With what and how to wear a poncho?

From extravagant ethnic apparel long poncho has become a fashionable subject of modern women’s wardrobe. Bundle up on a cool day in the cozy poncho is a brilliant solution!

Wearing a poncho can absolutely everyone, regardless of age and characteristics of the shape. And the original women’s site “ToKnow365.top” will offer you styling with this interesting thing!

What pants are?

Traditional poncho that was worn by the Indians is a rectangle with a hole for the head. Modern designers have a variety of this simple but practical idea, and now you can choose from many options:

  • Poncho-Cape. This is the same rectangle or oval, but the neckline can be round or V-shaped, or even have collar-ties or crochet the gate. Also ponchos-capes sometimes make a “sleeve” — bonding edges with a few stitches from the bottom. Doing long poncho below the knee and short, barely covering the waist, with fringe, knitted, knitted fleece… and even How to wear poncho-Cape – it’s very simple: on top of any relatively tight-fitting clothes (of course, not the top).
  • Poncho stole, a scarf-poncho. How to wear such a thing? This is a short poncho, which you can use to insulate and beautifully draping the upper torso. Wear it over your coat (without the bulk of a collar) or on top of the fall dresses, or in a more familiar option – with turtlenecks or sweaters.

  • Poncho Cape with front slit. Another simple and effective solution invented by designers just throw a rectangle of fabric on the shoulders and fasten the edges on the sides to make a “sleeve”.
  • Poncho-coat. Such ponchos are made from thick fabrics, have a sufficient length and the “sleeve.” May be with front slit, and without, and sometimes there are even models that can be buttoned or zippered. Sometimes a coat-poncho equipped with a thin belt cinches the design on the waist.
  • Poncho-sweater. Knitted, long, with sleeves and collar. Wear it as an oversized sweater over a fitted turtleneck or longsleeve.

How to wear a poncho?

The poncho is essentially a convenient replacement autumn coat-Cape or cardigan.

To wear a poncho is almost impossible incorrectly – put it on and go, what could be the error? But you can make mistakes in combinations with other things in the wardrobe. To avoid this, the site sympaty.net advise, what to wear with a poncho:

  • Tight-fitting turtlenecks, sweaters, thin sweaters.
  • The long-sleeved shirts (especially good for a poncho slit).
  • Direct and bodycon autumn dresses length from the knee to the ankle.
  • Shorts.
  • Skinny pants and jeans.
  • Skirts MIDI and Maxi. More “urban” will result with a straight MIDI, and image to boho – with a long spacious skirt.

What kind of accessories to complement your poncho?

There are a few accessories that will ideally complement your look with a poncho!

  • First, this wide-brimmed hat.
  • Secondly- bag on the long handle (any other bag or backpack will do much to crush the silhouette of a poncho, and it must lie on the figure freely).

What to wear with a coat-poncho – so it is with high gloves or mittens, as such coats do not cover hands and wrists usually are freezing. Sometimes a poncho-coat Supplement cnudmi or knitted scarves!

To poncho coats, you can attach a brooch and to complete the image of wide bracelets on wrists.

What shoes to wear ponchos?

The best option of shoes under a poncho – high boots-thigh boots, and maybe even without a heel. These boots are essential, if you wear a poncho over something short – a mini-dress or shorts.

But if you’re wearing skinny jeans or tight trousers, then the options selection of the shoes becomes greater, the ankle boots, coarse boots, boots-Cossacks, women’s loafers, etc (although, of course, and boots still fit).

What to wear with a poncho full of women, you need to choose shoes with heels and wide-leg trousers (poncho must cover hips). Option with high boots and tight trousers will only fit in the “Apple” type completeness (i.e. if the hip is not very wide).

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

With what and how to wear a poncho?

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