Why do men give women flowers

Strolling through the Park, you with Frank envy look at an amorous young couple and a bouquet of flowers in the hands of a happy girl. You sigh: first, you are so long ago no one kissed on people (age — not 15, and the status, alas, does not allow this), and secondly, your better half is already a long time since I gave you flowers.

We often ask the question “Why men have stopped giving us flowers” that does not reflect on why they still give them. Women’s website “ToKnow365.top” decided to conduct a small poll with friends and not-so men and finally the answer to all of us the question: “Why do men give women flowers?”

Unfortunately, most modern men give the girls flowers because “as necessary“, because “so do all“, presented as a kind of “tribute” or “fee, “because “so accepted“because it is “an important stage of courtship, this ispart of the ritual of seduction“, “the girl was indignant, “because “it’s just necessary“.

Most unfortunate that they (in most part) do not understand the point: the flowers are not dry ritual, it is not the fulfillment of some unspoken agreement (I you flowers, you give me sex and coffee in bed), it is not a tradition (with empty hands to the girl on a date can’t come). Flowers for women is a sign of attention, sympathy, care and respect.

And there is nothing surprising in this! After all, many men are not even aware of who, how and when invented to give women flowers which is the origin of this magical tradition.

A bit of history

Our ancestors, observing nature and trying to understand its deepest secrets, I noticed some patterns. For example, the properties of plants to reduce the pain, to heal fresh wounds, to bring relief for bruises, to stop bleeding. After a successful hunting or fishing men brought not only a prey to the family hearth, but also leaves, stems and pollen of medicinal plants.

Women, drying in the sun and rubbing dry plants, prepared drugs (medicinal teas and ointments), or used them as home decorations or jewelry for themselves.

The most conspicuous and honorable place in many homes stood (and still stand) the compositions of dried flowers and ears – ward. Luxurious, big and tall bouquet according to popular tradition symbolizes fertility and prosperity of the owners of the house.

So why do modern men give us flowers?

Some are pushing for this exploit the desire to bring joy to the beloved.
Others do it because it is customary.
Others go to such a difficult step after another thrown in tears phrase: “Why did I EVER not give flowers?” or “Want gladioli, urgent!“.

But not only the motives, but also the process of giving everyone is different. Sympaty.net decided to introduce its classification of men, giving flowers. Find there loved ones and friends ?

The classification of “giving flowers” men

  • Romance. They are driven by a sincere desire to make the nice girl. They are long and carefully choose the flowers, smell them, look at the appearance, count the number of petals, long fooling the seller, go from tray to tray (or from beds to bed if it’s a student ? ). For such people, even the process of choosing, buying already a ritual – a kind of celebration of the soul.
  • Pragmatics. Give flowers because “as necessary“. They’re especially not fooling with the selection. They will see what a fresher, better, and buy the first one you like. Not the first (on these later), namely, the first any. Such people are rarely found in the bed and the head is not coming.
  • The rationalists. These guys show just the wonders of practicality and rationality, buying as a bouquet – a pot of a potted plant. Because it is a “much more thoughtful”, and “much more economical” and “long.” They can offer this option: “let me give you instead of flowers or perfume boots?!”.
  • Redneck (miser, goats, swine – whom you like, and it is convenient to call them. In fact, the vocabulary in this area is very extensive, and could Shine juicy epithets). Let’s call them unique! To the question “why do you NEVER give me flowers?” or “I WANT FLOWERS” the girl is easy to answer: “You can’t buy?” (personally witnessed such a dialogue). Well, if their soul is still feeling generous, then this will be the first and cheapest option. Moreover, they will still ask for a discount on it. But we all know that “Male ends when it begins to bargain for flowers”.
  • The selfish or narcissists. Oh, this is a separate category of men. They give flowers and gifts to women in order to admire them: beautiful, attentive, caring, making beautiful things. They will buy the most expensive bouquet in the most stylish design (no foil or crepe paper, God forbid will be involved polyester tape): only rice paper and tape made from natural fibers the most fashionable shades!
  • Apostate. For them to give flowersthe first step towards smoothing the guilt. Thanks to him, many women with caution and distrust, taking the bouquets beginning to suspect of being unfaithful, or in another no less insidious betrayal even if the man gave them from the heart as a sign of love and care.
  • Revolutionaries and rebels. These guys flatly refuse to give flowers in the common and designated days holidays (Valentine’s day, 8 March). It means to act like a “herd of sheep”, breaking the shelves with flowers “because it is not accepted“. They will approach these shelves 15 February or 9 March and will bring a bouquet to his “happy, anyone not like” the other.
  • Special romance. This is no ordinary romance, noit’s a special subspecies. They don’t just want to give your favorite flowers, they want to make it special, romantic and cute.
    To decorate the windshield and hood of her car with flowers, while the girl went to the store to shop, put rose petals beneath her confession of love, start, a dove holding in the beak a sprig of lilac to her window (it’s hard to imagine how they do it) — their imagination is inexhaustible, and the desire to please your favorite just brims over.
  • Greenpeace. This is the last subspecies of men. They, of course, give flowers, but fainting from “this murder” and ritual “offerings of the dead bodies of plants”. Although Outlook allows you to tuck both cheeks “corpses” of cucumbers and tomatoes, and not even choke while ?

Well, now we know what motivates our men, when they present us with bouquets. Unfortunately, we are not always happy with these gifts because of their harmfulness and impermanence (now I want colors, after 10 minutes, give me a movie tickets, and even better: your gift something weighty and expensive, for example, diamond). But that’s another story ?

We sincerely wish to receive a gift of flowers from men with or without. Let your life be decorated with bouquets of roses or carnations, spiced with tenderness, love and care!!!

Author – Yulia Maximenko, website www.sympaty.net – Beautiful and Successful

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Why do men give women flowers

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