Why split hair ends: 10 reasons dry ends

Every girl wants to have beautiful and healthy hair. However, many people mistakenly believe that this would require too much time and simply waving his hand not bothering to care about proper care. And now starts the complaints about brittle and split hair. Let’s look at why cut your hair? To start, identify the cause of split ends and talk about proper care. You also learn that the advice of professionals and how to make masks for dry hair at home.

Hair and well-groomed hair — an attribute of female beauty. Beautiful hair attracts attention, worthy of admiration. But the modern pace of life often leaves no time for a complete care of your hair.

You have dry hair ends — what to do? You can periodically trimmed the lifeless ends. However, the struggle with the result — not the solution. Endlessly straighten hair, losing inch by inch, and in a week again detected oily strands. Let’s not panic! Here we can pinpoint the cause, we will make every effort to resolve it, and the result will exceed all your expectations!

Why split hair ends: causes

The reasons are many, but by process of elimination try to find your.

  • The lack of vitamins and minerals. It can be adjusted in two ways. The first is to review its menu to add in the diet of more fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, unrefined vegetable oils and nuts that are rich in fatty acids omega-3. The second way is easier — pick up a vitamin complex. The most important vitamins: A, C, E, D, N, F, PP, B1, B2, B3, B6, B7, B8, B9, B12. Necessary for healthy hair trace elements: zinc, calcium, magnesium, silicon.
  • Lack of fluids. Wet the hair should come primarily from within. Drink at least two liters of water a day. In a dry room, use a humidifier or atomizer.
  • Poor diet and bad habits. Eating fried, spicy, overly fatty foods, sweets has a detrimental impact on the health of the hair.
    • The abuse of alcoholic beverages leads to the destruction of the entire group vitamins and vitamin A.
    • Even one teaspoon of refined sugar contributes to premature aging of the skin and hair loss. But also leads to leaching of calcium from bone tissue, absorption of sugar consumes a large amount of calcium. So try to limit yourself to sweet. A portion of cottage cheese with sour cream for dinner will make up for the lack of calcium the body.
    • Caffeine flushes out of the body iron, calcium, zinc and potassium, but also kills vitamins b and PP.
    • Nicotine is the enemy of vitamins A, C, E and selenium.
  • A variety of diseases. The reason why girls cut your hair, you can be infections and chronic diseases of internal organs. Most often it is problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Due to them reduces the absorption and absorption of vitamins and minerals.
  • Dysbacteriosis. Antibiotics, stress, poor environment adversely affect the status of the microflora. And as a consequence impairs the absorption of nutrients, absorption of iron, calcium, reduced synthesis of vitamins. To eliminate this cause from our list include in the diet yogurt, uomoragno and bio yogurt. Or regularly take drugs with probiotics.
  • Genetic predisposition. Heredity is responsible not only for hair color and density. Parents can be inherited early gray, bald head and the exposure of hair to the section, brittle and dry. Genes are not arguing, here, can only advise to improve care and nutrition of hair.
  • Improper care. Pay attention to what you wash your hair, dry and comb. There are some secrets.
    • Shampoo should be selected strictly on the type of hair and to change the brand at least once in six months.
    • Rinse thoroughly with masks, balms, conditioners. The last rinse should be with cool water.
    • Do not RUB your hair with towel, just roll them in a turban and wait until the towel absorbs the moisture, and then dosushit hair.
    • Only brush dry hair, preferably a ceramic comb.
  • The neglect of hats. Frost should not give up the headdress, but if the hair long, hide them under the clothing. Otherwise, you can get not only split ends, but also to disrupt the blood supply to hair follicles, leading to early baldness. Harmful and scorching sun. Ultraviolet light destroys the top layer of hair, which leads to their dehydration. In the summer do not forget about Panama. Use intense moisturizers and shampoo with a UV filter. Sea salt water helps to dry hair, and in combination with the sun intensifies the harmful effects, leading to discoloration and fading.
  • Hairstyles and styling. These include frequent dyeing, perming, using Curling irons, flat iron, electrobiology and a large number of varnishes, foams, mousses. In short, for the pursuit of perfection (the desire to be beautiful) you pay the health of the hair. No less damaging are the hair, use of tight elastic bands and harmless pins, which pull and break the hair.
  • Length. If you have very long hair, it is not surprising that the ends. Just the entire length is not enough produced by sebaceous glands vaginal lubrication. Use specialized oil for split ends of hair and regularly obligate them to one or two centimeters.

