Women’s literature – what are the reasons for its popularity

These bright volumes with a picture of languidly rolling his eyes beauties usually occupy the most visible shelves in bookstores and libraries, they are most often seen in the hands of the passengers in public transport, and profit publishers from their sales often exceed even the profit from the sale of textbooks! We are talking about the so-called “women’s novels”. Why are they so popular, whether to pursue a literary fashion or to look for less “mass” reading – to understand together with sympaty.net!

A brief informal classification of the plots of women’s literature

Short – because all stories, one way or another beaten in women’s novelsneed not an article, and at least a master’s (preferably PhD!) dissertation. Informal – because any philologist, literary critic or knowed for such “Amateur” classification for a long time I’d been beaten (perhaps even feet). But I do know that at least one book from the following type of plot, each of us read for once in your life!

  • Historical romance novel. Lovely Lady to languish in splendid isolation (at best – behind the old tedious unloved husband). Suddenly, quite as usual, by chance, she sees a Brave Knight. After a pair of three spectacular fights with swords with a ill-wishers of the Ladies all end up bed-scene – night-window, lock, moon, white foam lace…
    Such novels often write quite modern, living authors – the reader’s demand has not dried up! Why? “Foam lace” lends itself to description better than jeans and thongs, ladies do not go in a dull office, the housing problem is easily solved on the scale of the castles and palaces…
  • Eastern passion. Young, certainly innocent, the beautiful marry is sooo rich Arab (Indian) Sheikh begins her tedious everyday life in the harem. Salvation is love for newcomer European – crafty young man manages to steal your sweetheart and more or less safely away in their native land.
    Not necessarily marriage, but a happy ending must be right! And readers remains to sigh over the harem exotic hookahs, hijabs, and treasure of the Sheikh.
  • “Cinderella and the oligarch”. The action takes place in our days. Smart and beautiful (and sometimes beautiful) lady with leaving much to be desired revenue ohmuryaet handsome and wealthy (or sometimes just rich) tycoon with leaving much to be desired intellectual abilities. Ideal interchange – “Cinderella” and the oligarch continue to live happily ever after Yes dobrana chew ?
    Imperfect – “money bag” is catching on what was happening, and crafty person remains pouring flammable letniki over a failed personal life. Don’t know if you read such novels these oligarchs, but to be “modern Cinderella” sometimes the dream of many ladies!
  • Hello, melancholy, sadness and depression! Already on the first pages of works the heroine throws a despicable bastard, whom she considered “love of a lifetime”. The remaining couple hundred pages are devoted to unconstructive depressive reflection, popularly called “eat”. Well, as they say, “Ristovski is always disappointing!” ? We can only rejoice that “it’s not me!”.
  • “Lady Boss”. The heroine is intelligent, not ugly and is approaching 30-year anniversary. Husband has no (or negligible role), but there is confidence in yourself and your income. And that the aforesaid lady embarks on various adventures in love of an erotic nature. Readers unanimously condemned all the immorality and folly of such behavior and… read on!
    This story can be called a feminist, but unlike heroines of the past, the woman is not waiting for favors from men, she is the leader, and he (or rather, they were men in the plural) is subordinate to her will. How not to imagine yourself as the same – strong, independent, without fear of loneliness and stigma? That’s the reason for the popularity of this story!

What’s worth reading?

I remember the great relief that is experienced during the summer after graduation. Suddenly it turned out that the required reading, the “software” of literature NO! You can go to the library, leafing through books on the shelves and take only what really seems interesting! No oppressed peasants, and endless songs of cherry gardens and other things!

I was glad, and my first request to “read something interesting” gave me… Yes, it is a volume with “the kiss” on the cover! How could it be otherwise – “the boys shooting girls – kisses”!

But “women’s” literature can say – it is not mandatory! If you by the will of nature was born a woman, you don’t have to admire all these “pink snot”! Our website ToKnow365.top offers you a list of “unfeminine” women’s literature – that is, one which will be of interest to most women, while not fitting into the frame of the above types:

  • Lyudmila Ulitskaja, “Medea and her children”. This can be called a domestic novel, but with the presence of love line. Pros – beautiful, “classic” Russian language and the lack of exaggerated “African passions”.
  • Paulo Coelho, “Veronika decides to die”. A book about love and the meaning of life. Realism from Coelho not worth waiting for – but themes for philosophical reflection as anything!
  • Agnes Dezart, “Eat me.” The story of the woman who opened the restaurant, and eventually found his love. The best music from the story “Lady Boss” — 90% of the book is really about the restaurant business and love for cooking.
  • Janusz Wisniewski, “Bikini”. It’s not about the swimsuit, and on a small island, which was destroyed during the nuclear weapons tests. This astonishing novel can be called historical (the action begins in the British bombed Dresden, and ends at Bikini Atoll), if a panorama of the Second World war had not added the”personal” story of a heroine – photographer-autodidact from Germany.
  • John Galsworthy, “Stronger than death”. This novel is close to the classic historical-love, but it’s not “shoddy”, the masterpiece masters of the English novel. Reading, I believe that the author was surrounded by such people who were the prototypes of the heroes and heroines of his works. They make mistakes, worried, trying to deal with social prejudices – in short, live a normal life, so a little similar to the author’s fiction…

It is believed that demand creates supply. They say that ladies buy the whole “literary consumer goods” — hence, it is necessary to issue and sell! But, in my opinion, to limit ourselves to the “female” of the novel – about the same as the advertised snacks to eat, ignoring the vegetables from your own garden!

The theme of love is versatile and multifaceted – it can be found in literature of any genre. Therefore, perhaps the best solution would be to read the best in different genres.

Although sometimes (under a warm blanket in a winter night, or basking in the sun loungers under the southern sun) is still so cool to take this same “EW, how disgusting!” and read about the adventures of another of the Countess Rosamund…

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

Women’s literature – what are the reasons for its popularity

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