Why do visible veins on hands and how to remove them?

Those who paid attention at the hands of the singer Madonna, actress Angelina Jolie and TV presenter Yulia Vysotskaya, was bound to notice, as they have visible veins hands! Is it really impossible to remove? After all, celebrities have plenty of opportunities to look perfect!

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Why do visible veins on hands?

With age, many women have very visible veins on my hands, and this is due to physiological changes in the body. But why sometimes the veins on the hands seen in women of young age? What is the reason?

Let’s consider the main reasons why in the hands of highly visible veins in some women.

Physiological characteristics

The appearance of visible blue veins on hands can be due to physiological characteristics of the organism.

  • As you know, with age, the skin thins and loses its elasticity. This is due to the fact that the hands no sebaceous glands. With the years there is thinning of the subcutaneous adipose tissue. That is, the fatty layer, which was hiding earlier vein becomes thinner and the veins stand out. If veins become visible on the hands with age, and not ill, this should not be afraid – this is a natural process of aging.
  • Also the appearance of bulging veins may depend on hereditary features of the structure of the skin. So, the veins can be visible on the hands of thin people with thin skin. They Shine through the thin top layer and become visible on the surface of the brush. Often this is due to the genetic characteristics of the structure of the skin: if your mom has visible veins on hand, and you is likely to be such a feature.
  • Also veins are very visible on the hands of the “wiry” people. If for men it’s not so bad, women often suffer from the fact that they have visible veins, and what to do with it, they don’t know.
  • Veins can appear on the skin in hot weather. The vessels from the heat begin to expand, blood circulates faster, and the veins start to swell. In cold weather, the veins may not be visible on the skin.

Varicose veins

As we know, venous blood circulates upward. The hands have almost always down. If blood vessel walls are weak, it interferes with the circulation of blood, can occur it from stagnating. In place of stagnation formed a blockage, blood in this place circulates poorly, and veins begin to appear under the skin and swell.

If bulging veins start to hurt, definitely need to see a doctor.

Although the varicose veins on the hands occurs much less frequently than the varicose veins on the legs, all known cases of this disease and for hands.

Therefore, if species in addition to adverse wrists cause pain sympaty.net advises to show their hands on the doctor-phlebologist to eliminate the varicose veins.

Physiological stress

To receive the wrists of women from physical activity: weight lifting, carrying heavy bags, work in the garden and in the garden, house cleaning, pet care, etc. Physical stress on the hands impairs the nutrition of the subcutaneous fat layer, because of this the veins swell and become visible on the arms.

On the brushes of our hands there are many folds. They appear from systematic compression of the hand. Hand works continuously — compounded fold becomes deeper and forms a trace.

Such folds on the hands is formed not alone. They necessarily intersect, forming a plurality of “webs”. Such “webs” on hand also cross the joints and veins that pervades our hands.

We continue to miss, to squeeze, to carry, to raise – folds become deeper, you start to squeeze the muscles. The muscle is twisted, food subcutaneous fat layer is broken, the skin on the hands becomes dry, the outflow and inflow of the blood is disturbed. The result is dotted with hands entwined veins.

As you can see, most often, bulging veins in the hands of women — a cosmetic defect, not a disease. So there is no need to do surgery on the hands to remove veins on the hands, which are highly visible.

Experts advise to resort to extreme measures only in the case if the bulging veins on the hands are caused by problems with varicose.

How to remove bulging veins on the hands?

The best way to remove veins on the hands, which are highly visible is to prevent their occurrence. So, from the age of 30, it is important to systematically not only take care of the hands, not forgetting about their hydration and nutrition, but to perform simple prevention.

These exercises should help to remove existing small wrists without resorting to surgery.

A set of exercises

Thus, the complex of exercises directed primarily to the hands did not appear deep pleats, that can drag a vein. This requires very often to perform any exercises (to do finger gymnastics), which will stretch the space between your fingers. Well what do these exercises anywhere – in public transport, in queues, just walking down the street, etc.

  • Swing all of the fingers. About as much as we do small children “Magpie–crow”.
  • Bend and shake all the creases on the arms and hands.
  • Rastaplivaete fingers apart.
  • Go the fingers over the surface of the table.
  • You also need to perform daily exercises with their hands to improve circulation.

That is, try to perform all exercises that will make your fingers and hands to move, to prevent the formation of deep folds and creases.

Sometimes when performing these exercises, you may experience pain, but then the pain recedes into the background and the condition of the hands is improving – they become smooth, and the veins on the hands are not so visible.

Hand massage

Don’t forget the hand massage. The massage hands will help to remove muscular creases and remove wrinkles on hands – you will make room for education podgorci. Work with your hands a little bit every day.


Very good reviews on the treatment of bulging veins can be found on hirudotherapy – treatment with leeches. The enzyme, which contains the leeches, a positive effect on blood vessel walls and helps to improve elasticity of blood vessels.

Therefore, multiple sessions of leech therapy can be an effective method for those who have very visible veins on the hands.

Surgical methods of treatment of bulging veins on hands

Often the veins on the hands of women is so visible that some of the exercises and massages is not enough to improve their condition. Patients who seek help to the experts complain that hands with bulging veins look old and neglected, so they want to remove bulging veins.

Experts today practice several methods of how to remove bulging veins in her arms… it can be Done in several ways.

Laser treatment

Laser beam bonds the walls of blood vessels, and the blood ceases to move through the veins. Of course, Vienna is lost and it is not visible on the hand.


The essence of this method is identical with the vein treatment laser – off convex vein from circulation. For this vein are special drugs in the form of foam or liquid, which stick together blood vessels, and Vienna fails.

By the way, sclerotherapy on the hands are rare. Everything is connected with the peculiarities of the operation in the field of hands. If you do this procedure wrong, you’ll only get pulling pain throughout the hand and will not remove the bulge.

Abroad runs a special kind of banding to avoid thrombosis.


This operation is removal of bulging veins on hands. Through a special puncture tool removes bulging veins.

It is important to remember that any surgical intervention become veins unsuitable for intravenous injection. They simply are removed from the blood supply.


There are many drugs that have effect on the walls of the veins. Adopt them to improve their elasticity and permeability. Here are some reviews we found about how to treat very visible veins on the hands.

  • I strengthen the walls of blood vessels drugs chestnut (aescusan), and drink mumie. Rubbing their veins. Do not forget about a contrast shower. Hope.
  • Mommy cut, phlebodia 600. It was much better. Olga.
  • I drink a tincture of nutmeg. Pauline.
  • Helps me heparin ointment. Paint on his hands, so veins are not engorged. Julia.
  • Having tried all the people’s crap, including birch buds, bought cream Variabler. The veins were almost not visible on day 5. Xenia.
  • To prevent suitable drugs with Lily, horse chestnut, mistletoe, vitamin R. Gennady.

Don’t forget that doctors categorically do not recommend to assign yourself your own cure for bulging veins on hands.

Before you start to remove the swollen veins on the hands, you need to figure out why the veins become highly visible on the hands. It may be necessary to reduce the physical strain on the hands, limit lifting weights and doing a set of special exercises.

Do I need to remove bulging veins in the hands of operational methods, it’s up to the doctor! If bulging veins on his hand threatened to human health, our celebrities would have long got rid of this problem. Therefore, most veins that are visible on the hands, delivering only aesthetic discomfort but do not threaten the health of the woman.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site ToKnow365.top

Why do visible veins on hands and how to remove them?

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