Why is the child not doing homework?

What is familiar to all parents of schoolchildren is a problem, right? The child is not doing homework. You already tired to pretend that you believe in a version of “we didn’t ask!” for two weeks in a row in all subjects? Tired to adjust sighing and rubbing his eyes with his fists child to the Desk?

The website “ToKnow365.top” I’ll try to deal with torments in the form of homework!

Why the child doesn’t want to do homework?

Just imagine.

Every day you go to work. For a full working day. Workplace and occupation you do not choose, you just said that you should walk every day for ten years, and nobody cares how much you like this activity – you need it! At work shock you; because for every attempt to take time off the boss immediately reacts sarcastic remark, like, “what are you, the brains at home?!”, etc.

And every work is evaluated.

And all anything, but you come home and your whole family, you strictly asked – well, how is work today, what grades? What did your boss? How dare you disgusting to work, you have the same worsened grades! It would be necessary to meet and to talk to your boss that you’re slacking off…

You enough already? But imagine the whole picture until the end – you come home and… nooo, what a show, what a bath, what is the Internet?? You have a full home-based work – hours that way for two or three! Until this is undone, no rest! And the whole family is closely monitored, you are doing your home work or not!

In General, the analogy is clear, I think.

Children rarely want to sit down for lessons – this is clearly not true for the works that children are doing for their own interest and enjoyment.

The motives of self-cooking lessons – fear of punishment, bad grades, condemnation of parents… Well, in the best case – desire compensation in the form of good grades and praise from teachers and home.

If you, the reader, disagree with me – show me a child who would voluntarily sat down for notebooks and textbooks after seven school lessons, provided that he is given free choice – to do or not to do homework! I these children have not yet seen.

That is, many teachers already come to the conclusion that the education system homework is really tiring for children, especially younger school age. The child is not doing homework, not because he is bad and mediocre – it is, in General, should not want them to do.

A motivation “carrot and stick” throughout the school years – not exactly the best way to develop a thirst for knowledge!

How to get child to do homework? Do I need to make?

In principle, already been developed and applied in some schools the system of teaching without homework. The entire curriculum is designed so that the child learns it in school. In theory, a good idea – no messing around with lessons at home, parents one headache less, and the child is released time for relaxation, leisure, visits to clubs and groups, etc…

In practice all is not perfect.

The whole class cannot be equally successfully learn the material taught, because all children are different. Yes, a few standouts are likely to catch. But for the most part someone will sit, silent, do not understand new material, and the teacher will not have time to track…

Will begin to accumulate a backlog, who in the end, there is a risk that much will be held by the child, and it turns out it’s not right!

Most parents students and teachers confirm that the children need time for self (or your parents) work on new material – someone should pee dictations, someone to understand algebra, someone to cram the story…

In General, the attentive moms and dads need to keep track of what the subject requires further study and to work!

If you see that the child is not doing homework, then try the maximum to find out why – just lazy, tired, or really experiencing difficulties and trying to get away from them. Our advice on this subject — in another article on the “Beautiful and Successful”.

The website sympaty.net can give may nepedagogichno, but it is vitally rewarding tip: don’t force the child to do the lessons that he understands, if this leads to fatigue and the waste of time that could be spent more usefully! Talk to teachers, the end (tip in the ear!) – get teachers for the extra box of sweets for the teachers Day, in order to rid your student of nagging!

But unexamined incomprehensible and must be identified and refined – maybe not on the set exercises from the textbook, some more understandable and useful to the child examples, a greater or smaller volume than specified.

In the end, what goal is more important – that over the years of study for a grade was jagged, rewritten and solved all specified or that the child really understood the educational material, remembered it and was able to use these knowledge?

How to help your child to do homework?

How to help your child with their studies and how to teach a child to do the homework yourself?

He clearly knows what he asked and how he does it, controlled by parents. But at the same time, not to become “home despots” for a child – never scold him for the wrong done, not understood, etc.

I help him to understand what difficult! Let the child will understand – it is more profitable to demonstrate to parents their understanding of the material (self-developed), so they released him from the mountain of tasks than trying to portray “we do not ask”. And the child should realize that parents do not blame him for failure, but only help to “catch up”!

“Judges” shall remain a school teacher. And parents should only be helpers in school!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

Why is the child not doing homework?

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