Why you need to train the dog?

The dog is a clever animal, perfectly amenable to training. Of course, the course of training are guard dogs, and no one has any doubt about the need of training, hunting, fighting and guard dogs. And whether you want to train a dog “civil” breeds, including medium-sized, decorative doggies?

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Do I have to train the dog?

Some inexperienced owners mean dog training training dogs to perform specific functions.

For example – to guard the house, protect the owner, to look for things or people to fulfill some tricks, etc. With this position, the usual dog training is not needed because it wouldn’t start just in order to live in the house and please owners.

But is it simple?

The fact that the dog itself is quite unsuitable to the role of “master’s toy” creature. With his considerable mental capacity of a dog, which one has never worked, will create certain problems for the hosts.

Example: to show aggression (as it seems the owners, unmotivated to bark at strangers and unfamiliar, sometimes even growl, snarl or to throw people on the ground) to chase joggers, cars or cyclists on the walk not to obey man – pull, far away, etc, everything that is natural to the animal, but it makes life very difficult – with rude dog difficult to live in the house, for it is constantly to be watched, it is hard to control in cases when it becomes necessary.

In addition, many dog breeds were bred specifically to perform certain functions.

For example, herding dogs to herd management, hunting for game or finding the shot game guard for protection of the territory, fighting – to attack, fight, etc. Appropriate behavior has become their instinct is to chase, bark at, chase away others from the house or master, etc.

But they often have a purebred dog in a normal urban environment where these instincts are not needed! To correct unwanted behavior by using training.

Therefore, the basic training of a dog is not training tricks, and education, enabling the coexistence of man and animal requires. Even small breeds need dog know simple rules of “etiquette”!

What you need to train your dog?

Training for the dog if you do it correctly – not painful and unnatural, but interesting and fun. No need to feel sorry for the dog you allegedly interfering in its nature: on the contrary, you reveal that nature, just guiding in the right direction!

There is nothing difficult and unnatural for the dog to sit, run and come back to search something and to bring, etc.

Only well-mannered dog makes it in time, when the owner authorizes or requests!

What basic skill set is to train a domestic dog?

  • To monitor the voice – to bark on command and be quiet, if necessary. Not to bark at strangers (unless of course you are raising a guard dog) not to bark just like that without stopping.
  • To control aggression. Not growling, not to fell to the ground (if the dog is large), not to chase people and cars, of course, not to attack and not to bite. Sometimes dogs are pretty dangerous, just playing – you need to train a dog to play so that it didn’t bear threat for people and especially children. However, really smart dog to train so that she will be able to understand the situation and show aggression only to attack it or its owner. Described are many cases when a dog is protected from offenders who, in her opinion, was weak and vulnerable party – the child, unarmed man in front, armed, etc.
  • To behave on a leash. Do not pull, do not “dangle” here and there, to feel comfortable with the leash. When released from the leash to be taught not to run away and return on the first call.
  • You need to train a dog simple commands – “Sit!”, “Down!”, “Heel!”, to bring abandoned thing, etc.
  • Table manners (that is, when people eat next to the dog). Not to beg, not to drag off the table.
  • Toilet. The puppy should be taught not to make puddles anywhere, and gradually endure to the timely walk.

Sometimes the training is also intended to smooth out undesirable habits for example, a friendly lick your face, chase cars and bikes, chasing cats and birds, etc. is Quite possible to wean the dog from this!

I hope that the site “ToKnow365.top” convince you that you need to train the dog, even if it is small and purely “indoor”!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

Why you need to train the dog?

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