With what and how to wear the shoulder?

The fashion trend of this season – clothes with bare shoulders. The most advanced fashionistas are already familiar with the novelty in her wardrobe, but some still can’t figure out how to wear the shoulder.

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How to wear sweaters with bare shoulders?

In fact, there are no special tricks and difficulties top or blouse, off-shoulder may be appropriate under absolutely different variations of the “bottom”.

Perhaps the only rule – not to do a multi-layered way, i.e. not to wear anything on top of the clothes with bare shoulders.

But you can give some advice how to use the top of a similar cut to create a balanced silhouette figures.

The fact that anyone “top” this type creates a “inverted trapezoid” above the waist, respectively, the shoulders look a little wider but the waist already! If you have the figure of “hourglass” — wear off the shoulder you just “the doctor ordered”: for example, a similar style was decorated with Marilyn Monroe, Gina Lollobrigida, Sophia Loren and other famous women with such a figure.

In other cases, you just need to observe the harmonic proportions when choosing “bottom”:

  • If you have broad shoulders and/or big Breasts but narrow hips, wear the top off shoulder full skirt, Maxi-skirt or a peplum skirt, or slacks.
  • If narrow shoulders, but wide hips (a type of shape “pear”) – feel free to wear skinny jeans and pencil skirts.
  • If the figure in the principle of “boyish”, with smaller Breasts and without a pronounced difference between chest, waist and hips, and you would like to highlight the femininity in the image – choose the bottom with a high waist. Skirt lush trapezoidal or (and a) when the pants – free cut. But! This is not an absolute rule, and if you like your natural proportions, then you can wear those skirts and pants that you prefer, even well-fitting model.

Should not be worn off the shoulder just in case, if there is significant fullness in the shoulder area and the hands – then it is better to focus on the neckline.

How to wear a dress with bare shoulders?

These dresses there are many models, and General recommendations to give is quite difficult. All depends on the overall style of the dress, its length, the length of the sleeves, the presence or absence of frills, etc.

As a rule, this dress is all – sufficient thing it is not necessary to hide under jackets/cardigans/sweatshirts/jackets etc. Complement it with interesting jewelry, appropriate shoes and a handbag – and the image is ready!

Evening and cocktail dresses off the shoulder is the eternal and very beautiful classic!

What jewelry to wear on the shoulder?

Here the choice is wide – open shoulders and neck provide opportunities for wearing different jewelry and jewelry!

You can wear the choker or choker on the neck. You can choose a long bead beads.

Want to wear it – please!

The only option when choosing jewelry to a dress or top will fail is if the bottom of the decoration or its Central element is at the level of the cut.

Let the decoration will be either shorter (i.e., is on your skin), or longer – that is down far below the edge of the neckline.

If you want the best way to demonstrate gem, put to it a plain dress with bare shoulders. The same applies to unusual, outrageous jewelry (necklaces, earrings, etc.) – those which are very popular, but supposedly nothing approach: they are the solution, what to wear with a blouse off the shoulder!

But free, nothing hung neck and shoulders is a very beautiful and touching. Sometimes it is necessary to abandon the flashy jewelry on his neck, and large earrings – let it be noticeable your own grace and Royal bearing!

Even if you do not imagine themselves without ornaments – why not focus on the hands, wearing large ring or bracelet? Or choose a brooch that will pin it on the dress or top.

What hairstyle is better to do if the shoulders are open?

Of course, a lot depends on your appearance, face shape, length of hair, shape of haircut, etc. But if possible, note the high hair, revealing your neck – this will double the effect from the open shoulders!

Things, opening the shoulders look really good with those girls who wear short haircuts.

But long flowing hair is not the best solution, because the hair will close, which opens up the clothes.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

With what and how to wear the shoulder?

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