Why do men prefer blondes

If before men in opposite directions will be equally pretty blonde and brunette, most will turn in the direction of the blonde. It is a fact.

On television we look at the Actresses-blonde, which men are more popularthan women with dark hair.
Marilyn Monroe, Pamela Anderson, Madonna, Barbie doll, in the end, became famous partly because of his hair color!

After all, men prefer blondes? Female site sympaty.net I’ll try to figure it out.

Why do men prefer blondes? The case is attractive in appearance!

It is believed that blondes look more delicate, their facial features are nicer. This blondes seem like tender, kind, soft, flexible, their light hair color is associated with young children. It blonde you can imagine a little Cutesy, capricious, and puffed out lips. Agree that the brunette ceteris paribus, would not forgive any cute stupidity.

On a subconscious level, white hair is associated with purity, therefore, along with the blonde man feels more manly.

Why do men prefer blondes? Blame it on the hormones!

Natural blondes in the blood more estrogenthat on the one hand, responsible for the fertility of women. On the other hand, the more estrogen, the less ability to perceive mathematical logic. So so common jokes about the stupidity of blondes.

As a result, most men feel more confident, smarter and stronger, they find themselves tete-a-tete with a woman who is obviously dumber than them. Also, blonde men associated with girls that is easy to communicatethat are more affordable.

And what about girls of other hair color?

Surely due to the fact that gentlemen prefer blondes, they like brunettes, brunette and red? It turns out, no less!

Indeed, most men prefer to have close ties with the blondes, but their wives they want to see brunettes and brown hair!

Blonde men are considered frivolous and not very intelligent people, and women with dark hair color are perceived as passionate lover, as a more strong and responsible women.

After all the brunettes in the blood more testosterone, the hormone responsible for sexual sphere. Thus, blonde men seem to be more feminine, but brunette is more permanent. As men, brunettes often want to have sex and more relaxed in bed.

No wonder the brunette considered a femme fatale! ?

In favor of the brunettes says also that blondes inflated ego and excessive demands that tolerates every man.

And yet, why blonde?

But together with all these blondes look younger, and the external weakness continues to attract men!

It is also seen that at work with brunettes ask stricter and require from them more, and progress is taken for granted. While blondes are often praised (though, apparently, not for that), say more compliments, and the work they often get creative and not routine. And blondes often get away with it! Well, suffer, brunette, time, have proven themselves strong women! ?


So, for most men blondes really are more attractive. With them a good time and… no more. Wife men prefer dark hair, as blonde, in addition to its “stupidity”, are still hysterical character.

By the way, no matter dyed blonde or unpainted. It is proved that the appearance affects the character of a person. So, repainted in blonde, after some time, begin to afford a little stupidity ?

So who do prefer gentlemen? They prefer those, and those. A matter of taste, as they say. And the fact that they prefer blondes, just another myth.

But that said my friend: “whatever you say, but when I was a dark blonde, men pay less attention to me, even though I was not deprived of male society. But I had repainted in blonde, like wherever I was and wherever I went, I see with interest looking at me man! Anyway, I started to feel more confident! I can shower Slippers, but my conclusion – still many men prefer blondes ? “

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Why do men prefer blondes

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