Why protein in the urine of the child?

Today on the website “ToKnow365.top” you know that means protein in the urine of the child. How dangerous is it for kid? What to do to parents, if the detected protein in the urine in a child?

Protein in the urine. Is that bad?

Let’s start with the fact that protein in the urine should not be at all. It may be small.

It is therefore considered that the normal protein in the urine of the child is just 0, 033 – 0, 099 g per liter. Finding increased protein in the urine, the child, the doctor immediately puts a note in the medical record – proteinuria.

Are different forms of this disease:

  • To 1 g of protein – a mild form of proteinuria;
  • To 3 g of protein – moderate form;
  • From 3 g of protein — heavy form.

The appearance of protein in the urine of the child can be caused by physiological causes (functional renal proteinuria), and pathological changes in the body (extrarenal (boosters) or false proteinuria).

Here are the main reasons why protein gets in the urine of a child:

  • The disease that caused the failure of the kidneys.
  • Physiological characteristics of child development in toddlers ‘ and Teens.

Let us consider in more detail about why protein in the urine of the child, if normal it shouldn’t be there.

Protein in the urine of the child: diseases

Kidneys in our body perform two very important functions:

  • Excrete waste products decay together with the urine.
  • Captured and left in the body the breakdown products that people need. Such “desired” product is a protein – an important building unit of the tissues of our body.

Kidneys — a kind of “dense” filter through the walls of which are unable to get large size protein molecules. Therefore, if the urine child protein, this may indicate that the filter (kidney) “spoiled” — he started to produce (output) the body of necessary substances. Cause this pathology can the various diseases:

  • jades of various shapes;
  • diabetes;
  • leukemia;
  • diseases of the urinary tract etc.

The choice of treatment regimen depends on the specific diagnosis, the child’s age, individual characteristics.

  • So, if the protein in urine is high (eg, pyelonephritis), the physician prescribes treatment with antibiotics, sulfonamides, nitroksolin, etc.
  • If the child discovered diabetes and the disease was the cause of protein in the urine, appropriate treatment and diet.
  • Hypertension monitor the pressure and also pick up individual treatment.

Protein in the urine of babies

In infants a small amount of protein in the urine (1 g) is considered to be the norm. It is not considered a pathology. Why protein in urine in infants for example?

  • His appearance may be caused by excessive activity of the child. This kind of proteinuria is called orthostatic. With such a variety of proteinuria protein is found in the daily urine of the baby and there is no night. To determine the exact form of proteinuria, you need to pass the orthostatic test. How to do sympaty.net will tell below.
  • In infants protein may appear in urine, if you overfeed the baby, or give him too much fruit puree or juice.
  • Cause mild proteinuria can even hypothermia child, stress, fever, burns, excessive stimulation.

If the protein is slightly higher than normal, then no treatment is required. It is sufficient to adjust the mode of day and feed the baby, and avoid emotional stress.

However, one should not exclude the possibility that proteinuria in a young child can be caused by more serious reasons. The exact reasons why there is protein in the urine of the child, are not fully understood. There are some known risk factors that can cause pronounced proteinuria, when detected in the urine of more than 1 g of protein. These include:

  • Heredity;
  • Pregnancy proceeded with complications;
  • Heavy labor;
  • Transferred by the mother to infectious diseases during pregnancy, etc.

It is important to accurately determine the cause that causes the appearance of protein in the urine of a small child, as a serious kidney disease can be asymptomatic. Parents should alert the appearance of “bags” under the eyes in children, swelling (strips socks on legs), anxiety urination.

Therefore, it is important systematically to provide a urine sample in order to diagnose the disease.

Protein in urine in teenagers

Protein in urine in teenagers can be, and is not considered a deviation from the norm. This kind of proteinuria is called “orthostatic”.

Why in the urine child protein for example as a teenager? This is one of the features of the development of adolescent body. If orthostatic proteinuria protein penetrates into the urine if the child is in the upright position (moves), and protein is missing in urine, if the child is at rest – not moving.

Therefore, if the urine protein of a teenager, the first thing the doctor must appoint — orthostatic test. To confirm the diagnosis, parents need to properly collect urine for analysis, that is, to take orthostatic test.

How to do it properly?

  • Before bedtime the child must urinate. This portion of urine will not need to donate for research.
  • In the morning the child should not get out of bed and walk as long as you he did not collect the first urine sample. Only the child sat on the bed, just need to collect your urine in a container.
  • On the jar I put a note “lying on back”.
  • Later in the day, you collect all of your urine as a daily.
  • Gaining the capacity for analysis urine sample and make a note of the “active urine”.
  • Both tanks will take it to the lab for analysis.
  • If orthostatic proteinuria (non-hazardous), then the protein will be active in the urine (up to 1 g per liter) and in morning urine collected immediately after waking up.

    This type of proteinuria in adolescents, is considered to be the norm. Treatment is not required because the protein gets into the urine if the child is a long time in an upright position. You do not need to forbid child to move, to tuck him into bed, limited physical activity.

    The whole problem will disappear when the teenager usovershenstvuetsya operation of all systems in the body.

    If the protein is found in the morning, during the day the urine, the cause of protein in the urine of the child is not associated with the physiological characteristics of the organism, needs further examination.

    Other reasons

    • Sometimes cause protein in the urine of children was infectious diseases;
    • His appearance can be caused by excessive physical exertion or emotional disturbances of a child.
    • Protein may appear with excessive consumption of protein foods. Cases are known when the tests came back to normal, it was costing her parents to reduce the amount of cheese or chicken in the diet of the child.
    • It should be noted that the protein can get into the urine in the wrong collection analysis: for violation of personal hygiene when stuff get vaginal discharge in girls or protein secret of boys that gathers around the foreskin.

    Thus, if proteinuria is caused by disease, the physician should designate a survey and based on the results to determine treatment.

    If the appearance of the protein caused physiological causes, then treatment is not needed. Enough to eliminate the factors triggering proteinuria.

    What to do parents?

    If your child has a bad urine test, before you rush to be treated with antibiotics, sympaty.net advised to retake the test at a different lab.

    If the diagnosis is confirmed, follow your doctor’s recommendations and treat the underlying disease that the protein is gone from urine. The protein in the case of illness without treatment will never disappear.

    So at home to control protein in urine in children (causes of which are various) parents in the pharmacy to buy special test strips. They are easy to apply. It is sufficient to omit the test in the urine to see if protein in the urine of a child?

    If the test result is positive should undergo a more accurate laboratory tests.

    With timely treatment to a specialist can accurately determine and correct the reason for which there was protein in the urine of the child. Subject to the recommendations of this pathology is eliminated.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site ToKnow365.top

    Why protein in the urine of the child?

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