Why not lucky in life?

Your humble servant, the author of this article on the website “ToKnow365.top” — a harsh materialistic and cynical atheist. So in search of an answer to the question “Why life?” I’ll spare you the excuses such as “karma”, “this is meant to be”, “see, for the sins,” etc.

We understand the problems from the point of view of logic and psychology and to outline a strategy for getting rid of bad luck!


What is “life” and why it happens ?

By “no luck” we mean the situation when a completely unplanned accident prevents to be some desires, plans, etc.

For example – you break your arm before you leave, to forget about the chicken in the oven, waiting for guests, etc.

Such cases happen with everyone. From a pragmatic point of view, all people in the world have approximately equal chances of falling into similar situations, and, in theory, luckies and Newtonian should not be at all – everyone is equal!

But… with some unpleasant accident occur rarely, while others constantly get stuck in trouble and whine “I’m not lucky in life!..”. Why?

But because the percentage is really unpredictable coincidences is negligible. The rest of the trouble – the result of some action (or inaction) of a person.

For example, every couple of years to forget about the oven and everyone can, but if this happens almost every weekend, and Sizzling chicken, you can add regularly lose keys not turned off the iron, etc., then it is said about this quality of forgetfulness.

If the person is forgetful and knows about it, then why doesn’t he put a timer on the oven, or set the alarm clock, or enter a reminder into the phone?..

If it does not feel forgetful, it is easier whole life attributed to systematic troubles on bad luck and simply afraid to admit to yourself – Yes, I’m forgetful, it is necessary to use reminders and train your memory?

This is very simple example, why not lucky in life, but the use of this algorithm in a more global scale.

You just need to identify their similar mistakes and trying to prevent.

For example, if you did not manage to interview and find a desired job – maybe you’re all the time saying to me in all the interviews, do not know how well to present your skills and accomplishments, look like thunder?..

No wonder employers don’t want to take such an employee!

So, instead of embittered in all, we must learn to pass the interview. Or, alternatively, to search for jobs easier, where a higher probability of employment, or to obtain additional education to qualify for pleasing jobs, etc.

Inaction is the reason that in your life that you want!

I dare to say: bad luck, we have agreed to call certain do not depend on human circumstances which his desires are not carried out. But what to call the situation where people, in fact, no specific wants? Or wants, but is not taking absolutely no action, so that his dreams could be realized?

But such people are often jealous of those who managed to achieve something, and about himself with a sigh said, “I have no luck in life, I don’t have this and that, but he was lucky!..”.

But it cannot be attributed to third-party circumstances the absence of any attempts to accomplish something!

In General, the rights of the old saying — do not mistake the one who does nothing. If you sit on the sofa, success will not come, and the probability of this is 100%! If you try to do something, you can get a small but still the chances of a successful outcome.

The vast majority of cases, the probability of success when you are ready to go through a path and is very high, almost guaranteed!

For example, if you make the effort to learn, you can be sure to enroll in high school and finish, and even if they do not believe in the fairness of student selection and fair exams, but still dream of high school diploma – earn the right to admission and education amount, etc.

It’s not why not lucky in life, and in the issue price.

If you were not initially willing to pay the price that requires the implementation of your dreams (it’s not only about money, but about the efforts, costs, time, etc.), and someone went ahead and paid something silly to say, “well, I’m not lucky in life”!

“Dishonest” ways to achieve good luck in life

A very common “excuse” why not lucky in life – “I live honestly, and the lucky ones find a freebie!”.

Luck consider, for example, a rich husband received price podlizyvaniya the attention of his superiors, won by a connection with the producer of the TV show, etc. But… luck?

No, because even if all these unfair options success took place, they were planned, their implementation was spent a certain strength!

For example, to marry a rich, you need to spend the actor’s efforts to match its status, to motivate him, to convince him to get married, not just to spend a couple of fun nights and then constantly keep spouse from cheating!

It is much more difficult than “hunting” the man with the ordinary income, and the woman who did it – not a Freeloader. she paid the price of such a successful marriage. Suck up to the bosses pay the price of disrespect of the team and emotional stress, which is inevitable in a constant “acting”.

The price of victory in the show “over the couch” — like the producer (and it is not easy, he is a man tempted!) and convince him not just to entertain, but to pay juggling prizes!

You still believe that such circumstances are lucky and you somehow have no luck in life, otherwise you too would be able to do so? So why didn’t you?

Jealous wife of a rich man, try to get to the registry office wealthy man, it’s a freebie?

Want to take the place of pet chef – popolitica too, after all the side moments of mental discomfort at the same time – nothing? Dream of winning the show – well just sleep with the producer, if the victory really so important to you!

And don’t say that in all these points, you hindered by your morals, and those who had done such a dishonest thing, completely devoid of honor and conscience! Believe me, they are also experiencing all the same, what would test you – they also feel ashamed, afraid, sick at heart, etc! But they thought it fit to pay for “luck”!

And if you still refused to take these opportunities, then stop to envy and believe it to be undeserved gift!

Destiny-that generally speaking, nothing anyone can give is not required!

If you turned up some very successful case, it is not “unlucky in life” — it is a normal standard for events, which is monitored only you.

Relatively speaking: you’re not astonished that I find a hundred dollar bill every mile walks? You understand that a single discovery of such bills – a very rare happy occasion that you can’t count, and it is necessary to rely only on monthly honestly earned salary. Now, from the same region – the birth in a family of rich parents, a fateful acquaintance with a millionaire in cheburek, etc.

This is what should not be! This is the exception and your task – to understand and to turn in their favor the current rules, the laws of life! And then you don’t want to constantly think, why not lucky in life!

Author –Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

Why not lucky in life?

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