Wrap dress: how to choose and what to wear?

This style of dress, which simply can’t like – because it must-have of the last few decades! Dress with the smell in different lengths, shapes, sleeves, fabrics and colors do not go away from the catwalks, so especially it is not necessary to expel that thing from your wardrobe! And the website “ToKnow365.top” will tell you how to choose and what to wear with this dress!

How to choose a wrap dress on the figure?

Say at once – women who are not good at a dress of this cut, simply no! However, we still need to pay attention to details in finding a suitable model.

Often the question arises: whether it is recommended to wear a dress with a smell for a full? Answer: definitely Yes!

It is a style that is truly able to emphasize the dignity and divert attention from problem areas. The main thing — to pick up your dress!

The fact that I cut most of their attention on the Breasts and chest area. Since full ladies usually have something to be proud of in this area, you need to use it!

In addition, V-neck dress visually lengthens the neck and narrows the shoulders.

However, you need to remember that what – if lush bust you tend to figure type “Apple” (i.e. the problem is small difference in the volume of hips and waist), it is necessary to abandon dresses with the smell on your chest (or rather, under the breast, — the Empire silhouette) in favor fitted dresses that have the smell fixed in the waist area.

Has a value and length – it is better to abandon in favor of a mini or a classic MIDI length to mid-knee, or to pick up a spectacular long dress with a smell!

After all, a well-known rule – to show something one either legs or bust, and in our case, we already played the “top”. With full hands shouldn’t wear sundresses or “cases” with wrap sleeveless – better to divert attention away from the shoulders and upper arms, choose a dress with sleeves to the elbow or full length.

But skinny women with a small bust often these dresses create the opposite problem: when the fit of the dress on the figure smell does the bust visually quite flat. How to avoid it?

Will just style smell under the breast – “Empire” silhouette dresses always gives you the desired bust size, even with a V neckline!

What jewellery would suit this dress?

Regardless of the specific characteristics of each dresses, all the dresses of this fashion are V-neck, more or less deep. Female site sympaty.net already talked about how to choose a necklace to this cut (in the article “How to wear necklaces”).

So, on jewelry what shape to draw attention, wearing a wrap dress?

Will fit necklaces and necklace triangular shape, any pendants. If you are not afraid to leave open views of the cleavage, you can wear chokers (necklaces at the base of the neck). Also, these dresses with their inevitable asymmetry in the top is ideal for wearing brooches, brooch can be mounted on “neglective” part of the dress or at the point of junction of two pieces of fabric (in the middle of the neckline).

These dresses are nice long earrings, maybe even large, with pendants, etc.!

But still a great accessory to the dresses of this style will be scarves!

The idea of images on the basis of this casual dress

Some good images in the center of which the wrap dress:

  • Evening image – wrap dress in a floor with a high side slit; pumps-heels; a clutch; a spectacular necklace.
  • Image-casual – dress-robe with fragrance; ballet flats or loafers; a necktie, a bright bracelet and/or earrings; interesting bright handbag or even backpack.
  • Style lady knit solid dress length is mid-knee; pumps; small bag; a classic trench or coat.

In General, based on the plain dresses of this cut, you can create a set of images – just change the accessories and shoes. By the way, heel to this model of dress is not required, so feel free to wear flats, sandals, etc. (unless, of course, not talking about floor-length dress).

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

Wrap dress: how to choose and what to wear?

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