Why the child does not want to learn, what to do about it parents

Your child-a schoolboy hates school with every fiber of your soul? To go there every day for him to torture? Together with the site “ToKnow365.top” understand why the child does not want to learn and how to behave to parents in this case.

Parents should first find out (through self-observation and reasoning or talking openly with a child), why the dislike for school. Globally, the reasons can be two: bad relationship (with classmates, teachers) and issues directly with the school.

This article we will devote the second situation, when the child does not want to learn because it is hard, boring, no motivation , etc.

Why the child does not want to learn: lack of motivation

Right mental attitude the student very much depends on the parents, their relationship to the school achievements of the child.

Many children think: parents — well, they go to your grown-up job, know what they need to do more and get paid for it. “But I have to suffer in this school, where the story is uninteresting, incomprehensible algebra and boring chemistry”, thinks the child.

Be sure to tell him that you have in school , not all and not always worked was your favorite and least favorite items and sometimes you did not want to do homework.

But (and this is important psychological moment, if your child does not want to learn!) over time, you still came to the conclusion that you need to learn and usefulthat adults need it at work and in life and that the more a person knows and can do, the more valuable it is considered to be a specialist. Welcome specific examples from your life.

Always support your child, he needs to know that parents and home is a reliable rear. Praise for what happens at school, and everything else – the temporary setbacks that happen at all, and even in adults.

Encourage your son or daughter qualities such as independence, responsibility, discipline in relation to school life, learning, self-development. He did lessons – well done, read something extra to the school curriculum – excellent, remembered that he was given the report and asked you to help – too bad.

You would render a very great service to your child, even if now he doesn’t want to learn.

Great motivation for children to become the successes and achievements of their peers.

On the Internet you can find lots of specific stories and examples about children the same age as your child, who designed won first place robot, learned a foreign language and went to improving it abroad, won the international chemistry Olympiad and so on. Often tell him about it, but not in the key of “that’s what children are, and you can’t do anything”, and in the context of “see, the same folks, like you, have achieved success, and you can do it!”

Why the child does not want to learn: learning difficulties

It often happens that in most subjects the student all relatively normal and calm, but one or two are not, hence the answer to the question of why the child does not want to learn. We all don’t like the fact that we have not obtained.

Here to help your student not only your attention and a desire to help, but books and the Internet.

Unlike school children the majority of mothers and fathers, when these sources of information were not in sight, today’s kids huge selection. With the help of available literature, CDs, programs, and resources of the world wide web, you can achieve anything – to pull up a foreign language, to learn the history of the Russian state, look at the experiments in physics and chemistry.

A child is very valuable that you take to heart his problems in school, why he doesn’t want to learn, along with him looking for information, help him to understand the complex subject.

Be sure to track the progress of the child on the subject which is not given, and underline its success related to extra classes.

On the other hand, sympaty.net encourages to develop those talents, which, no doubt, have your son or daughter.

If he or she is easy and doing math on the fly grasp of the English language, I like to read – encourage your child to further improve. Step by step you can pay more attention to such subjects.


  • you and your child will create a stable plus, which will offset the “minus” those subjects which are not given and the child does not want to learn;
  • the child will be convinced in their own abilities and capabilities and become more self-confident;
  • you may be the basis for career counseling in high school.

So, as you can see, there are quite many ways to help your student, when you find out exactly why the child does not want to learn. Yes, helping him is your time, effort and money, but it definitely will pay off many times.

Be concerned and active parents, and your child will learn to learn!

The author – Mama Puma, site ToKnow365.top

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Why the child does not want to learn, what to do about it parents

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