for us, a manifestation of a protective reaction — this is a beautiful chocolate color.

But sometimes the body sunning spots, light or dark, and sometimes, even some undefined grayish or yellowish hue. Reasons for this may be several.

  • Uncertain dirty tint instead of a nice even bronze color appears usually in cases when the skin is too dry, and the top layer has accumulated lots of dead skin cells. In this case, it is good to programirovanii whole body before tanning sessions, to make peeling.
  • Sometimes the problem may lie in the use of substandard cosmetics for tanning. Remember: the sun under the sun will fit some tools, and tanning is quite different. Choose a proven brand from good manufacturers.

But there are more serious causes, and women’s website sympaty.net try to understand them more. Why sometimes white spots on the skin is not tan, and sometimes, on the contrary, appear very dark areas?

Bright spots

If you sunbathe for a long time, skin seems to be dark overall, but there remain untanned areas, this means that there disrupted production of melanin — it is secreted in insufficient quantities. This problem may be caused by different reasons, and lowered immunity (including protective forces of the skin — usually in adulthood), and various skin diseases.

If the white spot on the skin is not tanned and have you had any skin diseases.

It is the light areas of the skin usually characterized by vitiligo, “color” lichen, poikiloderma Siwate and some others. Not only skin diseases, but diseases of other body systems (liver, thyroid) may be accompanied by lack of pigmentation.

Dark spots

Accordingly, if the skin in some places tans rapidly than the whole body, then then the melanin is produced in excess. This phenomenon is usually called chloasma and looks like beige, brown or brown spots.

If your face is sunburned spots, and this is evident every time you go out in the sun, pay attention to your cosmetics, then perhaps it is low quality. Abuse sunburn can also cause a manifestation of chloasma on an ongoing basis (all year round, not just during the summer).

It is important to remember that any unusual symptoms on the skin — it is a signal that something in the body goes wrong. Therefore, if you notice dark spots, should check their health. Very often they can manifest with a lack of vitamin e or vitamin C, hormonal disorders, uncontrolled reception of antibiotics.

Dark spots also indicate problems with bile, disorders of ovarian function and even worm infestation.

How to sunbathe without pigmentation?

So, causes symptoms spots on skin after sun we have taken. Of course, they had to be removed, especially all the serious diseases, which we mentioned above. Because if the stain on the body not burn, and is caused by internal problem, no external effect on the skin will not help.

But if no such problems then you can help to get beautiful and even tan the following recommendations.

Safe tan

Sunbathing should wisely — only then can we achieve the ideal color and uniform coating of the pigment of the entire body. If you ignore the General rules of tanning, you risk to burn, the skin will start peeling, and then from stains, nothing will not save you, while the top layer is not going to get away completely.

Therefore follow the General guidelines of a proper tan (the sun before 11 and after 16 hours of day time sun exposure — no more than 20 minutes, and then — in the shade, etc.).

Quality cosmetics

Here we are talking primarily about sunscreen cosmetics. It is definitely necessary for our skin as the sun’s rays are sometimes too aggressive. Use quality tools that you already have checked it myself, the protection factor should be high.

The same applies to cosmetics for tanning, it should be specialized (for artificial tanning).

Do not forget about cosmetics after sun — it will moisturize the skin and help it to recover faster.


Paradoxically, the fact — that the bleaching will allow to cope with the hyperpigmentation (manifestation too dark spots), and can smooth the difference between the places where the skin, on the contrary, sunbathing is not enough.

The most effective way to whiten the skin is peeling. To face is not sunburned spots, is to do a chemical peel in late winter or early spring so that the skin recovered to the emergence of active solar radiation.

And body good scrub — it can be done independently, for example, on the basis of coffee, brown sugar, etc.

If you follow these three, in actual fact, very simple steps, you will get a tan, without pigmentation, and will not harm your skin and will help her more actively to protect themselves from the sun. Tan will be even and its color is really beautiful, with a bronze or chocolate shade!

Author – Tatiana Maltseva, site ToKnow365.top

Why do I tan the spots?

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