Why sore knees after a workout?

Every person, health conscious and tries to lead an active lifestyle and engage in fitness. But, to make sports a compulsory item of his regime turns out not at everyone. Sometimes at the beginning of sessions people get discouraged in the face of several challenges.

One day feeling as sore knees after a workout, many beginners refuse further classes. Why not do it and how to avoid discomfort in your knee joints after training, will tell women’s website “ToKnow365.top“.

Why sore knees after a workout

Joint pain is a frequent companion of the beginners. Tennis players often suffer from pain in the elbow of the working hand, gymnasts usually a sore lower back, the players did not know what the pain in my knees.

The reason for the discomfort lies in the structure of the joint which is a complex joint.

The joint is a connected with the bones of the capsule, elastic and durable. Part of bone enclosed in the capsule are covered with cartilage. Inside the capsule is a thick elastic mass of synovial fluid, which prevents friction of the cartilage and provides nutrients to them glycosaminoglycan. The body constantly resupplies synovial fluid and the contained nutrient compounds.

But under intense loads, the amount of this fluid can be reduced greatly. As a result, the cartilage begin to RUB against each other, the joint crunches, it hurts, and over time may lose mobility.

Knee joints are among the largest joints.

In addition, they are arranged so that in virtually any physical activity they account for quite a considerable load. No wonder my knees are starting to hurt. And yet the pain can be avoided.

Knee pain after exercise: prevention

The website sympaty.net encourages all of its readers when the pain is in the joints in the first place to go to the doctor to find out how serious is the problem. In some cases, doctors recommend to take special medication, complementary deficiency of nutritional compounds in synovial fluid chondroitin and glucosamine.

But to resort to reception of chondroprotectors is recommended only in case of development of the inflammatory process. It is better to try to prevent pain. For this you can use the following preventive measures:

  • Power correction. To ensure that the knees do not hurt after a leg workout, it is necessary to provide joints and bones all necessary health elements. The diet should be rich in foods containing fatty acids omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9, as well as proteins, calcium, vitamins and minerals. So a good prevention of the onset of pain in the knees after a workout is eating a diet of meat, fish, cheese, vegetables and fruits.
  • Drink. It is very important to prevent shortage of water in the body. For this you need to drink pure water – at least 2 liters per day. A bottle of water should keep to yourself during class to from time to time to make her a couple of SIPS. These simple measures will help the synovial fluid to recover faster.
  • The load reduction. Often aching knee joints after exercise legs at high loads. If the pain appeared, in any case, the exercise intensity should be reduced and should reduce the time of training.
  • Coating. If your knees hurt after running, you need to change the place of training. When training on asphalt or concrete, the load on the legs increases, it affects the knee joint. It is better to train on softer tracks.
  • Performing a warm-up. Immediately before exercise themselves need to warm up all the muscles and joints of the body. This will increase their elasticity, with the result that they will be less injured. Experienced athletes know that at the end of the warm-up is necessary to perform a rotation in the hip and knee joints. This simple measure is a great way to prevent pain in the knees after exercise.
  • The relax mode. The joints must be allowed to unload, so after intense workouts it is recommended to relax so much time, so the joints have time to recover. It is also important to sleep at least 8 hours a day.

In addition to these preventive measures for pain in the knee joints after a workout, you can use some simple methods of treatment.

Sore knees after a workout: what to do?

Knee pain is a result of trauma to the joint. To treat it by using simple methods.

  • The injured knee should get rest and support. To do this, it should be fixed with the help of a knee brace or elastic bandage. The clips should remain on the knee during exercise.
  • To reduce the burden on a sore knee will also help orthopedic insoles, which are designed to support, align and improve foot function. Their use helps to reduce the pressure on the knee joint.
  • To the affected area several times a day is helpful to apply an ice compress for 5-10 minutes.
  • If sore knees after a legs workout, you can handle their anti-inflammatory ointments: Ibuprofen, Diclofenac, Indomethacin, etc.
  • Benefit joints will bring the fulfillment of special exercises, which help to reduce pain, increase joint flexibility, reduce fatigue.
  • If your knees hurt after leg workout, most important thing is not to stop training. As practice shows, after 2-3 months of regular exercise, with proper choice of load, knee pain disappear completely.

    Therefore, in any case can not go. Reasonably necessary to work on his body, improve it, and then no health problems will not arise.

    Author – Pelageja, site ToKnow365.top

    Why sore knees after a workout?

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