Why men cheat on their wives?

“Why do men cheat on their wives?” — this question is asked by almost all representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. Today the site “ToKnow365.top” will try to reveal the darkness of man’s soul.

Men’s infidelity is always cause the woman unbearable pain. Wives and lovers are willing to forgive its mate many shortcomings and failures. But in a relationship with another woman they can hate the person with whom she lived in happy marriage for many years.

Men understand this, but, nevertheless, still “left”.

Why men cheat on their wives: reasons

The main reason for men’s infidelity lies in their natural instinct to reproduce. So it was intended by nature that the males of all animal species on earth, should strive to fertilize the largest possible number of females, so that their line could continue and multiply.

Moreover, most developed this instinct of purebred males, which differ from their compatriots, article, intelligence, beauty, strength, etc.

Unfortunately or fortunately, but this same instinct inherent in people. Nature has put in man the desire to master a lot of women. In the East men’s need for multiple partners is the norm, and its trying to satisfy. In many Arab countries today is still officially permitted polygamy, so the question is, why do men cheat on their beautiful wives, there does not arise.

In pagan times, the harems contained men who lived in the Nordic countries. The custom of having many wives was in Kievan Rus. The notorious Prince Vladimir, who baptized Rus, before the adoption of Christianity had a whole harem of women.

With the spread of Christianity fornication is considered a sin, polygamy was banned. But many men apparently the old memory, still continue to chase skirts and count the trophies, like their cave ancestors.

Why is it that men today cheat on their wives, who swore allegiance before the altar of the priest? Modern men on adultery, pushes several factors.

Why married men cheat their wives: risk factors

Often the question of the wife that pushed him to commit adultery, the man replies that just happened. And this is the absolute truth. In some situations, resist the temptation to have fun in bed with a new woman is not capable of any man.


Push the man to change every situation involving alcohol. Usually such adventures representatives of the strong half not believe any serious misconduct and quickly forget about it.

Here alcohol is one of the most common reasons why married men cheat on their wives.


A long separation from the wife can also push the man to the adultery. In such a situation, triggered men’s natural need for sexual intimacy. Every man has a limit of abstinence. Some very temperamental representatives of the strong half can’t live without sex a day.

Most men normally stand quite long breaks in sexual life.

If the spouses do not see each other among themselves for longer than a month, the risk of male infidelity increases.

The need for long-term abstinence is the answer to the question why do men cheat on pregnant wives. After all, the physicians are advised to refrain from sexual activity for the first and last trimesters of pregnancy.

Indifference to his wife

Beloved woman the man does not change. The website sympaty.net believes that one of the most frequent causes of adultery is the cooling of the senses.

It often happens that after a few years of relationship in the couple, for some reason, changing the couple away from each other. A man in such a situation begins to feel lonely and often goes to Hollywood in search of new love. He could be attracted to another woman or to fall in love with her.

As a rule, if circumstances develop in such a way, the marriage is dissolved.

Frequent and long business trips

It also happens that a man many years living in two families at once. As a rule, the double life led by men who often travel on business to the same city.

The answer to the question why men cheat on their wives, but do not leave them in such a situation is very simple: they are so comfortable. And as long as the wife or uninformed, the mistress does not find out about his deception, he continues to lead a double life.

Speaking of mistresses and their awareness, it is necessary to mention another of the main causes of male adultery.

Available women

The answer to the question why married men cheat on their wives is …statistics. She argues that women in the world much more than men. And how unequally the ratio of beautiful women and of decent men!

So around the visible representative of the strong half always winds a gaggle of young, attractive ladies, ready at any moment to be his gentle uteshitelniy. Girls and women who are not confused by the presence of wedding rings on the finger at men quite a lot. Until they disappear, will not sink into oblivion and adultery.

However, we cannot blame only mistresses. Often the wives provoke their pious treason.

The character of his wife

The brightest representatives of the beautiful half often indignantly ask why men cheat on beautiful wives? Meanwhile, beautiful women often have high self-esteem and pride. All around them, and husbands in particular, they are treated with some degree of contempt.

It often happens, next to the beautiful wife, the man feels a perfect nonentity. And it makes him look for opportunities to assert themselves, and having an affair.

Such men seek mistresses, not sexual pleasures. They’re trying to feel needed, important and loved.

A mismatch of sexual temperaments of husband and wife

The root of the problem why a married man loves his wife, but is cheating on her, often lies in its temperamental. He loves his wife, but she can’t fully satisfy his needs. So blessed and sent for the missing portion of tenderness to other women, not perceiving a meeting with them as a betrayal.

In General, the reasons that push men into adultery, mass. So wives, it is important to be able to prevent.

  • First, your man needs support. A smart woman will always find something to praise her husband, and figure out how to encourage him in a difficult situation, and will not become cut and be called a loser.
  • Secondly, you need to try to keep the appeal. Often the question of why married men cheat on their wives, occurs in those women who always dress up at home in zastiranny Bathrobe and apron, turning into a homemade Scarecrow. Such things the lady shouldn’t be. The robe should be worn pretty, but the only apron to wear while cooking.
  • Thirdly, it is necessary to diversify the sex life, not afraid of experiments. Our website advises you lovely ladies don’t be mad at the perps for what they attracts the attention of passing girls, and go shopping for beautiful clothes, to visit the beauty salon and make your spouse a passionate meeting. And in response to the amazement of her husband gently whisper: “You deserve…”.

Author – Pelageja, site ToKnow365.top

Why men cheat on their wives?

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