Women’s suits for the office — the attractiveness or dress code?

Stylists are confident women suits for office ladies and attractiveness are compatible! And give each of us tips on how to keep an ideal balance between the requirements of the dress code and personal preferences in clothing. With their help you can create your own office style that will remain attractive and in the office and on the corporate parties.

When applying for a job in a big company you probably pointed to the dress code. No bright colors in clothes, no cause of styles, simple and neat and Point. But you must admit, surrounded by colleagues always want to look like everyone else. Clothes for the office will help you with this.

Office wear is that banned?

First look into what clearly should be avoided. Due to the fact that the objective of the dress code is to help employees not to be distracted from work, staring around at provocatively dressed ladies and guys in tight t-shirts, its requirements do not allow the use in clothing:

  • mini and Maxi,
  • high slits,
  • deep neckline
  • t-shirts and tops with prints and sequins
  • large colored prints, peas and leopard.

Even if you are in everyday life prefer bright and tight, most things have to give. Otherwise you may well get up a difficult dilemma: either extraordinary style, or career.

Womens office suits — what?

Choosing women’s outfits for office, prefer the classic version with a minimum of decoration. A preferred skirt and Trouser suits two-piece, sheath dresses, jackets, blouses.

Classic suits are perfectly combined with blouses of bright pastel shades. With them you can use thin knitted sweaters in bright colors. To slightly dilute the strict appearance, tie a scarf around his neck. This accessory (he) will revive your look and will be especially relevant in black and white clothes.

It is not necessary to give up the dresses, especially if you are used to wear them in everyday life. The office will place the sheath dresses, quite closed, of medium length, and calm colors. If you add some neat accents, such as Drapes or delicate finish, and you’ll look like Mary Poppins. Besides, the lace sheath dresses is combined with options for external clothes: Bolero jackets, jackets, stoles. Use this combination to instantly transform from a strict office ladies in Korolevu corporate parties.

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Rule one mismatch

To bring out the individuality in women’s costume for the office can help rule one mismatch. It goes something like this: if you are looking for clothes for the office, you can forget about one of the three main requirements:

  • decor,
  • color
  • style.

Believe me, any violations in the dress code you will not tolerate. The fault is not happening. For example, if you are not pastel colors (you have fair hair and skin is ivory, and the face merges with the bright dress), choose a bright color. The style of your suit should be critically rigorous, and the number of accessories tend to zero.

Your love of dresses will support different styles. But avoid flashy fabrics and brighter colors. Even if you are a fan of the original accessories and interesting decor, the dress code was also not able to restrict the behest of your soul. Safely pick accessories to office together, but limit the minimum number of them. And pay attention exclusively on high-quality, expensive models. The suit in this case, of course, must be strict.

Female suit for office in the summer

Don’t worry that in the summer, the problem of choice of office clothes in front of you will be particularly acute. On the contrary, the summer allows you to slightly move away from the usual business style. And instead of strict classic costumes to use in the wardrobe the clothes free style. And accordingly, to look less official. Suitable light, natural fabrics in light colors. Can add to the overall image one bright accessory — a bracelet or necklace. In this dress you will be comfortable at work and not hot on the way to the office and home.

Of course, office wear should have to work and not to disturb it. Therefore, in any time of the year give preference to natural fabrics, they are breathable and allow the skin to breathe. While clothes made of synthetics can be a feeling of discomfort. Pay attention to the quality of fabrics and seams: even the most low-key suit looks noble and refined, if it is professionally sewn from quality fabrics. And of course, keep your office wardrobe. Grease stains and torn buttons would nullify all your efforts to look stylish and attractive.

Women suits for office: video

Women’s suits for the office — the attractiveness or dress code?

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