Why rash on stomach child?

A variety of local changes on the skin in the form of spots (dots), papules or plaques called rash or exanthema. The rash appears most often on the abdomen in a child. Rashes appear suddenly, which is always alarming to parents.

Today women’s site “ToKnow365.top” we’ll talk about why it is important to show rashes on the skin of the child to the doctor and not to self-medicate and self-monitoring.

Types of rashes

In medicine there are several varieties of the rash.

  • The most common is a rash on the abdomen of the child in the form of spots of different size and shape, which do not rise above the skin. If the skin stretch, small specks of pale.
  • Papule is a different kind of rash. Different from the spots that rash slightly raised above the skin. This is the main and the only difference between this form of rash from the previous one.
  • If papules are located close next to each other and merge together, they form the third type of rash the child has a plaque.

Let’s see what the rash. Skin rash can be considered a kind of signal that warns that in the body something went wrong. It is important to figure out what the cause of the rash on the abdomen and other parts of the body the child to determine if it’s dangerous.

  • The good news is that most cases of rashes on the body of the child are not dangerous and are just one of the essential symptoms of many diseases. Will pass the disease, and a rash on the body will not.
  • But there are a few diseases (e.g., meningococcal disease), in which rash on legs and stomach of the child is the first noticeable sign that should alert parents. If the signal is to ignore and not to start the treatment, you may lose precious time.

When rash appears on the body of the child?

Consider the main group of diseases in which the body of the child may be rash.

  • Often rashes appear as a result of Allergy – performs minor rash on legs and stomach without fever.
  • Another reason is infectious disease (of the child appears rash on stomach, back and legs with temperature.)
  • The rash rarely occurs on the body in diseases of the blood.


As a manifestation of Allergy, petechial eruptions appear frequently. These allergic rashes do not violate the General condition of the child, the body temperature is not increased, the appetite is not lost. Rash on the belly and neck, the feet of the child is not scratched.

Typically, these rashes appear as small red spots after contact with the allergen – the Allergy source. This can be a reaction to food, medicines. Could be an allergic rash can cause Pets.

And lately a body rash can appear as allergic to personal hygiene products (detergent, soap) or synthetic fabrics.

That is, this type of rash can be divided into 4 groups:

  • Food Allergy.
  • Rash on drugs.
  • Rash contact (at contact of the body with clothing that causes irritation or after contact with animals).

To determine the cause of the allergic rash can be difficult. So, to calculate the allergen, it is sometimes necessary to go through the whole “investigation”.

Please note! Manifested allergic rash, most often on the abdomen and on the face of small spots, which with pressure or stretching of the skin temporarily pale disappear. Such rashes are not dangerous to others. Isolate the child from society is not necessary – it is not contagious. Treat it with antihistamines.

  • Often small red rash on butt, belly, neck and the back of a child appears when patnicki in young children. The most important feature putnicki are small red bubbles. Such eruptions are not dangerous to health, although concerned about the baby.
  • Also babies can get a rash on my ass and back as an allergic reaction to the diapers. In this case, parents only need to replace the diapers to the rash gradually disappeared.

Infectious and viral rash

The child may get a rash that accompanies infectious diseases. In this case, in addition to rashes on your body will show signs of the disease caused by infection:

  • There is an increase in body temperature.
  • The child becomes capricious.
  • Lost appetite.
  • There are other symptoms (sore throat, head etc.).

Thus, if the child has a rash on the body, the temperature rises, appetite vanishes, the activity is reduced – the cause of the rash can become viruses and bacteria.

The most common diseases, which are accompanied by a rash and caused by viruses – chicken pox, measles and rubella. Among these childhood diseases with rash considered the most dangerous measles.

There is no need to treat infectious rash for the simple reason that it is not a disease but a symptom of a disease. Will pass the disease – the rash will disappear. Infectious rash, unlike non-sensitizing, dangerous to others, so you want to isolate a sick child from the group.


One of the infections, which causes the appearance of red spots, is roseola. This is an interesting disease.

