Why grow gray hair, what treatment offer doctors, and how to get rid of gray hair on their own + reviews

The appearance of gray hair is inevitable. With age, the “silver” even the most well-groomed and beautiful hair. But what if old age is still far away, and gray hair emerges already? Not to despair, but to act! Ways to get rid of gray hair, many salon treatments, coloring or the struggle with the help of folk remedies.

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The content of the article

  • 1 Why grow gray hair: 7 main reasons
  • 2 Types of gray hair
  • 3 Therapeutic program
    • 3.1 mixtures
    • 3.2 Procedure
  • 4 Vitamins and minerals: what to drink from what is “mine”
  • 5 Lotions hand-made: table recipes
  • 6 4 homemade mask
    • 6.1 With castor oil
    • 6.2 Honey
    • 6.3 Garlic
    • 6.4 brandy
  • 7 Hide the gray hair coloring
  • 8 3 “natural” way for dark-haired and blondes
    • 8.1 Henna and Basma
    • 8.2 Tea
    • 8.3 Green hulls of walnuts
    • 8.4 Daisy
  • 9 to which method helped: reviews

Gray hair is a sign of venerable age. Before the first silver hairs appeared at the people closer to the 50-year milestone. At this age the loss of coloring pigment is a completely normal phenomenon, the natural processes of aging. Over the past 20 years gray has become considerably younger. If you believe the statistics, today 40% of women and men find my first gray hair before the age of 30 years.

For most men gray hair is not a tragedy. It’s no wonder they say that gray hair makes a man. But the women, seeing the subtle “frost”, can easily lose confidence in its appeal. If you just tackle a problem, you can delay the distribution of gray and without color.

There is a perception that if you pull out a white hair, will appear more gray. That is a myth. Hair that will grow in place of the remote, will still be white, but the number of such hairs pulling no effect. To pull out gray hair is still not worth it: you may damage the hair follicle, resulting in inflammation and subsequent problems with the scalp. If the thread alone, and “itching” to get rid of it – carefully cut with scissors.Why grow gray hair: 7 main reasons

For the color of the hair is responsible a substance called melanin. When it is produced in insufficient quantities, appear white hair. The lack of pigment provokes a number of factors: the age of the negative impact of the environment. Distinguish seven main reasons why gray hair on his head.

  • Age. This is the most common cause of gray hair. The body grows old: the melanocytes produce less pigment, decreases production of the enzyme, which prevents the melanin to break down. As a result, gray hair. To stimulate the production of pigment, if it is slowed down due to age-related changes is difficult, but possible. Seeing age-related gray hair, you can delay its spread. And to make the white hair once again “color” will only paint.
  • Genetics. From hereditary factors depends on many things, including how early will appear gray. Just look at your grandma or mom to understand when you need to look in the mirror in search of first white hairs. Genes are not argue: if early gray hair is inherited – you’ll have to grab the paint.
  • Stress. Experiences, stress, depression all affect the body and hair. In times of stress, deteriorating blood circulation, decreases the amount of oxygen in the blood vessels, which also hurts the scalp and the hairs appear white. To cope with the emotional shock, the body has to spend a huge amount of nutrients, which also leads to graying of hair.
  • The lack of vitamins. Deficiency of vitamins affects the condition of the hair: they lose their vitality, become brittle and can even become discolored. Gray hair begins to actively occur when the body lacks of vitamin B12. He is responsible for the accumulation of proteins, and they are for the retention of the pigment in the follicle. Vitamin deficiencies often observed in girls who are addicted to strict diets. Therefore, considering the mono-diet as a method of struggle against excess weight it is important to understand that the pounds will go, but it may affect the appearance. Especially the hair.
  • Disease. The appearance of gray hair at an early age should be alerted and be forced to check their health. The hair turn white earlier in those who suffer from anemia, have problems with kidneys, heart, thyroid gland, digestive tract, liver.
  • Frequent dyeing. Dye your hair you need to properly sparing paints. Otherwise, when the color will wash off, can expect a nasty surprise gray. There are chemical components that negatively affect the scalp, causing the follicles lose pigment. If you use aggressive colors too often, the number of gray hairs will grow rapidly.
  • Cold. Dislike headgear in the cold time of year is fraught with not only cold, but also the appearance of gray hair. From cold the microcirculation of the scalp is disturbed. This increases the risks to meet with gray hair prematurely.
  • Interestingly, owners of natural blonde gray hair appears sooner than the brunettes and brown-haired. Although there is a myth that says otherwise. Just for light hair small inclusions of silver unnoticeable, whereas in the dark – catch the eye.The types of gray hair

    To correctly deal with gray hair, you need to understand that it is different. Depending on the age when manifested in “silver” gray hair is divided into three types.

