Why pain in stomach during pregnancy?

The period of carrying a child brings to the expectant mother not only much joy but also many problems. In particular, the complaints that the sick stomach of pregnancy in women occur more frequently than in any other period of life.

Pain in the left hypochondrium causing mothers-to-severe discomfort. The causes of this discomfort is rooted in the changes that the female body experiences during pregnancy.

How to avoid gastric pain and what to do when they occur during pregnancy, my readers will tell today women’s site “ToKnow365.top“.

Why pain in stomach during pregnancy?

Hormonal changes in first trimester of pregnancy is a serious burden for the organism. Against the background of these changes in pregnant women can worsen chronic diseases.

In our time the gastritis is in the first lines of the list of the most common chronic diseases, pains in the stomach, it is estimated, bother around 50% of expectant mothers.

Stomach may ache during pregnancy and those women who had never encountered similar problems.

Doctors believe that discomfort in the stomach contributes to emotional tension expectant mothers who are in the first trimester interesting position, often become especially irritable.

Also on epigastric pain women often complain in the last trimester of pregnancy, when increased in size, the uterus begins to displace the other organs. Sometimes the last months of waiting for a baby because of the constant pain in the upper abdomen to turn expectant mothers into a real torture, because women are in an interesting position dangerous to take a medication.

So they have a natural question arises about how to get rid of stomach discomfort while carrying the baby.

Stomach ache in pregnancy: what can I take?

Expectant mothers often become very fearful and superstitious. Not wanting to harm your baby, they try to avoid taking any drugs, preferring to treat people’s means.

But in fact, many synthetic drugs are absolutely safe for the developing fetus and certain herbs when used in an interesting position can hurt. Therefore it is impossible to categorically refuse from the pharmaceutical means and blindly trust the recipes of traditional medicine.

In any situation one should consult a doctor because only he can prescribe the right treatment.

Often, when the gastritis is exacerbated in the early stages of pregnancy, doctors prescribed to expectant mothers of drugs like Ranitidine, Gaviscon or Almagell, thus specifying the allowed dosage and frequency of receiving funds. To relieve spasms when severe gastric pain specialists female consultations recommended the future mothers to take Nospanum the papaverine or.

In the case when the pain in my stomach too worried, and the possibility to get on reception to the doctor no, the expectant mother must make a decision about taking the medicine on their own.

Stomach aches when pregnant: what to do for pain relief

Drugs such as no-Spa, Gel or Smectite, it can be taken once during pregnancy for pain relief. If nothing in the medicine Cabinet of these funds, the expectant mother should try one of the following medications:

  • Almost any pregnancy it is safe to take activated charcoal. It will bring relief if the pain is caused by increased flatulence, colic in which pregnant women are often confused with gastric pain, and in the case of high acidity of the stomach. Activated charcoal absorbs excess gastric acid, so good for heartburn.
  • The website sympaty.net found out that when the stomach pains can help enzymes like Pancreatin, Festal, Mezim. They are often recommended to expectant mothers who suffer from problems with the digestive tract.
  • If my stomach hurts during early pregnancy that occurs is often due to nervous overstimulation of the future mother, she can try to drink a soothing herbal tea with mint. This herb is able to remove nervous tension and relieve spasm of the stomach, and to ease the nausea. Only the weak need to brew mint tea, and drink it half an hour before meals. Also for pain in the stomach can be brewed Valerian root. This plant not only has a calming effect, but also the ability to improve the functioning of the digestive tract. Remember that any herbs that pregnant women should drink a little and not for long – 5-7 days.
  • If during pregnancy stomach aches and suffer heartburn, you can try to be treated with mineral water. Those who have acidity, you should drink Essentuki # 4, Jermuk, Dilijan, Arshan, Smirnoff and Slavyanovskaya mineral water. With low acidity is recommended to drink Essentuki №17 and №4, Narzan, Druskininkai, Izhevsk and Berezovskaya mineral water. The famous Borjomi is shown in diseases of the stomach with any acidity. Before use, you need to remove the carbon dioxide from these drinks. Simply open the bottle and wait for days until all the gases will be released.
  • Many expectant mothers ask: “When pregnancy hurts stomach what to drink to relieve pain, not to hurt the baby?”. The answer to this question is a herb, popularly known since ancient times, — Ivan-tea. Doctors believe that expectant mothers such tea not only hurt, but also will benefit.
  • A woman in an interesting position to help with stomach problems can many means. But the best and safe treatment of stomach pains in pregnant is proper diet.

    How to eat while pregnant, if stomach hurts

    Many expectant mothers, observing his condition, note that stomach pain is most often concerned with the violation of the rules of healthy eating. To prevent them, a pregnant woman should listen to the advice of doctors.

    • Often during pregnancy, the stomach starts to hurt in connection with overeating. To avoid this, mothers are recommended to switch to a fractional power, starting to eat small portions 5-6 times a day.
    • In order not to irritate the gastric mucosa and does not lead to an increase in acidity, it is necessary to abandon sharp and sour dishes.
    • Stomach aches during pregnancy are often those mothers who love coffee and tea. These drinks can irritate the mucous membranes of the digestive system and cause stomach cramps. Their use is also better to refuse. If a pregnant woman does not have the strength to live without tea or coffee, she needs to try to drink them as rarely as possible and only very small cups. Coffee, be sure to add the milk or cream.
    • To the stomach during pregnancy is not sick, should be every day for Breakfast eat oatmeal and buckwheat porridge. Scientists have found that these grains are a real natural cure for stomach. Especially if you are cooking oatmeal in the water and not add neither salt nor oil.
    • A real salvation for women, which is often stomach ache during pregnancy, might become flax cereal. It contains mucus that coats the stomach wall and protects it for a long time the mucosa. Flax cereal not only heals irritated stomach, but also enriches the body of the expectant mother very useful nutrients, acids and phytoestrogens. Besides, the systematic use of Flaxseed porridge is an excellent prevention of constipation – a problem faced by all pregnant women.

    To relieve the pain in the stomach during pregnancy is quite possible at home. But, nevertheless, taking any drugs the expectant mother must necessarily agree with the doctor who is watching her. He will help her to determine what drugs or herbs you can use periodically, and some only in cases of extreme necessity.

    If the abdominal pain for a long time does not pass, is of a paroxysmal character, accompanied by nausea or diarrhea, weakness, increased body temperature, a pregnant woman should seek medical help, because these symptoms may hide serious diseases.

    Author – Pelageja, site ToKnow365.top

    Why pain in stomach during pregnancy?

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