Why not show the newborn in the mirror? The origin and history of the signs

Newborns and mirror the topic is extremely controversial. Around it there are many rumors and assumptions. Especially hypochondriac parents consider it their duty first to carefully examine information related to this question, and then make a decision. They are afraid of what might happen some uncontrollable event that will change their own view of the world, will be forced to devalue everything.

Sometimes a young couple becomes suspicious precisely because can not afford to explain why there is such a fear for the child, for his fate and future. So, why not show the newborn in the mirror? Try to understand. There are several theories.

They all deserve attention, help to build numerous assumptions. People decide for themselves what to believe, and what is considered a simple superstition.

Difficulties in the development

There is a belief that newborns can not show in the mirror because otherwise the kids will experience some difficulties since childhood. They say that these kids will be difficult to give any training, they will not be able to fend for themselves, at the right time to seek help from adults.

Difficulties in the development of supposedly dictated by the fact that in early childhood the child took most of positive energy, so necessary for effective fulfillment. In this assumption, of course, is a reasonable idea: a man is personality to grow and develop when it has sufficient internal forces. When the energy is not enough, even with a great desire no one can budge.

According to legend it is believed that the mirror is a magical thing that just can’t be safe, and only the baby is better to keep away from her. Many parents, especially young ones, prefer to play it safe so as to avoid unnecessary problems.


Another reason why newborns can’t look in the mirror, is the possibility of pronounced speech impediment. In the old days it was believed that stuttering is a kind of punishment for that person at some point lost its vitality. The individual as if he wants to Express some idea and can’t.

If any of the young parents did not comply with this rule, it is frightened that the child will begin to stutter, and in some cases, not be able to talk. Most people agree to bring into your life multiple restrictions only to once again not to face various troubles. There is nothing worse than to bring trouble on yourself and your child. Stuttering is difficult to be treated. For this reason, some people believe that so manifest demonic powers.

Persistent disease

Thinking about why you can’t show a newborn in the mirror, it is necessary to mention opportunity so to jinx their child that it will not be able to stay healthy. Some children constantly pursue those or other diseases, although the objective reasons, it would seem, does not exist.

A few centuries ago, such a situation necessarily associated with bad omens and the evil eye. It was considered an unforgivable mistake to simply bring the baby to the reflecting surface, and not to try to look there. Inexperienced parents sometimes could bitterly regret the fact that I made such a move. If the child was sick, it should first of all tried to heal from the evil influence. It was felt that the negative energy is concentrated in the mirror, but evil entities can pass through a mirrored corridor and affect people’s daily lives. Before many diseases associated with the damage, the evil eye and various negative influences.

Getting a fright

Since ancient times it was believed that a young child who barely came to light, cannot show to anyone. And it’s not just some imaginary fear or someone’s whim. This reckless behavior is fraught with serious consequences. If you bring baby to the mirror, he can even get scared of his reflection. The fact that the baby is not aware of himself, does not understand that is the individual. Having psychological trauma, he did not immediately able to break free from past negative experiences.

This is a fairly common reason why you can’t show a newborn baby in the mirror. Small children must be protected from any evil eye from any unfavorable information. Otherwise, they will remain vulnerable, devoid of all energy protection.

Getting a fright is a psychological trauma, which in reality is not so easy to handle. Right were those parents who were not allowed to look in the mirror newborns. Thus, the adults protected them from further suffering in life, from spiritual emptiness and pain. In fact, several times it is better to be safe than continue to worry and regret having made this mistake.


According to ancient belief, if a person’s eyes look in different directions, then he is possessed by demons. Of course, in this situation nothing good. This situation may prevent to develop harmoniously, to make the child withdrawn and distrustful, uncooperative. People who have strabismus definitely experience some difficulties in communication. It is difficult to understand and accept others for who they are really.

In children there is an inclination to idealize the world, to perceive it from the best side, not noticing evil. In order to avoid such consequences you need to exclude all contact with bad entities. Strabismus is a manifestation of some inconsistency between the desires of the individual. If she tries to all be equally good. If the child was once under his spell, that he can not fully be yourself. You need to look, whether had a place in his life contact with the mirror. Childhood is too vulnerable period, because the little man can affect anything.