  • Innate. It is a genetic disorder, occurring very rarely. In the congenital gray hair pigment hair, is missing. To correct the violation impossible.
  • Premature/early. If gray hair appears to 40 years, then it is considered early. To deal with it. To resort to salon treatments, or cope on their own – everyone decides for himself.
  • Age. Appears after 40 years. To get rid of age-related gray hair is more difficult than from the early. Its appearance is due to the natural aging process, so only after slowing down the rapid proliferation of gray hair will stop.
  • In addition to age classification, there is another – depending on the spread of gray hair. Types of gray introduces the following table.

    Table – Types of gray hair and their features

    Types of gray hairFeatures
    Full/total gray– All hair is white;
    – to return the natural pigment to the hair;
    – dyeing is difficult
    Zonal/focal greySilver concentrated in one place;
    – “hearth” can be any value;
    – the spread can be stopped salon and home treatment
    Scattered grayHair is distributed evenly on the head;
    – the appearance of new hairs can be prevented;
    – staining can be carried out by different techniques

    Gray hair first appears at the temples and then spreads throughout the hair. The melanin disappears from the follicles of hair of the temporal area as soon as it becomes a predisposing factor. This is due to the structure of the hair on the temples: thin hairs lose their pigment faster.Treatment program

    Noticed the gray hairs? You need to take immediate action until the entire head became white. The most effective way to stop the spread of gray – to contact the center for trichology. The doctor selects treatment based on the test results and the condition of the hair. To stop the graying process by using special drugs and medical procedures. Trichologists recommend to act comprehensively.

    The effectiveness of the treatment depends on whether the excluded factor that triggers the appearance of gray hair. If your hair is “silver” because of their age, then select the treatment that slows the aging process.Drugs

    In the treatment of gray hair using special drugs. You can find them in the pharmacy. However, such treatment is permissible only after consultation with your doctor. The principle of “do No harm” relevant in the fight against gray hair. Therapy includes:

    • taking special vitamin complex — good “Silmevit”;
    • injection of magnesia — solution in ampoules of 25%;
    • the use of lotions for hair regeneration suit “Antiseen”, “Grecian 2000”;
    • the use of therapeutic shampoo — contains iron, zinc, copper (e.g. specialized products Vivasan).

    The result after treatment with the use of drugs each patient receives a. Someone new gray hairs do not appear at all, someone- just in smaller amounts. It depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, the presence of the disease state of the nervous system.Procedures

    Therapeutic course of complementary treatments. They are aimed at active nutrition of hair. Fails to prevent the loss of melanin, the natural color of the curls is maintained. After the procedure improves the General condition of hair: hair begins to grow faster, stop falling out, get silky and shiny. What methods prevent premature graying of the prompt table.

    Table – Procedures to prevent the spread of gray hair

    The name of the procedureTechniqueFeatures
    MesotherapyIntroduction under the scalp therapeutic cocktails that are rich in vitamins, minerals, substitutes melanin– Easy to carry;
    – you need to take a course (an average of 10 procedures).
    – contra-indications (pregnancy, kidney disease, epilepsy, exacerbation of herpes)
    Laser therapyEffect on the scalp with a laser to improve the metabolism and blood circulation, enhance pigmentation– High performance;
    – painless;
    – has no side effects
    DarsonvalizationApplication of the unit working on the scalp high frequency pulse current– In parallel, it is possible to cure alopecia, to get rid of dandruff;
    – there are contraindications (pregnancy, heart disease, poor blood clotting)
    UltrasoundEffect on the scalp ultrasound– Conducted course;
    – ultrasound stimulates hair growth;
    – the procedure helps to get rid of itching and inflammation

    Darsonvalization can be performed at home. You need to buy a special device – the d’arsonval. However, the salon treatment is much more effective: equipment for home use yield power professional.Vitamins and minerals: what to drink from what is “mine”

    Deficiency of vitamins and minerals is one of the main causes of early graying. In the shock of hair visible gray – it’s time to take mineral and vitamin complexes, while “silver” was no more. You can buy them at the pharmacy and a prescription is not needed. But better to get the vitamins from the gray hair picked up doctor: then they’re really useful.

    Benefit can be obtained from food. You need to know what substances are “responsible” for the condition of the hair, and what foods they are contained. To understand this question will help table. Use it when you select pharmaceutical drugs and in the preparation menu.

