Why the man makes the first move?

The initial stage of relations is an exciting period for both! But men are traditionally expected to lead and the woman has to wait for the partner decides…

How to behave if the time comes, and the man makes the first step – tell original women’s website “ToKnow365.top“!

Why the man makes the first move?

Victor Hugo owns this aphorism: “the First symptom of true love in men — shy, the girl dare”. Despite the fact that all the “rules of the game” the first move is expected from a man can really timid and don’t know which side to approach this issue…

Of course, all men are different – someone decisive and straightforward, some people prefer to wait, to stall, to wait for a convenient situation (or to create it)…

But in most cases, the longer the duration period of the man “fire eyes” and conversations about abstract topics, the more serious the alleged relationship!

Talking about a long pause before recognition by men?

  • He chose you. He might already be in love! He looks to you, learns about you is new, he is looking for you approach… that is, his intention is not just to have some “first agreed to” girl, and to be interested in a one that he really likes you!
  • He looks to you for serious relationship. Pick-up, whose goal is easy sex, that does not work. His method is quick through the options: “first steps” he is doing very quickly, and its calculation that of a dozen girls from nine fail, but one will agree so the player does not lose time, options need to sort out quickly! And the man who needs a girl for a long relationship, really needs a period and looks after each other to make sure that his choice is correct.
  • Apparently, he is not a womanizer. He does not use the accumulated workpieces quick rile up the ladies, he needs time to muster up the determination to find a good time to find the right words… This may be a bit outdated and even naive, but in General this behavior, you can write man plus he appreciates the woman is higher than those who are accustomed to easy victories on the personal front!
  • It gives you time to assess him and maybe even fall in love! This is a tricky men’s a ploy to intrigue the woman to involve her in game where she will feel sympathy for him, but not to know the future plans man! This tactic is much safer than to approach a woman “out of the blue” and get rejected!

A long “walking in circles” — a definite plus, both for women and for men!

One problem is to be patient and not rush things!

Should the man make the first move?

You can argue that the man should make the first move. So it is accepted – but is this a long term relationship?

For women it is a guarantee that she really needed this man. After all, if that first step was not, and the woman herself took an active initiative, for example, admitted his feelings, the man can use the fact that “in the hands of itself it”, but…

In this relationship the man will be in the position of a free man, and the woman will be bound by obligations which itself invented.

Something like this: a woman tells a man that wants to be with him, promises regular soup and, of course, loyalty. And the position of the men: alright, why not, the regular soup is good, passionate woman who is not going to change – too bad, but I’m not in love with anyone, so just take all these gifts without mutual promises of loyalty and devotion.

Unfair? No, because she decided to make such a gift!

Of course, there are exceptions, and you can hear stories of happy couples, where the first step did not a man and a woman. But if you decide to follow their example, you need to understand that going out on a limb: or lucky — male answer mutual feelings, and your relationship will be a trusting and lasting, or will be just used…

What if the man makes the first move?

There is one important issue that women should solve on their own, including all his intuition, experience, logic…

Question – do you really like this man? It is very important to distinguish your fantasies from the real situation. What you take for flirtation and courtship, can be a simple courtesy, politeness, ordinary intercourse of familiar, noncommittal chatter…

Now, if he doesn’t like you – you can follow him around indefinitely, and it may even scatter the communication – but the first step man will not make. So first of all, let’s face it – if he is prepared to any development of a relationship or just politely accept your attempts to flirt?

Whether to make the first step to a man? The answer to this question from the website sympaty.net is that the first step men and women are absolutely different things!

A woman can make your first step the first time, but make it so that the man remained confident that the initiative has remained the same for him!

Like this?

  • Show me the man that you in good that you’re happy with your communication. Enough smiles and good mood! If a man is attentive, he will understand that it is a “green light”!
  • Make a subtle hint that it’s for your special man that he is more important than anyone or anything in your life… for Example, casually mention that for the sake of your meeting you had time off from work, or that you offered to spend the evening with him someone else, but you refused… do Not overdo it!!! Do not say that you lived a week waiting for this date, and, of course, to have spat in the evening with a high steeple, even to brad pitt!
  • Show me what you want him to like you. Get dressed for a date more colorful than usual. Can gently ask what he likes in women (including clothing, some external elements of the image), and bring it into your image. Again, don’t need to put out to embody his ideal is to be out of tune and too off! Small enough details that an attentive man will tell much!

All this is eloquent enough moments that can be considered the first step made by girl! If the man makes the first move – most likely, he doesn’t want to start a relationship.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

Why the man makes the first move?

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