Window bedroom textiles: selection criteria and recommendations from the pros

This review was prepared with the participation of the online shop of textile “Constellation of Dreams”.

No room in the dash housing is not complete without a window textiles and the bedroom is no exception. It is important to observe some key requirements for window decoration: curtains should effectively protect the inner space from the sun, prying eyes, noise (if we are talking about a room on the first floor) and to create an atmosphere of calm, tranquility. Therefore, it is important to make the right choice, to place visual accents and transform the interior.

Key selection criteria

To the most intimate room of the house has had a full rest and relaxation, and the stay was very comfortable should pay attention to every detail of the interior. It is obvious that finishing touch that emphasizes visual concept bedrooms – beautiful textiles.

“Pay attention! Curtains not only give the bedroom a completeness, but will also help to create an intimate atmosphere, complemented by hints of glamour, luxury and pomp”.

And before the next “crusade” to the Mall for a new conviction for Windows, define the functional purpose of curtains:

  • If the window opening is already protected from the sun blinds, the blinds can be completely arbitrary. Will be appropriate and air curtains, and dense, and short. The main criterion is full compliance with the environment, the style of the interior.
  • If the main task is to protect the interior space from light, it is necessary to provide and 2-layer, more dense, and the appropriate style of the room.

“Pay attention! Perfect curtains perfectly complement the interior, “resonate” with the wall color and blanket on the table.”

The importance and value of the color

Stylistic accents in the room set the color composition and curtains. If the dominant color of the selected bed, the window must not focus your attention:

  • You can decorate the opening of the curtains in muted colors, and similar shades.
  • The room is decorated in muted or pastel colours? In this case, you need to visually highlight it. The ideal solution is a curtain that will draw attention and views.
  • Consider the views and recommendations of professional designers. Core tip – the curtains should be 1-2 shades lighter than the room itself.

“Pay attention! In many houses the Windows are decorated with curtains made of 2 layers. As the lower layer using soft tulle white or light colors. As for the upper, it is appropriate to the more dense tissue, “echoing” with the style of the room.”

Determined the material for curtains

When choosing curtains must be carefully examined and the material used to manufacture them. If you are planning to elevate the window opening for a few years, it is better to stay on natural fabrics:

  • The structure of the natural fibers are able to “breathe”, due to which the room formed a unique atmosphere conducive to proper relaxation and rest. The optimal decision for today – silk, linen and cotton.
  • Velvet, as if by magic, to fill the surrounding space with comfort and tranquility. However, such products are more demanding in terms of care, wash, because accumulated a lot of dust.

“Council! Picking up the curtains in the bedroom, is to abandon the policy of austerity. Otherwise you risk getting a Supplement in the form of “allergic” reactions, which is very often the case with synthetic materials, and on electrification do not forget”.

The magnificence of the lines

After made a choice in favor of material and the most suitable coloring, you must assess the prospects of the location of the curtains. How to hang curtains in the bedroom, largely determine the visual appeal of the most intimate rooms:

  • If you plan to open the curtains every morning, then hang them too pompous and difficult is not worth.
  • Look great curtains made of linen and tulle. They can be hung on baguettes because the pelmet would be completely inappropriate.
  • Experts strongly recommend not visually overloading the window. A large amount of dense tissue will become a real dust, not the decorative or functional element.

    Remember that ornate and overly lush draperies lost its relevance a few years ago, as the maintenance of these curtains is a troublesome task. Hang them alone is almost impossible. In the 21st century, the main trend is practical, lightweight and reliable curtains that do not require monthly replacement.

    Design diversity

    What if the window treatments need to pick up for a small room? For such spaces the best option is to abandon the heavy fabric, the extra elements and a large number of parts. A few simple recommendations:

    • the curtains bring to the room airy lightness and purity;
    • pastel colors in the window opening contribute to increase the visual space. In many ways the decision – linen curtains, made in the style of “country”;
    • to design a small bedroom, it is customary to use light colors;
    • allowed the use of dark colors subject to proper zoning and accents with light.

    For dark curtains pick a similar color accessories, rug, and pillows. But the walls may be decorated in lighter tones.

    When choosing curtains for a bedroom should take into account the fact that we are talking about the most intimate room. Strangers and guests in this area often limit access. Therefore, you should not chase the new-fangled trends, the main thing – convenience and comfort of home, and everything else is secondary.

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