Why men don’t give flowers

Why men don’t give gifts and flowers? Is it possible that women don’t deserve that, and anyway — what’s the reason… women? Try to look beautiful, behave accordingly, and you nuts, this is what he says about the skuperdyaystve? about negligence? or carelessness? and what to do about it?

Women find men’s gifts are a kind of litmus test – an indicator of… What is it: how generous, how good it has, how well to do with us? And whether to focus on flowers and gifts? Versed female site sympaty.net.

In my opinion, the question is not complete. It lacks detail: you’re no one at all, never gives; gives, but you think little or rarely; does not give someone specific or something specific?
Because some parts of the puzzle there, approach the problem comprehensively.

There are two radically opposing views.
The first important flowers, gifts and other benefits, otherwise you “not the” man.
The second important feelings and General attitude.

I will talk in more detail about them. But first stop on what is generally for most men are gifts. Think about it.

How men choose a gift for us

Most of the surveys shows that the choice of gift to a woman for a man — a living HELL. My friends of the opposite sex secretly confirmed it 100%. The man often can not figure out what to give you. Serious thought about choosing the can overcome it for months. A strong floor is torn between the beautiful, pleasant, useful, necessary, original, and “that she liked”…

And what about women?

Should the man give flowers?

There is a category of women, which perceives the relationship as a kind of exchange. “I am beautiful, charming, attractive. To feet like I must have thrown all”.

Question: why, exactly, he should do something to give?

Answer: why Indeed? After all, every woman is beautiful, and this is not a reason to require encouragement. In addition, all of the good causes a persistent addiction, and then losing interest.

Solution: More than 80% of women want to receive a gift that is flowers, no matter what. But almost as many ladies bet plant beauty in the first place in the list of the most useless gifts. Do NOT CHASE the most – be creative and practical!

By the way, the process of “promotion” for those who perceive men as a mandatory source of gifts, at a certain moment can turn into a sport. How long distance are you ready to overcome and that will get at the finish?

Not the happiness, but…

Others say that no matter what do not claim, but still they lack something. “He is very attentive, and feelings can talk about any female “nonsense” and would not mind to go shopping with me, and coffee in bed to get quite real, in my free time, always there for me.”

Question: If he is so good, then why do I not give?

Answer: isn’t it gives? The best that is in him. Is capable of not all men (though most of the great potential ? ).

Solution: to “Improve” it (because you know that the remake man it is impossible) or change your attitude. Read more about this below.

By the way, perhaps, full of happiness need very little. Try to check, maybe he really doesn’t knowWHAT to give you?

Greedy man

Come across and truly greedy men. They are often stingy and in relationships in General, and in the material manifestations of his affection. And if you do not notice any generosity of soul, no “gift”, it can be an occasion for reflection.

And whether it is necessary to continue such relationships? After all, without two returns for a long time, they still will not last. Or all the “buns” get SOMEONE ELSE?…

How to get from the male flowers

So you decided that without flowers and gifts life doesn’t seem complete to you and your chosen one has the potential to make you completely happy. Education is a great thing! Start to work immediately. The main thing — to act diplomatically.

Subtly hints.
Think about the male flour when choosing gifts. Gently in conversation, mention that you particularly love, or what you want. Don’t forget to say where you can find.

Show me an example.
To decorate the house with a bouquet of their favorite flowers at least once you and herself (I’m sure he can handle it better than he ? ). Purchase a figurine or a vase, you walk in front of him in a new dress, let me taste your lipstick (of course only with your lips), sprinkle on the Breasts “of your favorite spirits” — where they smell especially nice. Just be sure to maximally demonstrate the merits of new clothes and give to understand that this is done only for him! The impetus for action will be obvious.

Let jealous.
Again, treat yourself to a bouquet or small, but a neutral thing (purse, scarf, manicure set, etc.). Don’t forget to casually drop that you gave it to the male. The competitive spirit needs to awaken in him a gentleman.

Just ask.
But know the measure. Buying a new coat is easier to justify than a new car (when “old” is not over the factory fluid for glass ?

Sincerely rejoice.
However, the size of the gift and delight should be nearly the same. Otherwise the effect will be the opposite. If the FOB you will bring to ecstasy, why give anything else?


Flowers and gifts in life is not important, but an intelligent woman, if it something well about-about-about-very desirable, can competently achieve.

And yet…

It is proven that men a gift of flowers is a lot more than women (I checked on the example of 55 white rose – effect defies description!). Only this gift openly demonstrate it is not necessary. Among men “officially love” such gifts are not accepted.

So, why men don’t give flowers? Maybe they are afraid that then nothing will get by him?
Want flowers – give them to him myself, and rejoice together!

But what should be the real men bouquet, we will tell in the following publications.

Author — Tatiana Koroleva, website www.sympaty.net — ToKnow365.top

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Why men don’t give flowers

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