When can a newborn child see in the mirror, and in some cases absolutely impossible? To this question people could hardly find a plausible answer. Fears often prevent to make the right decision, based on specific conditions. If the kid was once afraid of its reflection, then it is likely that a negative impression will anchor his soul permanently. And then there will be anxiety, which is quite difficult to handle. Sometimes fears can haunt over the years, making it impossible to be happy. Parents, especially the young, do not always attach importance to such things.


The people are of the opinion that adverse events occur not just. If you show a young child in the mirror, he becomes extremely vulnerable. It can be affected by the bad thoughts of others. Baby – just open channel, connecting the spiritual with the material world.

Little one to get sick often, experience any difficulties associated with integrating into society and accept himself as an individual. For such an individual in the future often fall unhappiness. Such troubles are hard to even try to imagine, if he “collects”, strung on yourself. People are not always aware of what and why this is happening to them. In most cases it is not possible to understand, being of sound mind. Someone who believes in bad omens, often cautious, and people who choose to live without the constraints sometimes do not know how to manage their own lives.

Speech delay

It used to be that if the child is too long to look at his reflection in the mirror, it will prevent him time to learn to speak. Speech delay is a pretty serious matter that clearly should not be neglected. Any delay in development is fraught with unpleasant consequences, including psychological. No parents wants their son or daughter suffered, had the unpleasant events that is difficult to control. That’s why you can’t show a newborn baby in the mirror.

In the old days this was not allowed to do even the mother, who, it would seem that his infinite love could protect her child from any adversity and adverse tests.

The origin and history of the signs

Mirror at all times was considered a concentration of negative energy. For this reason, our ancestors avoided looking at his reflection in the case experiences any negative events. It was thought that they certainly produblirovat again and again in life.

Look in the mirror the newborn is strictly forbidden. It was believed that the baby will cease to grow and it will influence the demonic. Everyone entering the house leaves in your mood, thoughts and feelings. If the person is not too friendly, his inner wishes can harm the individual who will look in the mirror.

Children tried to protect from contact with something mystical and mysterious, paranormal. No one doubted that newborn babies can’t look in the mirror under any circumstances. While parents could have protected their child from any reflective surface. If there were some negative incidents, they were connected with the sign and tried to prevent such developments.

Modern opinion

Now, many people’s attitude to this issue changed significantly. Modern people are not all afraid of the evil eye, fright or damage only because it’s not particularly believe in. As you know what put your attention, and it comes true.

Some parents don’t let their children to mirrors only for the reason that they can easily break it. And this, in turn, can cause not only material losses. The baby might get hurt by shrapnel, to cause yourself physical injury. This should be in the first place. In any case, you shouldn’t leave baby in front of the mirror alone, without adult supervision. Parents should always be aware of their responsibility.

Is there any benefit

So ponder many couples who aspire to a full understanding of what is happening. Thinking so, is it possible to show the newborn in the mirror, you need to understand that if this is not done, the child will not be able to evolve so quickly to identify himself with a particular way. In other words, he will not know what he looks like, if he not to help.

The child six or seven months old can bring to the reflecting surface. It should smile gently so that crumbs had the opportunity to observe positive emotions, facial expressions and gestures. So he begins to understand the feelings of adults, over time, learns to know himself and enjoy his reflection. It is impossible to prevent the knowledge of the world. Otherwise, the child will never grow inquisitive, focused on self-realization.

Instead of a conclusion

Thus, the question of whether a newborn to look in the mirror, has no clear answer. Most new parents prefer not to experiment. They wish happiness to his offspring, I want the best for him in the world. Newborn it is possible to show the mirror, but only if you are close to him. If you repeat the exercise gently and unobtrusively, soon the baby will begin to recognize his own reflection, to draw his pen, and a joyful smile. No need to close the mirror just because you have a baby. We need to continue a normal life, but taking responsibility for what happens.

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