    Table – Substances that prevent gray hair: what products are contained

    Useful stuffProducts
    B5– Poultry meat;
    – yeast;
    – lentils;
    – egg yolk;
    – bran;
    – avocado;
    – oranges;
    B6– Cauliflower;
    – nuts;
    – spinach;
    – tomatoes;
    – milk;
    – Fig;
    – any meat
    B10– Dairy products;
    – the liver;
    – eggs;
    – greens;
    – sunflower oil;
    – sunflower seeds;
    – nuts
    – dairy products;
    – seafood;
    – eggs;
    – any meat
    Vitamin H (Biotin)– Red meat;
    – the liver;
    – brown rice;
    – mushrooms;
    – peanuts;
    – potatoes;
    – carrot;
    – apples
    Vitamin E– Sunflower oil;
    – olive oil;
    – beef liver;
    – beef;
    – beans;
    – peas;
    – apples;
    – whole milk
    Nicotinic acid– The liver;
    – peanuts;
    – potatoes;
    – broccoli;
    – asparagus;
    – tomatoes;
    – raspberries;
    – wild rice;
    – marine fish
    Methionine– Beef;
    – poultry meat;
    – beans;
    – sesame seeds;
    – salmon;
    – tuna
    Omega-3– Marine fish;
    – seafood;
    – flax seeds;
    – olive oil;
    – pumpkin seeds;
    – peanuts;
    – cod liver oil
    Folic acidGreen vegetables;
    – greens;
    – beets;
    – bean;
    – broccoli;
    – salmon;
    – tuna;
    – the liver;
    – nuts;
    – melon
    Copper– Cod liver oil;
    – spinach;
    – cucumber;
    – sesame;
    – beef liver;
    – wild rose;
    – hazelnut;
    Calcium– Dairy products;
    – sesame;
    – wheat bran;
    – dried apricots;
    – green
    Zinc– Seafood;
    – red meat;
    – chicken liver;
    – eggs;
    – pumpkin seeds;
    – sweet pepper;
    – pine nuts;
    – cereal;
    – mushrooms
    B5– Poultry meat;
    – yeast;
    – lentils;
    – egg yolk;
    – bran;
    – avocado;
    – oranges;

    Monotonous and low-calorie diets lead to graying of hair. New gray hairs will be less to see if to get rid of bad eating habits: you should give up fast food, alcoholic beverages, sweet sodas. A balanced diet promotes the production of natural pigment of hair.Lotions hand-made: table recipes

    You can restore gray hair with folk remedies. Effective in combating hair lotions based on natural plant components. They need to be rubbed into the scalp once a week. Quick results should not wait, however, if you use lotions course, to stop the graying of hair will be able. Popular recipes lotions presented in the table.

    Table Effective homemade lotions against grey hair

    BasisCompositionThe technique of preparation and useThe frequency of application
    Nettle– Chopped nettle leaves – 4 tablespoons;
    – water – 0,5 l;
    – Apple cider vinegar – 250 ml
    – Pour nettle leaves with water;
    – add the vinegar;
    – boil for 30 min;
    – strain;
    – RUB the scalp
    course – 3 weeks
    Burdock– Chopped burdock root – 2 tablespoons;
    – water – 2 glasses;
    – fennel seeds – 1 teaspoon
    – Pour the burdock root with water;
    – boil until the liquid is reduced by half;
    – add the fennel seeds;
    – to insist 2 hours and strain;
    – RUB the scalp
    – 2 times a day;
    course – 2 months
    SageDry sage -5 tablespoons;
    – water – one liter;
    – glycerol – 20 ml;
    – oil with vitamin E – 3 drops
    – Boil water;
    – add sage;
    – infuse the mixture for 2 hours;
    – strain;
    – add the glycerine and oil;
    – apply to hair for 20 minutes;
    – rinse
    course – 3 weeks
    Tea– Strong black tea – a glass;
    – table salt – tablespoon
    – Mix the components;
    – apply on the scalp;
    – hold for 40 minutes, then rinse
    – Once a week;
    course – 2 months
    Red pepperDried red pepper pods 6;
    – rubbing alcohol – 500 ml
    – Fill the peppers with alcohol;
    – to insist a month;
    – RUB into the scalp before washing
    – 2 times per week;
    course – 2 weeks

    Struggle with gray hair need to not only outside but inside. This will help a decoction of rose hips (half a Cup of rose hips + two liters of boiling water). It should be drunk two times a week for half a glass 30 minutes before meal – new gray hairs will not. In the reviews there are guidelines to RUB this decoction into the scalp.4 homemade mask

    Treatment of gray hair at home can be done using masks from natural ingredients. Effective in dealing with the problem are considered castor oil, cognac, onion, garlic, honey. Natural compounds prolong the youthfulness of the hair, prevent the proliferation of gray hair, do curls healthy and beautiful. Try four tested recipe.

