Womens underwear: popular brands

Delicate, intimate and incredibly feminine theme is on the agenda ToKnow365.top. Talk about what lingerie to choose modern, trendy, stylish, luxurious, graceful women.

Leilieve is a symbol of delicate sensuality

Italian Leilieve brand for many years, is one of the leading positions in the European market. The Italian brand has long established itself as an innovative, high-quality. Leilieve lingerie chosen by those who are committed to excellence and grace.

The brand creates a special Leilieve lingerie inspired by the inexhaustible Italian heritage. Underwear refined, with a thin trail of decadence, at the same time, stylish, comfortable. The manufacturer uses modern advances in the textile industry, to present their shoppers the finest lingerie from soft silks, gorgeous laces. All fabrics pleasant to the body, provide the perfect silhouette. Purchased via a price aggregator system (price comparison) lingerie http://price.ua/catalog3908.html emphasize all the advantages of your body!

Linen Jadea – a “gift” from Italy

Italian brand Jadea supplies to Russian and world market of the goods produced in Italy. Many choose this lingerie for a special innovative style and constant quality standards. Your attention will definitely hold a great variety of collections. What do you prefer: classic or fantasy images, traditional or a combination of the youth trends? All this you will find in the lines from the brand Jadea.

Linen with a French gloss

Marc & Andre – the choice of those who marry originality and elegance. The brand itself appeared some time ago – in 1985, and since then she has gradually gained popularity first in France and then worldwide. The recognition that linen Marc & Andre is really luxurious, it in the nineties. Today the brand is quite popular. If you have strict requirements and high expectations of quality, then sets with unique design will really please you.

The collection of lingerie and swimwear from Marc & Andre is relevant at all times. Luxurious, feminine, unique – for the year the manufacturer produces about 1,000,000 units – there are plenty to choose from, even the most capricious coquettes, regular readers of the site sympaty.net!

Jolidon – perfect correction of your figure

The high popularity of this lingerie brand has earned its own merits. So, Jolidon perfectly corrects figure. Forms become more appetizing due to the effect of push up, spanx like “outline” your silhouette, giving it the proportions of a maddening woman. Become sexier, choosing Jolidon, while do not cross the thin line, which is vulgar.

And it was the design of the clothes – aristocratic and sexy at the same time, makes the brand so popular. Decorative finish is moderate and very well-chosen – you won’t change yourself, if you are accustomed to, that everything in your image is always perfectly adjusted.

Why choose a bamboo women’s underwear?

Is it just a fashion trend, a gimmick, or a really good choice? Rather, second, because the popularity of these garments is gaining popularity. And shoppers say that natural material is much easier to the body, linen is a softer, caressing, like a second skin. And most importantly, underwear made of bamboo breathes perfectly and is so important when we are talking about intimate things! And yet this linen is hypoallergenic.

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Womens underwear: popular brands

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