Now, knowing all the problems and causes that have adverse effects on the health of the hair, gradually get rid of them. Once identified the cause (can be done in parallel), begins to fight with the investigation, using special masks for dry ends.

Masks for dry hair at home

If you find a reason why you have brittle and dull hair, took steps, but you still have dry hair, what to do? Mask — this is the right way of solving the painful problem! With their help, women in ancient times could boast of a chic braid. We offer old family recipes mask against split ends.

Mask for damaged and brittle hair from yeast

To prepare the mask, we will need: yeast — 2 tablespoons; butter — 50 ml.

Method of preparation

  • Mix the yogurt and the yeast, to give infusions in a warm place for about 15 minutes.
  • Apply the mixture on split ends or to the ends.
  • Wrap hair in cling film and a warm towel (you can wear a shower cap or a regular package).
  • After 30 minutes, rinse with warm water.
  • Egg mask against split ends

    You will need: egg yolk — 1 PC.; castor oil, 1 tablespoon.

    Method of preparation

  • To mix the products in the specified proportions.
  • RUB into the hair roots and leave for three hours.
  • Wash off with shampoo.
  • Instead of mouthwash, it is desirable to use water with lemon juice.
  • Mask for damaged and brittle hair from henna

    If you do not wish to change the shade of hair, use colorless henna. It has the same healing properties as regular “red”: it nourishes the scalp, improves blood circulation, takes care of dull and damaged hair, strengthens and smoothes, smoothing scales. Mention that henna has a drying effect. If hair is dry, add to the mask, one teaspoon of olive oil.

    For preparation you will need one packet of henna for each 30 cm length of hair.

    Method of preparation

  • Henna pour boiling water (1 to 3) and stir thoroughly.
  • The mixture should steep for 15 minutes.
  • Apply the warm gruel, and rubbing into the hair roots and along the entire length.
  • Rinse without using shampoo after half an hour.
  • Honey-egg mask against split ends

    Ingredients: egg yolk — 1 PC. honey — 1 teaspoon; olive oil — 2 tablespoons.

    Method of preparation

  • Mash the yolk with the honey, add the olive oil.
  • Apply to roots and throughout length of hair.
  • Massage the scalp for three to five minutes.
  • To wear a hair cap and wrap a warm towel.
  • Wash off after 20-30 minutes with lukewarm water.
  • Oil for split ends of hair

    Alternative to expensive oils for split ends, sold in salons, are common oils that can be purchased at the pharmacy. Well proven action have a variety of vegetable oils. What is right for you can only be resolved empirically. For a perfect result alternate and diversify the mask and oil.

    For cooking oil compress against the split ends of hair, you can use:

    • burdock oil,
    • olive oil,
    • jojoba oil
    • castor oil,
    • almond oil,
    • linseed oil,
    • coconut oil
    • the grape seed oil.

    Method of application

  • Wash your hair with shampoo and let dry naturally.
  • Heat the oil in a water bath.
  • Rubbed into the scalp, then along the entire length, paying special attention to ends.
  • Wear a plastic cap and warm towel.
  • After an hour rinse with warm water, acidulated with lemon juice.
  • I hope that we have answered the question of why you have whipped the ends of her hair, and our tips will help you achieve the highest result. Just do not forget that hair masks are effective only when used regularly. Apply the freshly prepared mask or oil two to three times a week for treatment or once a week for prevention. A positive attitude plus a bit of diligence — and a great result will not keep itself waiting!

    Why split hair ends: 10 reasons dry ends

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