Why the man went missing after a date?

The website sympaty.net already wrote about what to do if you don’t meet men. And one of our readers ask this question: “But with me men are acquainted, and quite often, but beyond that it usually is not.

1-2 dates and everything, do not call, not write, in short, is lost. What should I do?”

Well, certainly in a situation when a man went missing after a date, turned out to be most of us! Try to understand what went wrong, but if so – why the man disappeared after a date?

What could go wrong?

To begin with you should understand that the first date is in any case only an attempt, test.

Both sides have their own set of expectations to the partner, some desired parameters, under which he should come, a perfect image to which we try his counterparts.

And you can never rule out that you simply do not fit into the image of the “ideal woman” for this particular man!

Sometimes, of course, it is possible to notice where it manifests itself is a mismatch, but not always! Cultural man hardly ever be too clearly show a lady that she’s not fit – he will bring a date to completion… that’s right, disappear!

Not like it can voice, gestures, facial expressions, some looks… well, anything!

One of my friends told me how “lost” after the first date with a girl who had a little sniffle… So not even in time happened a runny nose can lead to frustration (though you’d need a man who’s terrified every time you cold?)!

Another possible version of a man missing after a date, if he feels that he screwed up and didn’t like the lady.

If even this is not so and you’re willing to give him a hundred chances to fix some admitted mistake or awkward – it can because of vanity not to attempt to rehabilitate myself in your eyes. It is easier to assign another date another girl and to play a macho image “from scratch”.

Alas, it’s true — men are selfish and proud. So if the gentleman you like and you want to continue, no matter what, don’t skimp on the demonstration to him of his positive impressions!

The pick-up version

Women find that very hard to believe, but nevertheless – even if everything went perfectly, and the man on the ground-the second date was very good, he still might lose.

The reason is simple – he doesn’t want a relationship. He did not expect, he simply wanted to spend an evening with a girl. And everything!!!

It is, in fact, is the pick-up. Pick-up can initially be a hint that nothing wants, but may not hint – to spend, to get his to disappear after a date!

In General the purpose of the pick up artist sex. So there may be two scenario:

  • Sex happens on a first date. Continue in the form of obligations and relations of the pick-up is not necessary, so it disappears. So, agreeing to sex at the first meeting, never take hold of the possibility of such a turn and not worry much if it came out!
  • The girl agrees to have sex and makes it clear he is looking for a lasting relationship. In the situation of pick up artist to go three months by the handle and carry bouquets not included. Therefore, it is most likely that it’s a first date it culturally will bring to the end, but the second and subsequent will not. Well or as a variant – two-three dates with a short interval between them, during this time, the man strongly hints at a bed fun. Again – it will disappear in both cases: immediately after sex or if the story threatens to drag on, she tries to develop a relationship, to hang on the cavalier some (albeit unspoken) obligations, etc.
  • If adventures of this nature in your plans not included, we recommend you to learn how to calculate the pick up artist.

    “Why disappear from me after a date?!”

    A single situation with the runaway man, been probably at all, but if this is repeated continually – there is reason to look for mistakes in their tactics and strategy. The website “ToKnow365.top” gives a list of typical female errors:

    • The Cavaliers initially selection is wrong! That is, the woman “catches” a specific category of men, while not quite matching the men of this type. Well, for example: quiet office mouse every Friday goes to the club, there flows a few drinks, working up the courage and touches the adventurous one night. And dreams-it is about a serious and reliable the groom! A “club boy” disappears before our heroine would realize that it’s not the person she wanted! Or: sweet, naive “Cinderella” of the Khrushchev met on the Internet with reputable uncles, meets them, but after one date they disappear for a permanent relationship such men prefer a completely different type of women. In General, “not by Senka cap”! Why it is appropriate to understand their “target audience” before you begin your search.
    • The woman immediately begins to wait for a guarantee of the seriousness of the relationship from men. Even if the cavalier the most honest intentions, and he is also looking for a permanent relationship, it cannot be asked right off the bat confessions, feelings, promises of loyalty, any guarantees of future serious relationship, etc. – it will scare anyone! After all, a first date, as we have said, only the sample — the man must feel that he has freedom of choice and the escape route! Don’t force it and don’t get ahead, even if at first glance decided that he’ll marry you! ?
    • Outrageous or excessive restraint, modesty. Both of these can lead to the fact that the cavalier will disappear after the date. To please a man – I do not mean to shock, so no need to throw out all his “cockroaches”! But somnicare can lead to the fact that the man is banal uninteresting to bust my ass to support communication with a timid silent girl, exercise is unexciting! Generally, in the end, and outrageous behavior, and shyness is a phenomenon of the same root, and the reason – insecurities (masked shocking)! Raise self esteem and learn to communicate without straining!

    Of course, these are only a few options, and the exact answer why the man went missing after a date, you need to look for yourself! And – really better to consider each case and analyze all possible reasons, than waving a hand and blamed on bad luck and the men-fools!

    After all, better to find your mistakes and make conclusions, than continue to step on the same rake!

    Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

    Why the man went missing after a date?

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