Why the cat does not allow to sleep at night?

Easy to love cats only internetica – this will confirm any cat owner. But in real life… Even the most adorable kitty can give owners the kind of life that inevitably will start to throw sneakers! For example – not allowing you to sleep at night.

Meowing under the locked bedroom door to be let in, and after a minute or so released. Jumping on furniture with a noise that can be expected is that from a Hippo! Somewhere, something scratching, something rustling, something scribes…But baleen Payne at seven in the morning lie down to sleep until the evening, and you need to go to work, to do business…

What do you do if the cat does not sleep – talk “ToKnow365.top“.

Why cats don’t sleep at night?

In principle, nocturnal activity and long day activities – it is the natural rhythm of life for any cat. As nature intended – night, little predator needs to hunt for mice and a day to relax, taking in night prey.

The cat is perfectly adapted for hunting in the dark: it sees perfectly in the dark, able to move silently and motionless freeze – extraction is very difficult to notice the night huntress!

In a city apartment never even fished mice cat obeys instinct: the night she can just play and be active, drawing attention to himself. This is her normal behavior, her sleep do not want to.

Also for cat a reason not to sleep and worry about at night can be stress, a change of conditions – moving to a new house, having new people (guests or the child was born), especially the emergence of another cat or dog.

When the owners give the cat enough time in the day, the cat may assume that the night – time to hang out with her beloved cat. At the same token the cat considers any activity of people – to stroke, to play, to talk, to eat almost anything.

If the cat has a shy timid character, then during the day she can no longer hide and sleep somewhere (for example, if the house is often guests, noisy children, etc.), and in the night to realize their instinct to be the mistress of the territory.

In addition to these reasons, anxiety, meowing, and even insomnia can cause estrus in cats and “March fling” in cats. If these circumstances do not exist, and the cat does not sleep at night, you still worry, not sleeping and meows – maybe something’s bothering her, it hurts.

How to distinguish a normal nocturnal activity from that caused by the disease?

Found wanting a cat constantly meow with unusual intonation or make any unusual sounds for themselves (“yapping”, a whine or a quiet “strangled” pne), her meowing is not related to a real need: to beg, to eat, to open the door, etc., she just goes and meows. However, she can not find a place to just lie down or sit somewhere climbs, often in unusual corners for themselves, nowhere is not long delayed, as if looking for something…

If the heat is eliminated, it is better to show the animal to the vet.

How to make a cat sleep?

The website “ToKnow365.top” warning – ways to get a cat to sleep through the night just yet.

Strict suggestions and tapko-wynikowym method you can max to train her not to go and not to ask in the master bedroom, not to climb on the kitchen table and not get in the way.

One of my cat, striking genius, even learned the night meowing in a whisper as soon as he saw that the hosts went into the bedroom, turned off the light and closed the door, he went to the quiet pratiche meow – really the cat’s whispers! But sleep cat will not be until she wants!

The only way to teach a cat to sleep at night is to use its natural mechanisms to “fix” them under human day.

  • A hearty meal for the night. Generally, in nature cat food is designed for capricious luck in hunting, and if a predator catches and eats prey, she was required to prolong the feeling of satiety for a longer – until the next night hunting. So she goes to bed – so less power consumption and longer to digest a mouse! But if the nature of this long full sleep happens during the day, then at home you can fool mother nature and feed your cat meat a large portion of the night – most likely, she will then sleep for a long time!
  • Daily activity. Often cat NAPs just because no one is home, nobody does and she’s just bored. But at night there is a chance to demand attention! To change the situation, the more engaged the cat in the afternoon and evening before bedtime – play, caress, visivite – anything Murka felt in contact with people. If you have children, let them play with the cat during the day. Most likely, by the evening the animal will get tired and will require sleep.
  • The correct behavior of the owners of the night. If the cat is awake in the night, she might give you provocation – for example, to meow at the door and refuse to come in when sleepy the owners opened it. Or log in, but after a couple of minutes asking to go back. In General, everything is clear – the cat in the hat matter any attention, and all requests – only a pretext to some kind of interaction with people. What to do? The courage and a few nights in a row not to answer any provoking cries at the door. Cats ability to train creatures, and if the cat will understand that’s not how it works – it will stop ineffective actions.
  • The opportunity to explore the territory. This is an important feline instinct (especially for cats-males) in the night to verify all of “their” territory and update your olfactory marks on it. This cat really doesn’t need to stay long in the same room – she needs to go, to make sure that everything is still and outsiders no, and exit. Therefore it is best to make a “kitty door” in the doors of those rooms where the cat to go in principle possible, and it will cease to bother you with requests to let to release. And where generally it is impossible (for example, children’s kid), it is better not to let the cat never, even during the day – then it will exclude that room from “their territory”.

There are sedatives and anti-anxiety medications for animals that can induce sleep – for example, “cat Baiyun.”

But!!! They in any case are not intended for frequent use!!! This drug can be used only in cases of emergency – for example, if the animal is to be transported, and you know that your cat is difficult to tolerate the trip.

There are also drugs of hormonal action, is able to stop the estrus in cats and estrus in the cat (“Antisex”), but they are also harmful for frequent use – if there are no plans for breeding, you better neuter or sterilize your pet, no problem.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

Why the cat does not allow to sleep at night?

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