Women’s logic: why she irritates men

How about women’s logic compose jokes! And who writes? Men! And operate on the fact that the male brain is larger women, so men are supposedly smarter.

But! Said American novelist Mary McCarthy, “woman are smarter than men, but your mind spends it primarily on the fact that the man did not notice”. Yes, women’s brains are smaller than the male, but this does not mean that we are inferior to them in intelligence. And most importantly – female logic really exists! And that’s what it is, how it is used by women and why it so irritates men, tells women’s website sympaty.net.

What is women’s logic

Yes, still most men believe that female logic exists, and therefore, according to them, women absolutely impossible to talk to! Thoughts of women are inconsistent, and the conclusions unfounded.

In some cases, men especially refer to female logic:

a) the man is too lazy right now to argue and talk with a woman, it is easier to blame everything on the female logic, that it behind your ear;
b) man cannot understand a woman! Or simply do not want;
C) the man NOTHING more to say. All the arguments in the dispute petered out, but the woman does not give up!

But because men think women’s logic is almost a great evil, which is intended to exhaust the patience of men!

Why do so-called women’s logic is so annoying men? All because the mindset of a man is different than thinking women. Men think logically and in a straight line. They have a clear answer to each question: “Yes” or “no”. Women’s thinking is influenced by emotions, moods, desires. Therefore, a “Yes” or “no” compounding “can be”, it all depends on what emotion is predominant.

As a rule, if a woman in a good mood, its logic is closer to the male. But if a woman is upset, hurt, annoyed, her reasoning and conclusions can be contradictory. As we can see, some chain of logic here is still present ?

In short, women’s logic is based on emotion, and men should take this into account if you want to understand us women ?

How does female logic

— You can’t even imagine how hard that is — complains the patient to a psychiatrist. My wife asks me a question then she answers it, and then begins to explain to me why I answered incorrectly!

Yes, about the logic of women’s writing jokes. And the situation of the above anecdote is not uncommon. We women are so emotionalthat sometimes flies make the elephant. We are in his head, spins the situation so quickly that the man already give the result of our reflection, that is why he did not clear…

Male logic — iron, womens — will not rust ?

The woman believes that she is always right. Maybe not always, but in most cases for sure! And most interestingly, she can convince any man! More precisely, to get him to agree ? In the case that communicate with each other two women, they are both right, but “each in his own way”.

Said Jean Anouilh, “the truth for women is something so fragile, so shaky, so versatile…” So, some men just can’t argue with a woman! After all, the goal men in a dispute is to prove the absolute truth, and the purpose of women to insist on ?

And men are not surprised that in the course of the dispute a woman can change your point of view and not even notice it, and end the conversation by saying, “Finally you understand me. I was just talking about it (that’s what I mean, etc.)” Means that something is in the mood women have changed and now there is no need for the man to prove otherwise.

Several manifestations of female logic

The argument against which it is difficult to argue — “so what?”. It is clear that from a male point of view, this phrase absolutely devoid of logic, but it workswhen women want to succeed! A man may lead a completely neoprovergaemy (from his point of view, of course) argument, but the phrase “so what?” disarm any. Well, how can we argue?

And the interesting thing is that if the same phrase will repeat a man, then immediately get in response: “Stop repeating the same thing! Impossible to talk with you!” ? So it can be said, the weapon — typically female.

Exaggeration. When a woman is a little upset, her bitterness takes a universal scale and is expressed in these words:

  • I have absolutely nothing to wear
  • You do not love me
  • I do not give
  • No one understands me
  • You’re always working late
  • You never agree with me, etc.

To prove in this case the woman opposite (that a month ago, the man gave her the flowers at work, he lingers for just the second time that the clothing racks are full) is absolutely useless! Men note: it is better to agree and then to prove the reverse in fact ?

The use of tears. This is the opinion of men of tears – a sign of weakness, and for women it is one of the secret weapons and the proof that she’s right. Because if a woman cried, the man immediately becomes the main offender, and if he hurts, then he’s not right. Female logic ?

And most importantly, that those women who use men’s logic – cold, calculating and straightforward – absolutely not popular with men…. So.

So long live the women’s logic! In moderation, of course ?

Author Koronevsky Eugene, website www.sympaty.net – ToKnow365.top

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Women’s logic: why she irritates men

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