Why is the baby crying in her sleep?

That little kids are sleepless nights for the parents, we all know. But theory is one thing and quite another when your baby cries in his sleep and you don’t know how to help him. The reasons for this behavior can be very different, and therefore the solutions differ. To understand the issue, why is the baby crying in a dream, decided the site “ToKnow365.top“.

Abdominal pain, the eruption of clove

  • “Daughter begins to toss and turn in my sleep and pohmykivat. And then can burst out a loud cry. Have long to rock her or just be on hand, so she calmed down and fell asleep again”. Maria, 28 years old

Often the baby can’t sleep due to the fact that he suffers from pain in the tummy or discomfort due to the eruption of tooth. And this is the most common answer to the question why a small child is crying during sleep.

Colic usually care about the baby in the first months of life. Teeth can disrupt a peaceful sleep in the period from 4 months to 2.5 years.

In addition, Wake the child also can pain in the neck or the usual runny nose, preventing to breathe freely.

What to do? Try to understand what woke your baby.

If this stomach bloating or colic, the symptoms may be the aspiration of crumbs to draw and tighten the legs. If the problem is in the teeth, then it will show excessive salivation and stuffed in his mouth a fist. Red neck is often accompanied by fever, but the runny nose he easily drew the attention.

All these are common reasons why a child may cry in sleep.

Treatment should be appropriate — from gripe water and tummy massage before anesthetic gel on the gums. In case of high temperature and other unusual symptoms, immediately call to the doctor’s house.

The absence of mom or dad close

  • “Son 1 year and 9 months. To one and a half years slept with me in bed, then I began to teach him to sleep separately. Since then, as resettled in his crib, wakes up several times a night crying for me. When he slept next to me, never happened.” Alina, 22 years

Often the answer to the question, why is the baby crying in sleep, is the desire of crumbs to be near my mom. Children need to feel close to the presence of one of the parents is the only way they feel safe. If the baby wakes up and finds no one around, his cry he tries to call mom yourself.

What to do? Many parents solve the problem just organize a joint dream with a child.

But there are also those who, for some reason or other I am sure that the baby should sleep only in his crib. For them there is only one solution — to wait. Time will pass and baby will get used to sleeping alone. And parents will no longer wonder why their child is crying during sleep.

Bad dreams

  • “Son a little over a month. Often it happens that he starts the night to cry and like to call me. I jump up, run up to him, and he calmly sleeps on, as if nothing had happened. Why is the baby crying in her sleep?” Karina, 32 years

Sleep of the child, like every adult, is composed of different phases. In the most active phase — the phase of sleep surface — it can start to toss and turn, sobbing, even to say if we are talking about children older. Then either falls asleep again deeper or finally wakes up and calls parents.

Night anxiety is compounded by worries that the baby moved during the day. Overexcited nervous system takes time to get back to normal.

What to do?

  • First, if the baby had a rough day, try to prepare him to sleep in the most peaceful and relaxing atmosphere — give him a warm bath, read for a bedtime book. If possible, avoid active games before bedtime.
  • Second, if your child began to toss and turn and moan in her sleep-be there — Pat on the back, talk to him, sing a song. Perhaps the touch and the voice of his mother will allow him to calm down and sleep on.

If a child wakes up crying in my sleep regularly — this is a clear signal that you should reconsider your daily routines. As the answer to the question, why is the baby crying in the dream, is obvious. Maybe you can help tips from another article on the website “ToKnow365.top” about how to organize a daily routine of the baby.

How to ensure the child sleep

You want to know why a child may cry in sleep. The most important thing that you should do is to create a baby with the most comfortable conditions for sleep. What do you need?

The website sympaty.net advises the following:

  • Try to ventilate the room where the child sleeps, before bed. The preferred temperature is from 18 to 22 degrees. And while no drafts.
  • Sometimes babies can Wake up sharp and loud sounds. Make sure that they were absent.
  • Pay attention to the lighting. If the child does not want to sleep in complete darkness, leave the night light on. Fear of the dark is common cause that the child cries in his sleep.
  • Many kids calmer sleep if next to them is their favorite toy. Maybe this plush buddy is your baby?
  • And finally — be sure to speak to every call your child. Your child should always understand that you are near and if necessary will come to his aid.

One way or another, but almost all children cry at night. And this is not surprising, because the cry while the only available way for them to tell parents about their desires and needs.

The reasons why the child is crying during sleep, can be very different. And the task of parents — take a close look at his son, this cause to determine and then to correct on it to react. One kids need treatment, while others the presence of a parent nearby. But in all these cases the love and care a mother is able to work miracles.

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site ToKnow365.top

Why is the baby crying in her sleep?

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