Work at home: how to plan the day?

The website “” knows that the majority of modern women prefer to work from home. In remote work has many advantages — a flexible schedule and comfortable environment. But, as a rule, at the end of the day feeling tired, even more than after nine hours in the office.

While half of the scheduled cases is absolutely not done. The main reason for this is that we just don’t know how to plan the day.

The basic rules, how to plan the day

If you want your home employment brought certain results, then we must follow a few simple rules.

  • Set realistic goals. This is the main answer to the question of how to plan working day. You have to decide what you aim to achieve with their work and what concrete actions should be daily to do.
  • Match schedules. In your plan for the day make not only business issues, but also other events the upcoming day. Do not forget even about a five-minute coffee breaks. Try to move away from the plan only in the rarest cases.
  • Don’t work in pajamas. May you and your home, while you are still at your workplace. Wear comfortable clothes that won’t have you overly relax. The same applies to the desktop, which will you encourage much better than the sofa or chair.
  • Stick to the procedures. Another important point, explaining how to plan your day. Working at home, it is important to follow the same sequence of actions — Wake up, shower, coffee, check email. This will give you a sense of control over their own time.
  • Do not forget about the rest. If you want your work to be productive, take breaks at work. To arrange a one-hour walk at lunchtime, take regular workout, eat a full. Remember — the healthier you are, the more effective will be able to work.

The main difficulties of working at home

Even if you know how to plan your day, it does not hurt you to face the difficulties. The website recommends in advance to see how they and their solutions.

  • The main issue for the woman who works at home, is the reconciliation of professional and domestic Affairs. After all, how much responsibility you would not do, cooking dinner and putting things in order will still be your responsibility. That’s why you want to include in your daily schedule and also household chores. Make them in a strictly scheduled time, no matter how much I wanted to wipe that awful dust from the drawers quickly.
  • The lack of discipline. Most of us work well only if the shoulders is the warden. In all other situations, we allow ourselves extra time to relax, and as a result our work suffers significantly. The only way to become a harsh jailer for itself. At least for the first time.
  • Distractions. If during the day you are left solely to itself, then nothing will prevent you to follow the plan. But what if there are other family members? If possible, try to time to allocate a separate room and teach their relatives to forget about your presence, for example, from 9.00 to 18.00.

Advantages of working at home

No matter how difficult to earn while in the home the four walls, this kind of employment has a lot more advantages than disadvantages. Especially if you know how to plan working day. And here’s the main ones:

  • You do not need to conform to a strict dress code all day and wear uncomfortable heels. You can dress as you like.
  • You save time on the road to the office. Just imagine how many useful things you can do for a couple of hours.
  • You can make firesmoke during breaks in business and even allocate an hour for a full-fledged sport.
  • You can control the amount of work performed and the time of its execution.
  • In the case of force majeure situations you don’t have to ask my superiors for their decision.

Thus working from home has many advantages, which you wish to evaluate themselves. Especially about how to plan your day to fit everything in, you now know.

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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