With what and how to wear diamonds?

The diamond is the stone that embodies the luxury and beauty! Wearing diamonds means to be a “girl in a million”: a stunningly beautiful, elegant, stylish, desirable, but not accessible – as does the stone!

And what the rules are concerning the “best friends of girls” — tell the site “ToKnow365.top“.

How to wear diamonds?

About the diamonds in different times there were a great many rules – who and how to wear them. Nowadays, fortunately, there is no hard and fast rules, violation of which you become a woman without a knowledge of the etiquette, but should be guided by the General principles of propriety and good taste.

Who can wear diamonds?

In General, all – that is, any woman can find in her life event and the place where you can go in diamonds. The younger the woman, the more modest and dressy needs to be decorating.

It was once believed that unmarried girls should not wear diamonds at all, even if the financial situation allowed, but now it is irrelevant relic of the past.

Of course, diamonds can be worn on ceremonial and social events – but not only! Modest decoration with small diamonds can become your daily companions, so wear small earrings, pendants and of course rings.

Wear a diamond ring every day if it is an engagement or a wedding, or another important for you symbolic meaning (for example, a gift of her husband to the birth of your child).

If you want to wear the ring that much more luxurious for your wedding, for a special occasion, then wear it either on the other hand, any return engagement, removing it for a while.

If you choose jewelry for evening, formal or cocktail dress – don’t overdo it! Enough two jewelry, for example necklace and earrings, earrings and a ring, pendant and bracelet…

Of course, celebrities on the red carpet to wear more than two decorations, but: first, it is permissible only for very high-status events, and second – only by persons who themselves received, and thirdly, to hang round with diamonds from head to toe is very often ridiculous and tasteless, even if the “girl-Christmas-tree” rich and famous!

By the way, don’t forget about one rule – if you wear especially large, pure diamond, other jewelry, even diamond also, it is better not to wear. Of course, you cannot combine diamonds with jewelry!

You can wear jewelry with diamonds, small and exquisite, and without a special occasion. But the daily strife of everyday life.

Has the value of a profession, occupation, status of women… oddly enough, if diamonds sparkles supermarket cashier, a teacher in the school, the nurse on admission of patients – but quite appropriate these stones for the head in the office, business lady, Manager, etc.

What kind of clothes to wear diamonds?

If you are wearing diamonds – it is understood that this ornament status. It effectively when people understand what the thing you are wearing! If your goal is just to Shine, you can replace the diamonds rhinestones or stones-cubic Zirconia – your goal will be achieved!

It is in any case not bad to wear an imitation “diamond”. But since forgery and imitation are many, wearing these jewels, it is necessary to apply them correctly and effectively!

So no one questioned diamonds, and nothing else!

The first and most important rule – with cheap clothes do not wear jewelry. The more expensive the decoration, the more expensive and better clothes, shoes and accessories (even if it’s not about evening the toilet).

The diamonds do not go to youth thing, something hippie-ethnic, etc. Closet under the jewels is an elegant and classic (for example, the style of Bon ton, which the website sympaty.net already wrote).

The larger, more expensive and more intricate in design diamond jewellery more laconic in décor and the silhouette needs to be dressed. Because undoubtedly diamonds have “solo” in the image!

But luxury quality fabrics for diamonds more than appropriate! If it’s a formal dress under a diamond necklace – then let it be plain, clear and precise silhouette, without small fractional decoration (such as embroidery, various inserts, numerous frills, etc.), but of high quality satin, chiffon or velvet.

Completely eliminated in this case, sequins, rhinestones, metallic or other shiny “samovar” decor – after all, the precious sparkle of diamonds next to him will be lost and worthless!

The same goes for “theatre” of handbags, shoes, belts, accessories, hair – do not let them outshine the diamonds glitter! Not very nice prints on the dress, contrasting combinations of bright colors in the image, is not always acceptable lace, mesh, etc.

Although, if the jewelry is put on open area (a ring, a bracelet on her bare arm – if the dress is sleeveless, necklace or earrings to dress with more cleavage), if possible, and crochet panels, a variety of intricate draping, etc – diamonds to be the center of attention!

Can I wear diamonds during the day? If it is a small, sleek design of jewelry – Yes.

Business clothes can complement stud earrings, thin ring, a small pendant on a chain or a humble brooch. One or two diamond jewelry – enough for a daytime casual look.

Of course, the value and in what situation you want to wear diamonds during the day – they are completely inappropriate on a walk with the dog or trip to the supermarket, but it is allowed in the exclusive office, on a date in a cafe, etc.

Day with the diamonds is to wear low-key but high-quality, elegant and good running to you!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

With what and how to wear diamonds?

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