    With castor oil

    Features. The mask enhances blood flow, removes from the dermis toxins. To obtain visible results, the composition should be applied to the hair once a week throughout the month. The procedure is aimed not only at combating gray hair: the composition promotes growth and strengthen hair, prevents hair loss.

    What you’ll need:

    • castor oil – 15 ml;
    • bergamot essential oil – five drops;
    • green tea – 20 ml.

    How to do

  • Brew a strong tea. After half an hour strain from welding, measure the desired volume.
  • Assemble the components.
  • Apply on the scalp.
  • “Insulated” with plastic and a towel.
  • After an hour, rinse.
  • You can “not bother” and use the castor oil in its pure form. The algorithm is the same: apply – wrap it up – keep an hour – wash off.


    Features. Tones the dermis of the head, stimulates the production of melanin. Natural composition accelerates intracellular processes, making hair healthy, strong and grow faster.

    What you’ll need:

    • honey – 25 g;
    • aloe Vera juice – 20 g;
    • vitamin B2 – two vials.

    How to do

  • Mix the components.
  • Apply to the roots. Intensive massage.
  • Hold for 30 minutes, then rinse.
  • Mask with honey can cause an allergic reaction. Before the procedure, check to see how your skin reacts to the natural component: apply a little honey on the dermis from behind the ear and hold for about five minutes.Garlic

    Features. Strengthens hair along the entire length, helps to solve the problem of hair loss. Contributes to the active development of pigment in the hair follicles.

    What you’ll need:

    • garlic – three cloves;
    • cinnamon – 5 grams;
    • burdock oil – 20 ml.

    How to do

  • Skip the garlic through the press.
  • Mix all the ingredients.
  • Put on the roots on top – film.
  • Keep hour. After you rinse.
  • To avoid odor, add to your shampoo any essential oil, and water for rinsing the lemon juice.
  • From gray hair will help and just the juice of garlic “no additives”: rubbing for an hour. However, this method can treat only those who have oily hair. In parallel, it is possible to get rid of the problem of the rapid contamination of hair. For dry head of hair procedure fatal: garlic dries, so be sure to combine it with oils.Brandy

    Features. Great for dry hair. Provides hair nutrition, strengthens. If the hair quickly become greasy, the oil is better to substitute lemon juice (tablespoon). Regular application of the mask prevents the destruction of the pigment.

    What you’ll need:

    • cognac – 25 ml;
    • yolk – one;
    • olive oil – one tablespoon.

    How to do

  • Mix the ingredients.
  • Apply a part of the composition to the scalp. Massage and massage. The remaining mixture was spread over the curls.
  • Wrap with plastic wrap and a towel.
  • Hold 40 minutes, then rinse.
  • Brandy masks are not recommended for blondes. Strong drink consisting of home remedies will make tresses darker.

    Hide gray hair coloring

    To hide gray hair by using colouring. Ideally, you should go to the hairdresser-colourist, and not to solve problems independently. Hair that lacks pigment, changing the structure. They become porous, hard. Beautiful dyed hair without knowledge of color hard: you can get unexpected color. The master evaluates the condition of the hair determines the number of grey hairs, takes into account localization, “silver”, then picks a suitable paint and chooses the technique of dyeing.

    If you decided to paint the house, use a professional resistant paint. It is desirable that the color was two or three shades lighter than the natural color of hair: then his gray hair will not be noticeable. Remember that first you need to paint the roots, and then to distribute the composition on the entire length, so it is possible to achieve a uniform color.

    Colored hair needs special care, otherwise they will turn into a “loofah”. Skincare need to pick up marked “for colored hair”. Otherwise, the paint will not last long.

    If gray hair a bit, then disguise it by using a toning balm. The disadvantage of such funds, a short – lived result. But when before an important meeting, no time to stop at the Barber shop, tonics rescue.3 “natural” way for dark-haired and blondes

    Resistant paint spoil the hair, so when the gray hairs just starting to break through, to contact them is not necessary. To hide the appearance of gray hairs by using natural dyes. They are the easiest to color gray on dark hair. You can use henna and Basma, coffee and tea, peel of walnuts. But blondes can cheat: chamomile, for example, will help to hide the gray hairs. Try one of the safe ways of disguising the gray hair.

    Henna and Basma

    Features. With this coloring you can get dark chestnut color with a beautiful bronze sheen. Henna strengthens the hair, stimulates their growth. To color gray hair with henna and Basma can be a long time, but if you later want to try a chemical paint, it to predict the color will be very difficult.

