Why is my body appear more bites, although it is now winter?

One cautionary tale about bedbugs

It was about 30 years ago when concepts such as “privatisation”, “magnate”, “oligarch” could be heard except the lessons of history. Then the endless queues in stores in those moments when I was taking out any travel goods (toilet paper, meat, shoes, etc.) have been an inherent part in the lives of Soviet citizens, and the term “deficit” in their vocabulary attended to constantly. To leave in the working time two hours to go to the local shop and spend the allotted hours of working time to get scarce goods, were common.

Even in order to purchase halfway decent furniture, you often had a lot of days to stand in a queue. This would have neither light nor dawn, to get up and run to the furniture store before it opens (7-8 am) on the roll call. And you had to come every day, otherwise you are simply removed from the list.

The above was given in order to make it clear to those who did not find the Soviet era, as was the case back then. It should be noted that due to the lack of products people had to get out in different ways only in order to get them or have time to grab something at the store. And some could even pick up discarded in the street do not end up worn and tattered chairs, beds and other furniture.

The incident, the witness which had to become the author, or rather one of his relatives, occurred in 1985. An old man saw thrown out on the streets of the old mattress bed, well, I decided to pick up and take to himself in the Moscow apartment, so she stayed there a few days. After that, he planned to take her to the country.

But the trouble was that it was one among those of mattresses (bed), which he selected, and which appeared with bugs. The adverse costs of “free lunch” it is easy to imagine. As a result, one of the household woke up every morning with new bites on the body, causing discomfort and similar to the bites of bed bugs. Once this household, rather democide, “lucky” and she found herself in a bed… bed bug, and then crushed. At the same time, it should be noted, the death of the bug was not in vain: at crushing the insect were issued a sharp odor.

This case illustrated as an example, shows that home bugs can be listed with things collected on the street. This especially applies to items of upholstered furniture.

Where can you pick up bedbugs home?

You should also be careful, buying furniture with it, whether it be upholstered furniture or cabinets. You don’t know what’s going on in the apartment from the owner! And then, negligence may not necessarily be the cause of the presence of bed bugs and Vice versa.

About the case when You return from a trip, a special subject. Despite ongoing preventive measures against the possible appearance of bed bugs in hotel rooms away from those things no one is immune. It will be enough one “bearer” of these parasites to settle for one night in a hotel room, even if he is five star, the management of this hotel may soon have to face the consequences of claims from hotel guests. Unless, of course, preventive measures undertaken from bedbugs has not been implemented properly due to the negligence of the staff. Still, it should be noted that the probability to get a room with bedbugs at a hotel is much more low-sew, which because of low cost overnight morovitsa suitable population: truckers and all the lower strata of the population for whom the main task-just a place to sleep.

It is advisable stop at one of the facts about the hotels. Solna Hotell & Vandrarhem located in the Swedish capital and is located on the outskirts (on the outskirts of Stockholm, away from urban areas), according to some reviews there previously were tourists from Spain, full of bed bugs. In any case, inherited these Spaniards room. It remains unknown whether it is true or false, however it should be noted that a double room in this hotel costs about 4,500 rubles in terms of our money. This is considered a very affordable price according to Swedish “standards”.

When you travel, choose hotels that are considered 4 and 5 star. Otherwise, the savings You can go sideways and all your attempts to save will be rewarded with entering into your home of these parasites with all the ensuing unpleasant consequences. And to try to destroy bed bugs in my house-it is laborious and not always leads to success. Because these insects You can even lose the soft furnishings (will have to put it from the trash).

Why is my body appear more bites, although it is now winter?

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