Why leave husbands and what to do to avoid this?

Why is it that in one completely not fine day the husband says he wants to divorce, and the decision was finally and irrevocably? And the wife he didn’t cheat with a frying pan in the evening hit them, and generally love and good wishes! Not the most obvious, but very common reasons why men leave – on the website “ToKnow365.top“.

Where most go men, “nowhere” or to someone?

Men leave wives for other women. Sometimes adulterer’s even become second wives.

Why comes a new love – a mystery that humanity enthusiastically unravels still.

“ToKnow365.top” will not now discuss why husbands go to the mistress. Think better about what happens more often is the care to a particular woman or care from his wife “nowhere”?

I have to say – the second option for men it happens much more often than women.

That is, even if marriage in trouble has been brewing for a long time, the woman will probably wait with the divorce until you find a new man, who will become her support in this difficult situation.

For men search of a mistress and the relationship with her will be more of a hassle. That’s why so many men after a divorce are experiencing a “second youth”, a period full of happy and harmonious existence idle – after too strong the bonds of marriage freedom seems even more valuable and desirable!

And even if the critical point for decision making about divorce becomes some kind of lady, abandoned his wife should not hang on it all dogs – it may well be that this is the only reason, but the reason why her husband left her, probably should look at your own relationship with him!

If the reason for leaving – wife

Let’s start with the epigraph.

“His wife scolded. It never I won’t quit. This is because to me it became bad. And took I it good…” (V. Mayakovsky)

Very sorry that husbands who understand this truth as well as Mayakovsky (who was never married, by the way!), very, very little.

Normal-observant, men see a superficial part of a fairly widespread phenomenon: charming, cheerful, cultural, and versatile young lady was so cool looking up at the stars, after N years after the marriage turns into a tedious, boorish, not too well-groomed lady, who admire stars prefer going to the store “All for repairs” for laminate flooring for the living room.

Husband looks at picture irreversible (as it seems), and instead motivate wife to self-development goes. Maybe he’s got a point – if the woman not want to change, to change and reform her practically useless.

And to believe that his wife, despite everything, still loves him and wants a divorce, the man is hard – would love, would try for my husband!

And that raises conflict — husbands away from wives, and wives weep in three streams: “Yes, I’m on it ten years of my life down the drain threw, I him chicken every day fried, but what we did – and he gave me boooiiii!!!”.

What to do to the wife that this did not happen? Every minute of every day to remember that the stamp in the passport does not guarantee that the husband did not want to leave. Including to go to another, charming, cheerful, cultural, and versatile developed girl who remind him of his wife N years ago.

Therefore, the husband need to enchant again and againto maintain the love (laminates and burgers – not the best tool, by the way), and for a monitor to develop, not to stand still, not to plunge headlong into the abyss of life! Is the husband an incentive to self-serve!

Divorce for the sake of individual liberty

Another common mistake women where husbands go – to supervise and guide a man’s life.

It is clear that by marrying, a man agrees to some changes in my life.

It is now desirable to reconcile with his wife – sometimes to go to it to make concessions, sometimes to insist on. But some wives are so excited that they finally have their obedient and tamed, a man that starts to turn them right and left.

My husband suggested the only sure way to fry the potatoes, wash the floors and make other actions.

Important decisions (from choosing the venue of the holiday and ending with the planning of your child) takes only the wife (husband agrees and finances). The private life of the husband in principle remains – verification and approval/condemnation wives exposed career, Hobbies, social circle…

And men – being freedom-loving. From the best intentions to build him a popular biography, with a million in the Bank, a mansion in Malta, a suit from Lagerfeld’s closet and give him freedom!

I turn around and leave…

Leave husbands because of family (his own and his wife’s relatives)?

Alas, the relatives (wives and husband) can easily bring the marriage to the point where divorce.

And if the wife will cling to her happy family life until the last, suffering the insufferable swagruha or close control of its own mother, the husband is the “weakest link”.

Instead of strong men say “no!” all the machinations and gossip, and to take the side of wife, always and everywhere, he decides to just “quit the game”: they say that divorce, and all will be quiet – be ex-wife will remain with his beloved mother, his own parents will stop hassling on the subject of an unfortunate choice of wife, etc.

Consider the most common reason why men leave because relatives (parents) wife.

Mother-in-law or father-in-law live with the young married couple or frequently in contact with them.

Son-in-law they don’t like, and so begins the “double attack”. Daughter expressed infinite sympathy and “understanding”: “Well, your exactly the doors are not repaired, he is completely armless and dad will have to help you”. Son-in-law all claims are expressed in the context of what “you married our daughter and, therefore, must: a) earn not less than N thousand rubles per month, b) to make repairs better than aunt Manya, uncle Tolya, in) regularly to get the stars from the sky” – and the list goes on.

It is highly likely that the man does not want or is not able to meet the highest requirements.

And then there’s the wife, after listening to the “wise maternal advice” begins to speak – “And my mother says that a real man is obliged to devote a weekend laying tile with his hands!! You’re not a real man? Ahh, that’s right mom talking about you!..”.

Rare man in a situation where everything is against him, including his wife, agree to be “the eternal loser”. And go!

So, the husband left the family influence and family environment, remember: when he married you, he had not signed the Treaty on eternal love with your relatives. He had a right not to love, not to respect and demands them not to do it! So if his relationship with your relatives did not work, try it as much as possible from them to protect.

And indeed less listen to any “good advice” — you made the choice, after getting married, so let it take your husband as a fact and keep quiet. By the way, tips on what to do if the mother is too interfering in your life.

But actually, the exact answer to the question “Why men leave” to give much more difficult.

After all, the reason, in reality, is usually not one. Maybe it’s not the relatives, not lovers, not in changes in the nature or appearances, And just the love is gone, and all.

Love, show your love and invest mental effort into the relationship – then you will be able to save your marriage for many, many years!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

Why leave husbands and what to do to avoid this?

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