A few days before the appearance of small red lesions on the body, the child jumps temperature, there is weakness and General malaise – the first signs of a cold there.

But the cough and runny nose, which had already mentally preparing the parents does not occur.

After 5 days the temperature is normal and the baby seems to be doing better. But within 20 hours after all breathed a sigh of relief on the child’s body there is a red rash. The temperature no longer rises, the child is active and cheerful. The rash goes away without treatment within a week. It behaves roseola. It is a disease of children up to 3-4 years.

Bacterial rash

Also a rash might accompany the disease, is not caused by viruses and bacteria. The rash may cover the body of a child with scarlet fever, typhoid, syphilis, meningitis, staph and other diseases. To continue the list of diseases that can provoke a rash, can be infinite.

Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor to determined the nature of the rash and diagnosed the illness that caused the rash.


In a separate group we’ll take scabies – a disease in which a rash on stomach child itchy and itchy. It causes a rash of a tick. Rash are places where the mite crawls and crawls out from where his entrances and exits. As a rule, characteristic appearance of the rash is two points located side by side. They protrude slightly above the skin. Rash not only on my stomach and on the hands between the fingers.

Important! Do not rush something to smear the rash before you will show a doctor.

Remember that the rash is an outward manifestation of the disease. A doctor, assessing the nature of lesions, diagnose, and then will allow you to show your skills as a painter – to paint the child, marking the place of the rash. Just do not forget that you do not treat the rash spreading. Get rid of it by eliminating the cause of the disease.

Rash in diseases of the blood

The rash, which occurs in diseases of the blood manifests as small hemorrhages in the skin. This type of rash can be caused by diseases of the blood vessels, irregularities of blood circulation and as a result of increasing the temperature at which burst a blood vessel.

Attention! Infectious rash!

The above disease is not so dangerous as those caused by more serious viruses, infectious mononucleosis or erythremia. In these diseases on the body too rash.

The most dangerous disease today, in which a rash appears on the head and belly of the child is meningococcal caused by meningococcal infection. In this disease the bacterium entering the body, causes blood poisoning.

Rash on stomach and legs of the child in this case has the form of hemorrhage (asterisks) on the body. The disease is accompanied by vomiting, nausea and fever. When pressed, this rash does not disappear from the skin.

If you go to the doctor as soon as possible (literally in the first hours, when I noticed a rash on the body), to save man in 90%. Delayed treatment can cause death. That’s why sympaty.net advises its readers to show any rash to the doctor immediately, so as not to lose precious time.

How to determine what caused the rash?

To establish the nature of the rash is not always a virtue, even doctors that are already there to talk about the parents for whom any rash on the skin seems dangerous.

To identify the rash is infectious or allergic, to help a pediatric (dermatologist) and observations of parents, who should be ready to answer the questions: when a rash, try to remember what and who had contact baby the last day, as a rash, what to eat, etc.

Parents should also be prepared to tell the doctor, what was rash in the beginning. Well, if you guess and take a picture of what was a rash until treatment by the doctor.

As you can see, at home it is difficult to establish why there is a rash on the abdomen, the neck and the back of a child, so it is important to show the rash to a doctor.

So, to summarize:

  • Rash on the body of a child is not a disease, it is the body’s reaction to any stimuli.
  • Diaper rash on stomach and back without fever suggests that she most likely is allergic in nature. It is treated by anti-Allergy drugs.
  • Rash on the face and abdomen, the head, the back of a child with a temperature is a symptom of an infectious disease. She disappears, the code will pass the disease.
  • Rash on my hip and the back of a child can be a manifestation of an allergic reaction to the diapers.
  • Small rash on the back, the neck of a child can be potnichkoy.
  • If rash on body itchy then it could be scabies.

In most cases, skin rashes are not dangerous to health, but be sure to show your doctor, as there are some infections in which a rash is the first reaction to a deadly disease.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site ToKnow365.top

Why rash on stomach child?

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