    What you’ll need:

    • henna – the one part;
    • Basma – two parts;
    • the boiling water.

    How to do

  • Mix the components of the future paint.
  • Fill with boiling water. The amount of water on the eye. The consistency of the mixture should resemble liquid sour cream.
  • Leave for 20 minutes to infuse.
  • Apply the paint evenly on hair. Leave for 20 minutes. Rinse.
  • If not satisfied, you can repeat the painting in a week, but to hold the part longer. A mixture of henna and Basma can be kept to an hour – it all depends on what shade you want to.Tea

    Features. Ingredient for a natural “colors” can be found in each house. You can give your hair a brown tint. Mask the gray hair, if it’s a little. You can keep up to 40 minutes, depending on which color needs to be in the end – is it lighter or richer.

    What you’ll need:

    • leaf black tea – three tablespoons;
    • boiling water – 500 ml.

    How to do

  • Pour the tea with boiling water.
  • Tea let it cook gently for 30 minutes on low heat. The alternative is a steam bath.
  • Cool and strain.
  • Infusion apply on the hair (clean, slightly damp), shaking his head with a bag and towel.
  • Hold for at least 15 minutes.
  • To hue was eventful, to tea you can add coffee. The components are mixed in equal proportions.Green hulls of walnuts

    Features. You can use fresh or dried peel of choice. This broth will make my gray hair in chestnut color and strengthen the hair.

    What you’ll need:

    • green hulls of nuts (chopped) – two tablespoons;
    • water liter.

    How to do

  • Pour the skinned nuts with water.
  • Put on the fire and simmer until the original volume is reduced to 2/3.
  • Cool the broth. Wash his head.
  • If to squeeze out of the green peel of walnut juice and mix it with alcohol, you get the coloring lotion. Proportion – two tablespoons of juice and 100 ml of alcohol.


    Features. Daisy makes it easy to hide gray hair blonde. It gives the hair a Golden color and makes them shiny. The stronger the brew is the more Golden color of the curls.

    What you’ll need:

    • dried medicinal chamomile – 100 g;
    • boiling water – 500 ml.

    How to do

  • Chamomile pour strong boiling water.
  • Leave to infuse for 40 minutes. Strain.
  • Wash the infusion head.
  • To camouflage the first grey, you can use a good haircut. The main thing – to find a good master.

    Finding gray hair at an early age, girls usually get upset. But the tragedy in this. When a little gray hair, then deal with it easier. Review your diet and lifestyle, avoid stress, right care of hair, protect from temperature extremes and can prevent further loss of pigment. Dealing mask and therapeutic lotion, do not forget to use your fingertips to massage the head. From this the blood circulation is improved, the hair follicles receive maximum oxygen and nutrients, which prevents the loss of pigment.

    Whichever method helped: reviews

    To eliminate gray hair you need the increase of blood circulation on the head, for the purpose of admission of blood to the hair follicles. In my case, it helped performing a headstand. Gray hair has acquired natural colour. Just don’t be lazy, we need comprehensive measures to strengthen the blood circulation on the head.

    Mac, http://www.woman.ru/beauty/medley2/thread/3861877/

    I have a lot of gray hairs, not hair, not gray hair is much more than gray. Believe me, coloring shampoos such gray painted perfectly. Another conversation that toning shampoos even write that 5-8 washes the color will go naturally grey hair can appear. For me, coloring shampoos were way because they have no ammonia at all, and paint with ammonia my hair strongly climb.

    Andromeda, https://club.osinka.ru/topic-15338?start=15

    A year ago I found a few gray hairs (for the first time in 30 years), climb on the Internet and decided to try the pepper masks. Just rubbed into the hair roots infusion of red pepper, put the bag on top of the handkerchief. And go until warm (about 30 minutes). The psle what the hair is washed. First the hair stopped falling out, and secondly, after a course of 5-6 masks in a day of seven months was not a single grey hair, then found another one made a few more masks. Now gray hairs are no longer seen.

    Valya K, http://forum.say7.info/topic33149.html

    Girls, very good means of preventing graying of the hair is rinse hair with a decoction of herbs! (nettle, chamomile, hops, burdock root, mother and stepmother).and agree about mask of capsicum tincture, I have about 4 years of doing the hair mask( and this one in particular, I have my own color, gray hair no and I hope not soon. Years, so 60-70 would be a couple only.)

    Elenka Lena, http://forum.say7.info/topic33149.html

    Why grow gray hair, what treatment offer doctors, and how to get rid of gray hair on their own + reviews

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