Why paint eggs for Easter how to decorate Easter table?

Easter is the brightest Christian holiday. On this occasion, we celebrate the resurrection of Christ, the victory of life over death. And the symbol of this new life become colored eggs. It is they who primarily painted in different colors, we put together with Easter cakes and Easter for the holiday table. But why paint eggs for Easter — we don’t always think about. A tradition that is over two thousand years. As well as the custom of decorating Easter table this day, to the delight of those closest to you. So why paint eggs and our tips on how to decorate the Easter table — read on.

Why paint eggs for Easter?

According to legend, many centuries ago, Mary Magdalene brought the news of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Roman Emperor. And since no offerings to be was impossible, Mary had brought along a chicken egg, as a symbol of life. The Emperor did not believe that Jesus had risen and objected, saying that the egg will soon become red than will be possible resurrection of the deceased. But the egg really was red — it was a miracle! Thus arose the tradition of dyeing eggs for Easter, as a symbol of true faith in God and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Paint eggs for Easter

According to the tradition of Easter eggs to color, give each other or fighting them at the table. Beating eggs is an ancient Russian fun. Whose egg is cracked, that gives its winner. And it’s nice to give a beautiful egg or to show him off! Now everywhere sell colored dyes, which save your time, but their genuineness is in doubt. Our advice will be useful if you’re not in a hurry and don’t want to check the safety of artificial colors myself.

Depending on the desired color, use the right dye.

  • Onion peel. Within 10-30 minutes cook onion peel, then allow to infuse and cool (not to crack the shell). The resulting broth pour raw eggs and cook as usual, about ten minutes. The brightness of the color depends on the amount of husks. And then your Easter egg will sparkle palette from yellow to dark red!
  • Birch leaves. Can be used as young leaves of birch trees, and last year. The decoction is prepared as the previous one. But the eggs you will get a yellow or Golden color.
  • Carrots, beets, spinach. This is a more easy way to get colored eggs. Boil them until tender, and then RUB the juice of raw vegetables listed.

Decorate eggs for coloring

Here are some examples of how you can originally decorate Easter egg before coloring.

  • If prior to immersion in the dye solution to wrap the egg threads, then the shell will curlicue.
  • Attach to the shell, the leaves or blades of grass, and then after dyeing the egg will turn a landscape. Often use of table greens, parsley, dill. To dive in such a “dressed” eggs “cover” was off, you need to wrap it in gauze or use a baby sock.
  • To obtain a marble effect, you must tightly wrap the egg in aluminum foil before painting.
  • With melted paraffin (candle) and a thin brush you can draw any pattern that will not be painted after immersion in staining solution. In this case, use boiled eggs and cold solution. After development, the pattern wax can be scraped off.

How to decorate Easter table

Beautifully decorated apartment and a dining table in the house will create a unique festive spirit. Besides the traditional dishes, cakes and cheese Easter special mood to create original decorated eggs as well as sandwiches and salads with Easter symbols. Read more about it.

  • Every household for Breakfast, you can wrap the egg in a napkin and tie, releasing the lugs.
  • Easter tree. In the center of the table looks very nice Easter tree. You probably already know how to make an Easter tree. To do this, tear a few beautiful bare twigs or buds and small leaves. Sprigs can be planted in a pot with soil or just to put in a vase. If the branches are bare, decorate them with bows and satin ribbons. Alternatively, can serve as a houseplant. The main decoration of the Easter tree are figures made by their own hands, which we told above. Branches can be left natural color or spray paint gold or silver paint.
  • Paper towels can be put in tall glass, twisting into a tube and turning in half. Such sticking out of the Cup lugs will be associated with a cleft. But if you have a marker to draw eyes and a nose? Will be very funny!
  • Salads can also be a decoration for the Easter table. If you still don’t know what to cook for Easter, plan the menu so that the dishes complement the festive paraphernalia. Layered salads, you can decorate the top with the yolk of a chicken or the nest. And mayonnaise mixed salads pile them in the form of chicken — boiled carrot to make the beak and comb, and eyes of olives.
  • If you think about Easter, it can be a beautiful dish to grow the cress, wheat or oats, then this green meadow submit colored eggs. All you need is some land and seeds. Abundantly water your “garden”. When grains germinate, often turn the plate so that the seedlings raised evenly and not stretched to the sun.

We have told you, why paint eggs for Easter, and was introduced to different, quite affordable, ways. Well, beautiful eggs require and the holiday table, right? And you also learned how to decorate the Easter table. All of these classes will not take you much time, and joy in your soul will increase a lot. After all, you’ll delight family and to remember Christ, to kiss and triple kiss in good faith, “Christ is Risen!”

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Why paint eggs for Easter how to decorate Easter table: video

Why paint eggs for Easter how to decorate Easter table?

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