Why you should learn to dance Booty dance?

This page women’s website “ToKnow365.top” devotes most courageous my readers, who constantly strive for perfection in terms of femininity. We will talk about booty dance – new dance direction, which originates in the African tradition.

Today this style is cultivated in many countries of Latin America and has many fans among residents of Europe. The reason for this keen interest of women to the exotic movements of this style bootie dance is the ability to emphasize with his own beauty and sexuality. The attractiveness of dance in the style of “shaking booty” as is often called this area lies in its other merits.

Buti dance: why you should learn how to dance

This extravagant dance leaves no one indifferent. He draws blatant sexuality movements, surprising some primitive mixed with modernity and simplicity. There are a number of reasons to engage in this kind of dance.

  • Those girls who learn to dance booty dance, never left without male attention. Undoubtedly, on the dance floor of any club they will be out of competition.
  • Alternate tension and relaxation of the gluteal muscles, raising and lowering of the pelvis, intense rotational movement of the hips – all of these steps require considerable physical effort. This dance is the best method of burning excess calories and workout the whole group abdominal, and gluteal muscles badarneh.
  • Booty dance helps women to master the body, make the movement of plastic and graceful.
  • “Dance priests” improves blood circulation in the organs of the pelvis, which is a good prevention of diseases of female genital organs.
  • After the girls manage to learn how to dance booty dance, they become more relaxed and confident.
  • The website sympaty.net believes that the above arguments are quite significant, and therefore recommends all its readers to start doing booty dance. To start training this wonderful dance just a little prepared.

    “Dance of the priests”: the theory

    Buti dance is based on several basic types of movements:

    • Hip rolling movement of the abdomen and thighs, resembling the movements of belly dance and bellydance. In the process of implementation of these smooth rolls hip sway in accordance with a particular kind of rhythmic pattern. Development of such a picture is one of the essential elements of a lesson for those who want to learn how to do booty dance.
    • Booty shake, or rump shaking, – alternate tension and relaxation of the gluteal muscles, as well as lifting and lowering the pelvis. Such movement gives the impression of “shaking” and are the most characteristic of the bootie dance. To learn this element is quite simple. The most important thing here is a good stretching and appropriate physical training.

    Booty dance how to learn dance at home

    According to experienced dance teachers, in order to master the basic movements of the style of booty dance, girls enough to attend 2-3 classes at the dance school. Undoubtedly, in a good school the whole learning process is controlled by the choreographer, which for each student selects an individual program and helps faster and better to master the basic PA dance. However, not everyone has the opportunity to visit the ballrooms at a certain time.

    In addition, schools that teach this dance, not in all cities of our country. So often girls are worried about how to learn to dance booty dance at home.

    In fact, one of the advantages of “dance priests” is just the ability to comprehend the basics of it yourself. You need to do quite a bit.

  • The most important condition for effective learning is desire. Therefore, it is recommended to start with self-motivation. To tune in the desired fashion is possible with the help of clips Shakira and Beyonce. Their perfected plastic movements inspire difficult for beginners classes, and high energy dance music cheer and raise the spirits. The question how to learn to dance booty dance very important picking the right music. Best suited compositions in the style of hip-hop, reggaeton, Brazilian funk, ragga, R n b.
  • Classes need to dress correctly. For booty dance characterized by beautiful candid outfits with shorts, emphasizing the buttocks.
  • To learn the basics of booty-dance is highly recommended with some benefits. Of course, the girls, by nature a gifted talent to dance, it is enough to copy any movements of the performers hip-hop or R&B. But most beginners need explanations and tips. So for home schooling, it is recommended to purchase the video guide or find online some video tutorials on “How to learn to dance booty dance”.
  • It is very important to properly prepare the room to practice this dance. This makeshift home, the ballroom should be sufficiently spacious and well-lit. It is useful also to take care of a large mirror to observe their movements from the side.
  • Start exercising , you must warm-upto warm up the muscles. At the beginning and middle of each class, you must also perform stretching, or stretching. This will help to better master the technique and make movements more plastic.
  • To do booty dance need at least 3 times a week. The duration of each lesson must be at least 40 minutes. Perhaps someone can seem that it is too time consuming. But really booty dance completely to justify them.

    After all, it reflects favorably on both the physical and the mental state of women, making them beautiful, sexy and confident.

    Author – Pelageja, site ToKnow365.top

    Why you should learn to dance Booty dance?

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